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Happy Golden Week, everyone! I’m celebrating by watching live puroresu, right now #tweet

Every random Prime Time Wrestling I've picked to watch on the Network has 'Dangerous' Danny Davis in the opener #tweet

#NowPlaying Wreche - Desert (piano/drums black metal, out next month, RIYL Botanist) #tweet

Midori Takada’s 1983 LP Through The Looking Glass. Prompted by this short profile in the Guardian upon its recent reissue, which has promptly sold out. And it isn’t available digitally, for some stupid reason. So here you go. #video 

Hmm, two letter-sized things from the US appear to have gone missing in the post in the last six weeks #tweet

I’m glad Formulas Fatal to the Flesh was my intro to Morbid Angel; it’s still a very good album #tweet

Got my bicycle back from the shop. Will hit the road for a long ride next week, I think #tweet

Jonathan Demme (RIP) never made another horror after The Silence of the Lambs, but it’s so good he might’ve thought he couldn’t top it #tweet

Bass lesson #2: screw chords, I'm sticking with intervals. Also I worked out the bassline for the Minutemen's 'The Anchor' without tab #tweet

Got a call from the bike shop: back wheel hub is bent, need a new wheel. That'll be the potholes Irish Water have left behind since October #tweet

On first glance, this Wikitribune idea seems naive, and misrepresents how ‘proper’ journalism is done #tweet

Left my bicycle in the shop this morning for a long-overdue service. Summer’s almost here #tweet

Fantasy baseball three weeks in: sixth in the league and only 19 points behind the leader. Not bad for a novice #tweet

Catching up on NXT this afternoon. New theme is better than the crappy remix of the old one. Tron graphics still poor, though #tweet

Hey, since when has the Trotsky Icepick discography been on Spotify? #tweet