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Elsewhere: My Letterboxd review of The Truth Commissioner

[Reblogged from my Letterboxd list](http://letterboxd.com/macdara/film/the-truth-commissioner/):

A premium brand idea let down by its Yellow Pack execution. The Truth Commissioner is brimming with plot and intrigue, shades of kitchen-sink drama and Le Carré-esque ambition. But with a mini-series worth of plot forced into 99 minutes, and far too much exposition and clichéd caricaturing to patch its bursting seams, it was never going to work.

Weeknotes #755-756

Week 755 brought a modest web article assignment and some freelance subediting (a nice bonus for a short month) that continued into the following week, leading into three straight production days, and the requisite subbing, layout and hair-pulling (a bit less of the latter than the last few deadline, though). But it began with a full day of film screenings, one of which was decent fodder for a review (and which I linked last week; I’m doing better!).