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Someone please explain to me what I'm missing in the finish of that Styles/Owens match. Shoulders were down, ref counts, that's it, no? #tweet

Some days you’re just not in the mood to subedit garbage and today is one of those days for me #tweet

A town of 40,000 brought to its knees by a single burst water main: that’s Ireland in 2017 #tweet

Whoops, fell asleep during that Shinsuke/Corbin match. Oh dear. Anyway, you're all on mute till I've watched the rest this evening #tweet

If JBL weren't such a mark for puroresu, imagine what kind of garbage he'd be spouting about Shinsuke's entrance #WWEBattleground #tweet

That was brilliant stuff altogether. It's all downhill from here, kids #WWEBattleground #tweet

Xavier Woods making the most of his very rare PPV ring time tonight #WWEBattleground #tweet

No LED aprons or ringposts? The latter makes sense with the cage yoke but the aprons too? #WWEBattleground #tweet

I might be tweeting about wrestling tonight if I stay awake long enough #tweet

“A world where the limits of reality are your own imagination.” Shame the trailer, like the book, is lacking in exa… https://t.co/OTCQUfCTWt #tweet

Duolingo says I’m 20% fluent in French, which is better than I ever was in school #tweet

Ran into my first head-scratcher in Duolingo for Japanese: how the hell is ‘naka’ spelt ‘chuu’ in hiragana? #tweet

Haven't yet seen the trailer for Ready Player One but it can't be any worse than the godawful book #tweet

30 years ago my late uncle Pearse worked tech on the original Joshua Tree tour. I’m sad he isn’t at Croke Park tonight to see them again #tweet

So I find out today the cat’s name is Daryl and the Bullet Club have only gone and murdered him?! #tweet

Just started watching a random anime and there's a poster of Giant Baba in the background #tweet

Me, looking out at the garden just now: My god, it’s full of sparrows #tweet

The new Dead Neanderthals out next month is as intense as you’d expect but with a mournful edge they’ve never quite had before #tweet

Linkin Park fans will be feeling how I felt about Chris Cornell, who’s birthday would’ve been today and all #tweet

Utterly shameful; we'd be up in arms if, say, the US treated an Irish visitor on similar grounds https://t.co/ntf9Bzg8D8 #tweet

That 'words from the year you were born' thing: among others, Bee got 'death metal' and I got 'air guitar' #tweet

Worth picking up the first two Battles Without Honour and Humanity films in the Arrow sale? #tweet

Catching up on @RankandVileCast and I've got 2 things: 1) Eraserhead def influenced by Lynch's xp as a new dad; & 2) Surveillance is AWFUL #tweet