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This morning I learned there’s such a thing as Irish Transverse Mercator co-ordinates. Why can’t you just give standard lat-long like a normal person? #tweet

An affecting portrait of the voice of combat sports, Mauro Ranallo. #video

Remembered we had a PS3 that’s doing nothing so set it up in my office to play Blu-rays. And now I’ve discovered my monitor has had its own speakers the whole time http://bit.ly/2IEYUHm #tweet

You know this is a low-interest PPV when Green Shirt Guy doesn’t have his usual front-row seat #tweet

It boggles my mind how expensive it is, in 2019, to play Blu-rays through a computer #tweet

Bang of Polvo off this black midi album, going by the first couple of minutes #tweet

I’m finally able to tell you that the new Child’s Play reboot is actually really good, and you should go see it. Review up soon #tweet

So the WWE/BT Sport deal is officially announced. And since that’s a channel I actually get, I might start watching Raw and SD again come the new year (probably not) #tweet

I’ve just realised you can sing the lyrics for Denver the Last Dinosaur to the tune of Badstreet USA #tweet

Desk cleared off in anticipation of my new computer. Man, I have a lot of loose cables for things #tweet

Every summer, without fail - a little sunshine, heat and humidity, and eir’s broadband infrastructure shits the bed #tweet

Delighted with the quick service (and lovely food) at the new @UmiFalafel branch on Mary St this afternoon #tweet

A few years ago Tom very kindly signed my CD copy of Riposte. Apparently he hadn’t seen one in the wild since 1987 https://t.co/NU7PF0rvqr #tweet

Stuck on the M1 west of Skerries. Have to be in Smithfield in an hour for a screening. Sigh #tweet

Dublin tweeters: anywhere I can get an anti-static wristband in the city centre? Maplin’s gone so my options appear slim #tweet

Bed to bus in 24 minutes. Amazing what waking in a panic after oversleeping will do #tweet

Best thing this week: seeing everyone’s warm tributes to and memories of Philomena Lynott #tweet

A week later and I think my injured toe is finally on the mend. I didn’t have to hobble around the house just now so I’ll take it #tweet

Sleater-Kinney are one of the best live bands in the world. (Far better than on their records since The Hot Rock IMO.) Don’t miss ‘em https://t.co/CulCHDLO7d #tweet

Just got my exemption from jury service. Thank fuck for that! #tweet

Got excited about a Zaytoon opening on the Northside, until I saw it’s in Swords. Swords is not the Northside. It’s next to Malahide ffs #tweet

Here’s a question for wrestling journalists to follow up: what happens to WWE Network subscription rates in Ireland and the UK after WWE moves from Sky to BT Sport? https://t.co/kJlEgAVTYy #tweet

Are you cold? I’m cold. It’s cold #tweet

King Crimson’s discography is streaming on your service of choice (probably) so I’ve got Three of a Perfect Pair playing here right now #tweet

Had a looooong day. Now finding it hard to unwind #tweet

Who would’ve thought finding a headphone jack splitter/switcher to connect one set of speakers to two computers would be so difficult? #tweet

#NowPlaying Fetid - Steeping Corporeal Mess #tweet

I’ve gone half-deaf in my left ear again. Thanks, sinus congestion! #tweet

I’m sure it’s been asked and answered before, but *how* did Cornette swing getting the Heavenly Bodies vs R’n’R Express on WCW and WWF PPVs in 1993? #tweet

I’m watching Cactus Jack vs Paul Orndorff at SuperBrawl III and I’m obsessed with Paul’s right arm; I’d honestly never noticed it before but now I can’t take my eyes off it #tweet

Glad yis are all enjoying yourselves at Metallica or The Cure. I’m trying to find the spoons to get out and see the Meat Puppets tomorrow night #tweet

Imagine if a bunch of arseholes picked a random word, say ‘biscuit’, and mass reported tweets with said word in a co-ordinated campaign. Twitter wouldn’t look at the motivation; they’d respond by suspending talk about biscuits. Biscuits! #tweet

Got my first front-page headline (kind of) on a big-time regional paper. I’ll take that as a win #tweet

It’s the sixth of June in a temperate zone of the northern hemisphere and I’ve just had to put the heating on #tweet

These new desktop speakers I got are great, but they make my office smell of wet paint #tweet

Ahh Shingo… #njbosj #tweet

Oh what delightful weather we’re having #tweet

Got drenched on the way home from the shops. But I did meet a jaunty chihuahua on the way out, so swings and roundabouts #tweet

Seems like half the internet just crashed #tweet

In a clash between Royal Quest and TakeOver Cardiff, it’s a no-brainer that I’m watching the New Japan show live #tweet

So #NXTTakeOver is pretty great thus far #tweet