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Cut Your Heart Off…

While I’m on the subject of music, and before I set the video for Touch of Evil and hit the sack, yesterday I got the new Redneck Manifesto album, Cut Your Heart Off From Your Head. It’s okay…. I dunno, it would have benefitted from some more crunchy riffing. They have a great sound when they rock out – the bass is full and punchy, the guitars (as I’ve already noted) are crunchy – but they don’t sound nearly as distinctive when they get all plaintive and rootsy, which they do for six out of the seven tracks on this album. They hold back too much, they always stop too soon, as if they’re jerking off and afraid of being caught or something. They may be the darlings of the underground scene here in Dublin, but I’ve gotta call it like I see it. Less faffing, more rocking, please.