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October 2010

Weeknotes #469

Monday/Tuesday — Monday is a bank holiday, but not for me. At least I get to work from home and wind up at a reasonable hour. Early start again on Tuesday for the deadline, but there are few headaches and everything gets sent to the printer on time.

Wednesday — Administrivia takes up much of the day. That and playing F1 2010, which frustrates me greatly: even on easy mode its unforgiving about the smallest things. Maybe what I’m looking for is arcade mode, which this game doesn’t have. Guess I’m resigned to doing lots of practice laps in time trial.

Later I get caught in the rain walking home from the shops and am drenched to the bone. Fat lot of good you did, umbrella.


Weeknotes #468

Monday — A very slow day at the office. Thank goodness I have to leave early to meet the electrician, who’s coming over to look at the dodgy stovetop. Regarding said stovetop, it will indeed need to be replaced. I wish these things had been checked before we moved in…

Tuesday — Lazy day today. Was meant to be somewhere else early in the morning but plans changed at the last minute, so I had a much-needed lie-on instead.

It’s also a day to catch up on unwatched TV, and get back on the stationary bike. Every now and then I hop online to track my Kindle through the UPS network, from Nevada to Cologne. I go to bed assuming it’s on its way to Dublin.


Weeknotes #467

Monday/Tuesday — Nothing much happening. We take the train out to Raheny on Tuesday evening – timing things slightly better on the return journey this time, so it takes little more than half an hour to get home. I’m getting the hang of this.

Wednesday — Still waiting for word on the taps. There are boxes in the living room begging to be unpacked, but the day gets away from us. Could be partly due to my playing F1 2010 on the Xbox for much of the afternoon. Guilty!


Weeknotes #466

Monday — An unremarkable day, other than my dismay at the golf overrunning so I miss University Challenge. Nobody makes me miss University Challenge and gets away with it! Okay, they do get away with it, but I’m certainly not happy about it. So there.

Tuesday — A night out at The Foggy Dew with David R and the gang. Dave has a great story about meeting the guy who writes Scott Pilgrim. I have a boring story about the taps in our kitchen not working. Was I the only one not drinking? Just wasn’t in the mood for it.


Weeknotes #465

Monday — This cold is hitting me hard, feels like the walking ‘flu. Work is a drudge. A chicken and chickpea curry for dinner helps me breathe a bit easier, but it never lasts long enough.

Tuesday — A half-six start at the makeshift home office is probably not a good recipe for recovery, is it? After that stress, I don’t know what to do with myself for the rest of the day. But I feel so crap that it’s probably for the best.

Wednesday — Not the greatest of days, but I do discover that it’s only a 20-minute walk from the new place to the Blanchardstown Centre. Well, the Westend Retail Park, but close!