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I’m going to see Full of Hell on Sunday night which means missing the first half of SummerSlam. You don’t know my pain… #tweet

Reminder to myself to never again buy GreenSax brown bin liners; these ones all ripped right down the seam, completely useless #tweet

The Hart Foundation were the greatest tag team. It wasn’t just ‘Bret and the other guy’; the Hitman needed the Anvil #tweet

I watched the first two and the last three nights of this year’s G1 Climax and I think that’ll do me #tweet

Feeling like someone turned down the volume and bass in my ears this weekend #tweet

I hope everyone realises Jack won’t do a tap till investors pull out of Twitter #tweet

When I get an email with a typo: no biggie, these things happen. When I send an email with a typo: OH NO WHAT HAVE I DONE??!! #tweet

This is a really fun movie, as well as the root for the art style of The Tale of the Princess Kaguya https://t.co/qZIQ76d2ph #tweet

Renee was quite good the few times she did commentary for NXT; almost a heelish edge to her? If she wants it, they… https://t.co/MH3Q3XSwLV #tweet

Still feel blerg with this cold so no new Enlarged Heart Radio till next weekend, if you were waiting on it #tweet

A new Picard series is great and all, but when do we get the new adventures of Barclay? #tweet

I’m no Cornette-esque curmudgeon but this ladder match is just a string of high spots, blah #WOSWrestling #tweet

The description of the Jolly Green Giant herein made me laugh out loud (on my own, like, so it wasn't embarrassing… https://t.co/cJFS4e2Kmz #tweet

The Jungle Book at the Grand in Fairview, probably 1985. I remember being annoyed at the other kids being so noisy https://t.co/F2QtZsCVAZ #tweet

Under the weather so taking the rest of the day off. Let’s see what Netflix has in store for me #tweet

Train home isn’t an Enterprise either. Bit much, like #tweet

Would you not also care to mention it’s now a commuter train, not an Enterprise? More than a mere capacity issue https://t.co/BOdrLoqkgf #tweet

So much for pre-booking my ‘Enterprise’ ticket when they’ve stuck us on a commuter train #tweet

Damn it, my flight home is delayed. I won’t get home till after 1.30am now. And I’m supposed to be up at half 7 #tweet

Delighted to find my Oyster card still had £2.50 on it #tweet

Whoops, someone at the NUJ Dublin Branch forgot the BCC field #tweet

Got up early to write and I’m already exhausted #tweet

RIP Nikolai Volkoff (Josip Peruzović), who had a crazy long career with the WWF/WWE. How many else survived well into the expansion era? #tweet

Haven’t seen a Mission: Impossible movie since the second one, before my final shift at the Coolock UCI. Looks like I’ve got a new project #tweet

Twenty minutes in and this #WOSWrestling show is already a marked improvement on that New Year’s special #tweet

No rain up here, but no blood moon either; it’s far too cloudy #tweet

Hopelessly behind with the G1. How many shows are we into it now? Nine? Who has time for all that?! #tweet

#NowPlaying Jesus Piece - Only Self #tweet

Here's a fun, enlightening story on mispronunciations (though many here would quibble with Caoimhe; in much of Ireland it’s pronounced ‘Kweeva’) https://t.co/BQk9xE9HFc #tweet

Have to say I’m disappointed with @DublinComicCon putting all the ‘good’ guest panels on the Sunday only, which didn't used to be the case till this year https://t.co/x49m2htCxu #tweet

Don’t get hung up on that “one amazing paragraph” if it’s not working with the piece as a whole; you’ve got to come to terms with killing your darlings https://t.co/ML0IToBcHE #tweet

There’s Irish Rail’s track engineers at it again with their noise machine in the middle of the night with no advance notice, sigh #tweet

Vader folding Sting up like an accordion after a power bomb will never stop being impressive to me #tweet

Today was my first time on the Belfast train in 23 years. I went over a viaduct - twice! #tweet

It’s bloody warm up here in Belfast today, I tell you #tweet

Tragedy always hits harder when you’ve been to a place or know others who might be there. Thinking of the Danforth this morning #tweet

Ireland: we knocked down council flats to replace them with… prefab council flats #tweet

This headline is wrong; going by the standfirst, it should be 'Universal free GP care is never going to happen' https://t.co/RpVhmqi3Uq #tweet

I’ve got a meeting in Belfast tomorrow and an hour or so to spare beforehand. Where’s good to sit and work a bit opposite Titanic Quarter? #tweet

Today has not gone according to plan, sigh #tweet

Finally watching the iron man match from Extreme Rules and the ‘fans’ are ruining it if I’m honest #tweet

That blurry vision means it’s time to step away from the computer for the day #tweet

'Determined to protect' is not a guarantee of protection. Pay close attention to all the language used here; it will be examined in history texts decades hence https://t.co/ATKyt1emwz #tweet

Look at the sheer bull she's spreading here, like. The EU has made its position clear since the UK chose to leave the union. It's all on you, May https://t.co/NQ4HOCh30E #tweet

Theresa May’s got a lot of talk about what should/shouldn’t be done, has no concrete steps, and still expects the EU to do the UK’s homework #tweet