Some Recipes I Want To Try    ·

Rather than leave them to languish in my ‘Blogfodder’ folder in perpetuity, here’s some links to recipes I fancy giving a go some day. Nearly all are from the Guardian, and most are by Yotam Ottolenghi, but I’m sure you won’t hold that against me. Here goes:

‘Irish’ stew / Purists can fuck off, ‘cause most of what passes for Irish stew is overboiled muck. I like this take on it

Tagliolini with walnuts and lemon; Gigli with chickpeas and za’atar / Pasta dishes with Middle Eastern flavours? Put it in my belly

Vegetable dishes to feed a crowd / Grilled squash and smoked beetroot sound pretty good to me


Weeknotes #662-666    ·

Week 666 (ooh, scary!) was a busy one for press screenings, my most out-and-about week for a while, at least since mine and Bee’s double birthday at the end of May. (We went out for dinner and saw Cirque du Soleil, which was great. Don’t let anybody ever tell you different.)

One of the films I saw last week came out three days after the screening, which should tell you something about its quality, but 3 Days to Kill is a special kind of awful. Much better, thankfully and surprisingly, is Oculus, which I got to see a couple of weeks previously. Also up on Thumped are my takes on Ken Loach’s Jimmy’s Hall and Irish skateboarding documentary Hill Street.


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Cult films: just bad movies in a good disguise?
I can’t get with Queenan over Big Trouble in Little China (I just bought it on Blu-ray!) but he makes a good general point that cult films “are neither as bad as the general public and critics said they were upon their initial release, nor as good as their fans maintain.” He’s also spot-on about certain films being released in the wrong place at the wrong time (but you could say that about most ‘world cinema’). #   ·

Flip Your Wig: Bob Mould’s Favourite Albums
Has Mould softened a bit since his autobiography came out? He seems a lot more gregarious here, talking about the records that inspire him. (Also, kinda hilarious that one of his faves is a record by the Foo Fighters, who are basically the world’s most successful latter-day Hüsker Dü cover band.) #   ·

Everything You Need to Get Back Into Judge Dredd Comics
I used to read the Dredd newspaper strips; even in that short format it’s thrilling stuff. I think I’ll be looking for that Case Files collection in the library. #   ·

The Case for Reparations
Ta-Nehisi Coates states the facts, which alone make an argument that’s impossible to deny, in this authoritative essay for The Atlantic. #   ·

Allez Cuisine! A MetaFilter user has compiled nearly every episode of the original Iron Chef
And it’s a glorious, glorious thing. #   ·

Raymond Pettibon: punk with a pencil
Every now and then Raymond Pettibon gets rediscovered, and I can’t complain. See also: Pettibon interviewed by Kim Gordon #   ·

Every Irish Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Bet you didn’t know about most of these. #   ·

UK’s concerned clowns call for end to copycat crime wave
Argh! Attack of the Clown Trolls! #   ·

Handleband: a universal smartphone bar mount for bicycles
I want one of these. #   ·

The Death of the Blog, Again, Again
At some point in the coming years, blogging will become cool again thanks to the hipsters, and then it really will be dead! #   ·

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