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I want those Shinsuke Nakamura socks #tweet

Finally watched Your Name, after a year of waiting. My, what a film #tweet

That Irish Sun story about walking being faster than the Luas is a lie. You’re telling me that guy walked 1.4km in under 8 minutes? #tweet

Here’s a thing about film/any criticism: it’s an opinion. Hopefully a reasoned and well argued one, but opinion nonetheless #tweet

Come to think of it, can someone please cut'n'paste Christopher Plummer into Baby Driver? https://t.co/fiSHXwuCAX #tweet

‘Smooth Sailing’ Ashley Remington > Dalton Castle #tweet

Remember I said I was on me holliers? I spoke too soon, sigh #tweet

My cursive handwriting has gone to shit #tweet

So Netflix is now streaming a live action version of the best anime series I saw this year https://t.co/IpFhDPohnT #tweet

Seriously, I’ve lost count of all the iOS updates I’ve had to do over the last few weeks. Steve Jobs is spinning in his grave #tweet

Aaaaand I’m on me holliers from the day job till the New Year #tweet

Missed the press screening for the new Jumanji today. Don’t think I’ll be diverted to the local flea pit when it opens, either. Sorry, Rock #tweet

I'm not a hater. I'm genuinely sad that people are leaving screenings of #TheLastJedi disappointed #tweet

Made a batch of rice in the rice cooker this morning but forgot to add the salt. Baka desu! #tweet

I don't get the point of this kind of thing at all; it's not criticism, it's confirmation bias https://t.co/4YORyfRbqv #tweet

I’d love to talk about how some of the big ‘emotional’ high points of #TheLastJedi didn’t work for me at all, but y’know, spoilers #tweet

Very much looking forward to seeing Your Name later this week, now that I finally have the Blu Ray #tweet

Some good news today from the #8Committee. Roll on the referendum to mend our Constitution #tweet

No spoilers in my review of #TheLastJedi but if you're only looking for validation, I don't know what to say to you https://t.co/cf1FJGvoDg #tweet

We may not be able to make this ourselves (I was looking forward to seeing Stoat, sad face) but that shouldn't stop… https://t.co/1rQbiLTXDr #tweet

Talk of #TheLastJedi being the ‘most emotional’ of the franchise (it’s not, at all) smacks of desperation to love a sub-par film #tweet

Good on 'em. Cyclists are road users as much as any other vehicle, no matter what bus, van and taxi drivers think https://t.co/JuR5jUTxSI #tweet

Ah, typical; can’t see Blade of the Immortal this week b/c work, and next week it’s not showing anywhere I can get to #tweet

I love how Amazon is just like, screw statutory rights: WE messed up your order but YOU have to jump through hoops to fix it #tweet

Very disappointed with @AmazonHelp sending me a book with an obviously damaged spine #tweet

Today I learned there’s a podcast working through the entire SST Records catalogue https://t.co/N1WX2gjl6e #tweet

I’ve been off social media most of today, did that ‘bullied’ kid seriously get milkshake ducked? #tweet

It is far colder in Dublin now than it was in Dundalk before dawn #tweet

Heavy on the M1 this morning. Glad I caught the earlier bus now #tweet

Looking forward to taking the Luas from Parnell St to Dundrum next week. Early Xmas present for me, seriously #tweet

Ah, it’s that time of year when people who haven’t been to the supermarket since last Xmas start clogging the aisles #tweet

Everyone going on about the old ILAC fountain but no one’s mentioned the glass lift #tweet

Adam Savage geeks out as he cuts a record at Jack White’s Third Man headquarters in Detroit. Whatever your opinion on Black, one can’t doubt he’s a genuine nerd about the craft of recorded music. #video 

Back from the post office where I mailed our first Xmas card of the season. Today’s the last day for ROW post; you’ve got 2 hours left! #tweet

Hot chocolate with almond milk FTW #tweet

Missed the screening for I, Tonya on Monday evening. Can anyone tell me if it touches on her post-incident career as a wrestling manager? #tweet

Been tinkering with my website a bit. Next task: making it https for free when my host charges an arm and a leg for it #tweet

I’m trying out a new thing; it’s called going to bed before 10pm because it’s cold and I’m sleepy #tweet

Bee's review of FIFA 18, a game that turns out to be fun even for football non-likers like me https://t.co/4mrQKdQ1Rm #tweet