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Fantasy baseball is going well: Sean Manaea just got me a no-hitter to put me fifth in the MeFi league #tweet

I adore Killing Joke’s Fire Dances, even though all the lyrics are about fire, dancing, basic men, and walking towards things #tweet

And now I know why the pavement is marked out in boxes where I catch my bus out of Dublin https://t.co/YUteC6KRx1 #tweet

My personality profile, according to IBM Watson

Jason Kottke let IBM’s Watson AI system profile his personality via his Twitter feed; the results were mixed, to say the least. I gave it a go with my own tweets (you can try it too, with tweets or a body of text) and here’s what Watson had to say about me, with my own comments appended.

You are skeptical, inner-directed and unconventional.

Generally speaking, yes. But the degrees of each vary, I’d say.

You are authority-challenging: you prefer to challenge authority and traditional values to help bring about positive changes. You are solemn: you are generally serious and do not joke much. And you are self-conscious: you are sensitive about what others might be thinking about you.

Yes, no, and yes. I might seem sour and grumpy on social media sometimes but I’m not so bad in person. I’m just an introvert is all. More…

The motor just burnt out! -100 Health #tweet

I’ve fixed the lawnmower! +20 XP #tweet

Eye-rolling at some of these; the definition of 'craic' is a tad lost in translation https://t.co/R6pQQQZAhn #tweet

Sure let's stoke that nationalistic fervour, eh? Not at all a distraction from more pressing contemporary matters, nosiree https://t.co/mlGrICPhuI #tweet

Oops, I just outed myself as a film critic who doesn’t actually enjoy going to the cinema all that much #tweet

#NowPlaying Jan Garbarek - Dansere #tweet

Looks like Netflix just switched to their new custom font for me #tweet

WWE hagiography aside, Bruno Sammartino lived the kind of life ripe for a movie treatment #tweet

I’m pained by the notion that Studio Ghibli is considered a genre unto itself, let alone anime as a whole. (It’s a medium, not a genre!) But gripes aside, this is a fine list for the uninitiated, with a spread that spans drama, action, romance and more avant storytelling. #video

Rampage was… meh. Pains me to say it b/c I like The Rock and we’re at a level above Michael Bay bull, but it is what it is: https://boxd.it/r7UvV #tweet

You know when you get a cold that bungs up your sinuses so bad you can’t hear bass frequencies? You don’t? Well anyway that’s me right now #tweet

A short documentary about an incredible trove of letterpress blocks for movie advertisements dating from the early 1980s to before the Talkie era, happened upon by chance by two friends antiquing in Nebraska. It really makes stark what might be lost in the move from the tangible to the digital in media. [c/o Kottke.org] #video

One can hold these beliefs simultaneously: Assad is a prick, and carpet-bombing Syrians has zero upside #tweet

Until they put WorldWide on the Network, WCW Saturday Night is the closest I’ll get to staying up after 1am on Thurs nights to watch on UTV #tweet

This arrived today, and now stands with the Million Dollar Man and Kevin Owens in keeping with the theme of Wrestlers With Beards https://t.co/ApZvJ4zleE #tweet

I’m listening to a new Bush Tetras song in 2018 #tweet

My Letterboxd reviews for March 2018

Alexander Skarsgård in Mute

And I thought my February in movies was bad: only seven films watched in March. Not even two a week. And April isn’t looking much better, considering almost half the month has gone by and I haven’t seen a single movie. Quality, not quantity, I keep telling myself, even when the results don’t always bear that out. More…

Today, I would be most grateful to breathe, and to taste things again #tweet

I won’t have a review for Making the Grade in time for its release tomorrow, but I enjoyed it; reminded me a lot of Être et Avoir #tweet

Take the time to read this thread on LGBT+ inclusion at WrestleMania and in wrestling in general https://t.co/R83iLr6o99 #tweet

Any of my followers familiar with children's book publishing? My friend @calicojak would appreciate your advice https://t.co/UlfS3loYGR #tweet

People getting weirdly antsy in my timeline about Jaws, Silence of the Lambs, etc being contextualised as horror films #tweet