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Very much looking forward to seeing Your Name later this week, now that I finally have the Blu Ray #tweet

Some good news today from the #8Committee. Roll on the referendum to mend our Constitution #tweet

No spoilers in my review of #TheLastJedi but if you're only looking for validation, I don't know what to say to you https://t.co/cf1FJGvoDg #tweet

We may not be able to make this ourselves (I was looking forward to seeing Stoat, sad face) but that shouldn't stop… https://t.co/1rQbiLTXDr #tweet

Talk of #TheLastJedi being the ‘most emotional’ of the franchise (it’s not, at all) smacks of desperation to love a sub-par film #tweet

Good on 'em. Cyclists are road users as much as any other vehicle, no matter what bus, van and taxi drivers think https://t.co/JuR5jUTxSI #tweet

Ah, typical; can’t see Blade of the Immortal this week b/c work, and next week it’s not showing anywhere I can get to #tweet

I love how Amazon is just like, screw statutory rights: WE messed up your order but YOU have to jump through hoops to fix it #tweet

Very disappointed with @AmazonHelp sending me a book with an obviously damaged spine #tweet

Today I learned there’s a podcast working through the entire SST Records catalogue https://t.co/N1WX2gjl6e #tweet

I’ve been off social media most of today, did that ‘bullied’ kid seriously get milkshake ducked? #tweet

It is far colder in Dublin now than it was in Dundalk before dawn #tweet

Heavy on the M1 this morning. Glad I caught the earlier bus now #tweet

Looking forward to taking the Luas from Parnell St to Dundrum next week. Early Xmas present for me, seriously #tweet

Ah, it’s that time of year when people who haven’t been to the supermarket since last Xmas start clogging the aisles #tweet

Everyone going on about the old ILAC fountain but no one’s mentioned the glass lift #tweet

Adam Savage geeks out as he cuts a record at Jack White’s Third Man headquarters in Detroit. Whatever your opinion on Black, one can’t doubt he’s a genuine nerd about the craft of recorded music. #video 

Back from the post office where I mailed our first Xmas card of the season. Today’s the last day for ROW post; you’ve got 2 hours left! #tweet

Hot chocolate with almond milk FTW #tweet

Missed the screening for I, Tonya on Monday evening. Can anyone tell me if it touches on her post-incident career as a wrestling manager? #tweet

Been tinkering with my website a bit. Next task: making it https for free when my host charges an arm and a leg for it #tweet

I’m trying out a new thing; it’s called going to bed before 10pm because it’s cold and I’m sleepy #tweet

Bee's review of FIFA 18, a game that turns out to be fun even for football non-likers like me https://t.co/4mrQKdQ1Rm #tweet

My Letterboxd reviews for November 2017

Frank Grillo in Wheelman

Another few weeks of genre-hopping, thanks to a free month of Shudder that I ended up letting lapse as I couldn’t find much of anything I wanted to watch. So it goes.

But it was also a month that included one of my favourite films of the year. Shame it bypassed cinemas and went straight to Netflix. The new straight to video? I sure hope not.

Obviously Netflix is better than that, but there is a clear sense that it serves serialised ‘prestige’ TV much better than first-run feature films. And I get the feeling even Netflix’s honchos recognise this, going by all the promos I’m seeing for Bright (which isn’t out till the end of this month).


Falling in love again with the production on the first two Gang of Four albums #tweet

I guess DUP is an initialisation of Doesn’t Understand Politics #tweet

Google’s broken UX behaviour drives me up the wall. I don’t want to open this doc in drive, I want to download it ffs #tweet

Dogs in SNL Aer Lingus sketch = three seashells #tweet

Monthnotes for November 2017

November was a bullet-point kind of month:

  • Enlarged Heart Radio has been revived for the winter, with two shows this past month, numbers 20 and 21. I’ll probably have another one up before Xmas, provided my weekends aren’t too hectic.
  • I saw and reviewed Battle of the Sexes and Suburbicon for Thumped. I also attended screenings for three 2018 releases (or they are on this side of the Atlantic, anyway). My notes on those are just that at this stage, but expect my thoughts in the new year.


This SNL thing, what’s with the dogs? Is this really some weird stereotype Americans have about us? #tweet

This @CHIKARApro show that’s on right now, would I be able to watch it on Chikaratopia or elsewhere tomorrow? #tweet

I’ve only heard a fraction of either (I know, I know) but the new Code Orange is so much better than the new Converge #tweet

Awake since 5.30am. Couldn’t get back to sleep. Might as well get some work done, so #tweet

Not bothered with the new Glassjaw; I heard that song the other day and ehhh. But I didn't like Worship and Tribute when it came out, either #tweet

Guys, this was already very quickly debunked yesterday; see @RealDMitchell and @arobertwebb https://t.co/xzvAirYU1Q #tweet

After the years of fawning, I’m still waiting for all the ‘WTF happened to Apple?’ takes #tweet