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It’s the same with every ISP in my experience: the engineering side simply doesn’t talk to the CS side, to every customer’s detriment #tweet

Oh joy, another apparently nationwide eir broadband outage #tweet

The fancy upgraded Lidl on Moore St is freaking me out. A whole new self-service checkout UX to get used to #tweet

Oh, now is a great time to discover a massive rip in the inseam of my jeans #tweet

Just flipped the bird to a shitty driver on Church St and it felt OK if I’m honest #tweet

I know I’m shouting into the abyss, but I do wish taxi and van drivers wouldn’t harass cyclists riding safely as conditions allow #tweet

Tonight’s Bug v Earth gig is the perfect example of one I’d go to if I still lived in Dublin, but I can’t face the trek #tweet

I guess Vince decided he doesn’t like managers again. I mean to hell with what’s entertaining for the ‘Universe’, right? #tweet

When in doubt, watch NXT and let’s plays of GeoGuessr #tweet

So Much News. But about this Irish Rugby World Cup bid: where did you all think we were going to host it? I mean, seriously? #tweet

Not seeing the Justice League press show this morning for reasons. It’s probably crap, whatever #tweet

In more positive news, it was pretty cool how over the AJW women got themselves at the 1995 Survivor Series #tweet

There hasn’t been a worse iOS ‘update’ than 11. Every increment thus far (seems like a new one every few days) is an utter shambles #tweet

If you have Netflix and you haven’t seen Wheelman yet, you should probably get on that #tweet

Mickey Dolenz and I walked past each other on Liffey St hours before a Monkees gig I didn’t attend https://t.co/BjhQypRPED #tweet

The birds seemed really stoked that I restocked the feeders. I was barely in the door before a great tit swooped in for a sunflower heart #tweet

I really like this Escape-ism record. Never cared much for Svenonius outside of NOU but this is exciting https://t.co/oyOffTasGG #tweet

Raw egg in hot rice is pretty good; the Japanese are on to something #tweet

That’s my tax paid and filed for the year, so. I even got a tiny rebate. First time that ever happened #tweet

Goldfinches are really beautiful birds, aren’t they? #tweet

It takes a lot to offend me, to really get under my skin, but Ronan Mullen does it every time https://t.co/TB79ugfnRy #tweet

Screw this 280-character nonsense! I hope Tweetbot and YoruFukurou never change (or at least keep 140 as an option) #tweet

Day immediately brightened by a postcard from David in Zagreb #tweet

Turns out, if I did today the same double major* I did for my undergrad, I’d get a BSc instead of a BA #tweet

Cheap trolling at the expense of women’s real issues does not behove a head of state, Leo #tweet

Using Audacity for the first time in months and it feels so much better now #tweet

I’m about to watch the new Child’s Play movie. Brace yourselves… #tweet

Monthnotes for October 2017

I should be writing about October, but since the first of November has passed, I must note that it’s 16 years since I started this blog. It really doesn’t feel that long; a decade at most. I suppose it’s true what they say about time seeming to go by faster as one grows older.

Anyway, I don’t really have much to say about this anniversary other than I’m glad I picked things up again this year, even in the piecemeal fashion that I have. It’s good to carve out a space for oneself in the increasingly walled garden of the web.


Whoops, slept out the first half hour of Power Struggle #njpst #njpwworld #tweet

Hey a new Dead Rider album came out over a month ago and none of you told me, for shame! https://t.co/M02lzrbx3N #tweet

Seriously, what have the Irish got against pre-made sweet shortcrust pastry? Can’t find it anywhere! #tweet

Today is Stout Day and I have no stout. Pout day, more like #tweet

I’ve got a free month of Shudder. What should I watch? #tweet

Watching the promoters lug Cradle of Filth’s rider round the back of the Academy. They like cheap lager, it seems #tweet