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It hasn’t gone unnoticed that the Egyptian authorities held Ibrahim Halawa a full month after he was acquitted #tweet

Good news everyone: my Hüsker Dü box is in the post! Counting the days now #tweet

Me too. And now I know why Peter Fitzpatrick never replied to my letter earlier this year https://t.co/G7E73ujrzP #tweet

And bullied by Terry Gilliam, which is no surprise if you ever read Sarah Polley's open letter to him a decade ago https://t.co/KoxppWQZEA #tweet

The new @atomic_elbow has arrived wrapped in something resembling a fancy person’s wallpaper #tweet

Poor aul’ Liam #GBBO #tweet

#Ophelia watch: the gales picked up again but we’re grand; I’m going to bed #tweet

Has the Lidl on Moore St reopened yet? I’m kinda stuck for my usual breakfast pretzels in the morning, y’see #tweet

Five eps into Star Trek Discovery and it’s only getting worse #tweet

#Ophelia watch: is it over yet? No damage to the house as far as I can tell #tweet

That’s cute Brit Twitter going on about their #RedSun when we’re getting battered by #Ophelia over here #tweet

#Ophelia watch: fairly violent gusts in Dundalk now, but the patio is sheltered enough that the leaves are barely budging #tweet

#Ophelia watch: gusts are bending the trees across the road now #tweet

Haven’t thought about Sean Hughes in a long time but what a loss, seriously #tweet

#Ophelia watch: quite blustery already up here in Dundalk, and the sky is pink #tweet

I don’t want to hear any moaning tomorrow if #Ophelia turns out to be a damp squib #tweet

That’s me staying in tomorrow, so. Please let us not lose electricity and internet as well #tweet

Testing out this iRig headphone amp thing I got for my bass and it’s pretty badass #tweet

Honestly getting a little worried now about travelling to the city on Monday with a Cat 3 storm on the way #tweet

Just had to finish a truck driving sim mission I rage quit as I made a wrong turn right before the end of my route and couldn’t turn around #tweet

I know Bee is the one for me because she helped me find the two missing cards from my WCW set in WWE Slam #tweet

This story messed me up; those ‘woods’ are very small and I used to cross through there all the time https://t.co/e4Mzhw3WbC #tweet

I think we can all agree that the application of Twitter’s terms of service is fairly suspicious #tweet

Let me get this straight: men can sling all kinds of abuse on Twitter, but Rose McGowan tells Baffleck to fuck off and gets suspended? #tweet

Ah, my Amazon parcel and its ridiculous box arrived just in time for recycling day #tweet

I’ll let you know how yesterday’s Budget affects me as soon as I find out how last year’s affects my tax filing this month #tweet

Haven’t watched New Japan since the US G1 shows so I’m just jumping straight back in with KOPW or I never will #tweet

“The hair’s where he gets his power from; he’s like Samson” - Bee on Jushin Thunder Liger #tweet

Amazon Prime’s film selection in Ireland is worse than pathetic. Same film market as the UK but we don’t even have what they get #tweet

UPS i-Parcel tracking is so informative; my Amazon order has practically disappeared since export on Friday #tweet

So it turns out Bee’s old Tamagotchi is a Japanese model, not one made for the western market #tweet