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March 2017

I'm watching the #WWEHOF red carpet and imagining what Tim Gunn would say about a lot of these outfits #tweet

Haven't watched any indie shows this WrestleMania weekend. So much going on, I know this would have been a dream come true in my teens #tweet

I won’t be there (mostly ‘cause I can’t get home after) but Rotten Sound are playing a late show tonight in Dublin and they’re deadly so go #tweet

New Shinsuke T-shirt (out end of April) has a new nickname and no NXT logo. He's main roster bound post Mania #tweet

I'd pay good money to see Bas Rutten stretch JBL #tweet

Today, on the 30th anniversary of WrestleMania III, I learned that the Silverdome will be demolished. Detroit just did the job, brother #tweet

That awful WrestleMania theme song is instantly improved if you sing it like the Swedish Chef #tweet

The trailer for IT makes it look way more Elm Street than the miniseries. I’m not sure whether that’s good or bad #tweet

Watched that Kurt Angle puff piece on the Network last night. Impossible for WWE to admit a reduced schedule saved his life as much as rehab #tweet

Front page of the Guardian from 29 March 2017.

The front page of today’s Guardian. Given the creativity, they can be forgiven for accidentally Brexit-ing chunks of the Republic’s border counties (plus a bit of Wicklow, and a stretch of France). #image

The more I think about Life (the film, not the abstract concept) the more it makes me angry #tweet

Excellent news about Melt-Banana, Mike Watt and more playing the new DBD space this summer #tweet

Homeward bound after a trip to the city to see A Silent Voice. RIYL slice-of-life anime #tweet

Looking forward to that extra hour of daylight tomorrow evening #tweet

First time in months I’ve been able to mow the front garden and now I’m shattered #tweet

The horror clown only thinks he’s playing the media like a fiddle because they keep dancing to his tune. Maybe time to quit dancing? #tweet

Wired tasked a neuroscientist to explain a new concept in his field at five levels of understanding — from a peer to a five-year-old. [c/o Kottke.org] #video

Didn't really need to see a photo of that footballer breaking his leg, people. I was already scarred for life by the Sid Vicious incident #tweet

New Artificial Brain, get in my ears #tweet

This country is so inept, no one in mgmt realised that having dual bus-rail stations would mean both are screwed if one goes on strike #tweet

I should probably feel more affected by yesterday since I’ve walked across Westminster Bridge practically every time I’ve been to London #tweet

The only photos of London today, which I didn't ask to see, were from American news outlets #tweet

If RTÉ doubles the licence fee, we’re selling our TV #tweet

#NowPlaying Tusk - The Resisting Dreamer #tweet

Thanks to @justinsnow I’m having my brain blended by Black Cilice #tweet

Complicated feelings about Martin McGuinness #tweet

Oh look at that, NXT episodes from 2012 are being added to the Network today #tweet

Ten days left to back the Kickstarter for Rumble Road, a strategy road-trip game managing a group of rookie wrestlers across the country towards their big payday. Update 2017.03.23: the project's been cancelled with a few days to go, as developer Steve Kim wasn't seeing the support he needed. That's a real shame. There's a place for a game like this, and hopefully Kim will find someone else willing to take on the project or share the burden down the road. #video

Notes on #GamerConDublin

Bee and I had media passes to attend the first day of #GamerConDublin (or GamerCon Dublin, whatever it’s called) at the Convention Centre Dublin. It’s an event that generated a bit of controversy within hours of doors opening, as you might have read.

I tweeted some of our own experience of our visit, which I’m repeating here with additional observations.


Pretty sure I just saw a hawk in the garden. About the size of a pigeon. Any ideas? #tweet

Ah crap, missed my window to choose keepers in my fantasy baseball team. I’m gonna suck this year, aren’t I? #tweet

I thought Chuck Berry was gonna live forever #tweet

Anyway, enough about that, let's see what's up with Wrestling Twit... nope #tweet