Enlarged Heart Radio #3

A third hour of interesting sounds for your ears to bring January to a close. No death metal this time! But still a little screaming. Also, I still have a very blocked nose.


My Thumped review of The Survivalist
Grindhouse inspirations clash with artier leanings in Northern Irish writer/director Stephen Fingleton’s promising yet puzzling full-length debut. #screen   ·

Accepting ‘pseudo-profound bulls**t’ linked to lower intelligence
I’m not sure I buy the ‘lower intelligence’ part, since IQ does not equal general intelligence, but the key bit here is that “people who consider bullshit statements to be more profound are less reflective in their thinking”. #aux   ·

Concrete Progress: Border Walls Aren’t Just Political Objects—They’re Ecological Barriers, Too
How often we forget that humanity, let alone the concept of borders and nation states, has been here only a fraction of the time of our fellow species. And they won’t remember us after we’re gone, either. [c/o The Real Future] #aux   ·

Trigger Warning: Is the Fear of Being Offensive Killing Free Speech? by Mick Hume – review
Analytic philosopher Galen Strawson still recommends the book, despite his smart takedown of its thesis that ‘free speech’ means the freedom to express anything at all without responsibility. And you know how I feel about this kind of thing. #comment   ·

Hurricane Katrina anniversaries piss me off
Political journalist Michael Grunwald’s recent tweetstorm on the institutional failures that led to the Katrina disaster and ensure that repeat disasters are only a matter of time. #comment   ·

Kamasi Washington’s Giant Step
Behind the scenes with today’s jazz wunderkind. I need to give The Epic another go, as the lush arrangements on my first listen put me off (but I did appreciate it when the first track opened up a little and Kamasi started wailing on the sax). #sound   ·

Linguistic Anarchy! It’s all Pun and Games Until Somebody Loses a Sign
Save your groans, pun-haters! #words   ·

UI screen graphics in The Martian
There’s something very Enterprise about the fonts and overall look, I can’t quite explain why. #screen   ·

Anita Sarkeesian interview: ‘The word “troll” feels too childish. This is abuse’
Sarkeesian is not someone I agree with when it comes to her reading of video games, but that’s fine. More to the point: has she actually attacked anyone? At the very worst, she’s merely wrong in her judgements of this or that. Who does that harm? Does any of it deserve the sheer volume of abuse she gets? GamerGaters can all get fucked. #aux   ·

Wired Style: A Linguist Explains Vintage Internet Slang
This is great stuff here, even if it’s a little too accepting of how laziness and ignorance are shaping language (I’m thinking of things like ‘alot’, or ‘of’ when people mean ‘have’, not dialectic differences like ‘ax’ for ‘ask’). #words   ·

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Weeknotes #750-752

Not a whole lot to report for the last few weeks. I’m still playing catch-up on my music promos, and I’ve seen feck-all movies so far this year. I did have a few film reviews published but I forgot to blog about them here. (Sorry.)



Enlarged Heart Radio #2

The second episode of Enlarged Heart Radio is now online for your listening pleasure. Went a bit guitar riff heavy with this one but that’s the mood I was in.


Thinking out loud about Apple and headphones

Rumour has it that Apple’s next iteration of the iPhone (and likely other iOS devices) will come with a proprietary headphone jack. It’s move being widely scorned online, and rightly so. But rather than anger at Apple for what looks on the surface to be yet another cash-grab (as if a company with literally billions in cash reserves needs to suck even more money out of the global economy), the more I think about it, the more I feel pity for an institution that’s clearly flailing and failing to keep up with things.



Weeknotes #749

So, let’s talk weight management.

The good news is that my current weight is lower than what I weighed this time last year. The bad news is that the difference is not very much, as most of the gains I made between January and June were lost in the upheaval of moving out of Dublin and finding a new routine. No more 45-minute cycles to and fro the office to burn off the excess intake, alas. (Though if I’m really honest, I’ve simply been snacking on too many sweet things to take the edge off.)


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