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I’ve got a voucher to get the flu vaccine in NI but the nice man in Boots told me over the phone that it’s being ra… https://t.co/17ArZOnbdq #tweet

So WordPress 5.0 has mucked up my date formatting. If they’ve changed the custom syntax, how do I find that? #tweet

Delighted to finish work early tonight as I’ve got a splitting headache #tweet

I was squinting without my glasses when I first saw this and thought the cake pops were the blades of Freddy’s glove. Which in turn gives me an idea for another movie… https://t.co/Z3mkp7KGfs #tweet

Ah, Google broke quick-adding events to Calendar again, sigh #tweet

The Old Man & the Gun is out today and I even wrote a review of it! I’ll share as soon as it’s online #tweet

Why did no one tell me elderflower tastes like lychee?! #tweet

I’m here for KUSHIDA signing with WWE if they want him and that’s where he wants to go. He’s done all he can in New Japan for the time being at least. And I’m sure he’s aware of the caveats https://t.co/1KYHd3Yz5p #tweet

Tuning up my new guitar just now. I got a Telecaster copy so I can be like D Boon if you squint really, really hard #tweet

I don’t know, people: ‘feed a fed horse’ sounds a lot like you’re trying to make horse foie gras #tweet

I was just thinking: ‘This is the most Wednesday-feeling Tuesday.’ That’s probably because it’s Wednesday #tweet

How am I only realising now that Morbid Angel’s discography is alphabetical? Also, what happened to the E and the J? #tweet

I now own a guitar to go with my bass #tweet

If kayfabe wasn’t broken for me already, it definitely was in 1993 seeing heels and faces together on the WWF talent bus during their Euro tour https://t.co/CkskSKouuG #tweet

The Leaving Trains albums on Spotify are all dated wrong, I can’t handle this #tweet

It’s entirely possible, if one gets a lot of things for ‘free’ such as music and film critics. Also, there’s no such thing as a Platonic ‘objective’ review; things should be judged on their merits but always factor in the writer’s taste https://t.co/cxfeZtkSdP #tweet

Monthnotes for October-November 2018

Another blur of a month couple of months goes by, this time mostly busy with work, which is a good thing. You’ll never see me complaining about getting paid! More…

I breezed through that Neil deGrasse Tyson statement and… yeah, not a good look #tweet

Twenty-three days till Xmas Eve, Xmas Eve, Xmas Eve. Twenty-three days till Xmas Eve, Silver Shamrock #tweet

Here’s a question: can I use my Leap card on Bus Éireann’s Dundalk town service? #tweet

Getting my first press invites for 2019 film releases. And I won’t get to any of them. Well, maybe one next week #tweet

Subbing an article on Xmas bonuses. I don’t think I’ve ever received one of those… #tweet

‘Easier’ online passport renewal is a nice distraction from the fact that the INIS online appointments system is completely broken #tweet

Fewer tweets than I’d have imagined with the term ‘GO’D complex’. She’d really hate if that were a thing, wouldn’t she? #tweet

Guns, Books & Tools’ second LP has completely disappeared from the internet. It isn’t even listed on Discogs http://bit.ly/2TKW6w8 #tweet

Nicolas Roeg and Ricky Jay in the same weekend #tweet

I appreciate that Kozelek called his new LP This Is My Dinner: it’s both literally about what he’s had for dinner, and figuratively putting food on his table https://t.co/qH3RfaBdZW #tweet

How many times can I listen to Cygnus X-1 Book II this week? I’d almost forgotten what it was like to click with a record like this #tweet

Now that Black Friday is a thing here, can we give the Yanks our St Stephen’s/Boxing Day sales? And I mean queueing at 5am for a cheap sofa #tweet

So it turns out The Times doesn’t think my email address (for my own domain) is an email address. Hmm… #tweet