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My Letterboxd reviews of The Void, Wake in Fright, and Sorcerer

The Void:

The first ‘straight’ genre pastiche from the Astron-6 collective, The Void is a film very much in thrall of its influences in lieu of its own worldbuilding: it’s basically Carpenter’s The Thing, Prince of Darkness and a few others crossed with Fulci’s The Beyond, by way of Hellraiser and Stuart Gordon’s Lovecraft flicks. What’s more, the awful lighting makes it largely impossible to appreciate the practical effects, which are Empire Pictures weird-veering-on-hokey rather than other-worldly terrifying, so I don’t know why they bothered. I didn’t hate watching it, though.


My Letterboxd reviews of A Silent Voice, Life, The Discovery, The Believers, and A Decade Under the Influence

A Silent Voice:

Yoshitoki Ōima’s slice-of-life manga perhaps naturally loses some of its plot clarity and character development in the translation to the big screen, compressing an 18-month-long story into a two-hour movie and all that. But the spirit is intact, as a disconnected group of teenagers – one of them deaf – try to mend the wounds they inflicted on one another when they were younger and knew no better. Emotionally genuine, and beautifully animated. Very much recommended if you liked Toradora!


Juicero is chindogu #tweet

Honestly forgot today is Record Store Day till just now #tweet

Missed the promo for Justin Walter’s Unseen Forces but it’s out today on Kranky and it’s beautiful: https://t.co/SSAGtao1VR #tweet

Bought postage stamps today that I had to lick to put on the envelope, like a barbarian #tweet

Ha, just spotted an egregious factual error in my Free Fire review. Err, not an error, I mean Easter egg. Yes, Easter egg #tweet

I was hoping that stupid juicer story would blow over but nope, it’s all over my feed. File under ‘solutions to problems no one was having’ #tweet

There has to be a Red House Painters cover band called the Brave Martyr Pilots, right? If there isn’t, who wants to start one with me? #tweet

Bass lesson #1: I have stumpy fingers and I cannot play barre chords #tweet

Finally saw an otter in the estuary! #tweet

Missing the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 press show right now as I had other work to do. On the road to see Mindhorn, though #tweet

RIP Rosey, who did not get a fair shake in WWE, not least that name #tweet

Just got the volume and tone knobs back on my bass. Picked up new strings earlier; need proper wire cutters to finish the job #tweet

Buying new lightbulbs in 2017 is more difficult than I would’ve imagined #tweet

The Up on the Sun-style solos on this Moon Duo album are quite enjoyable #tweet

Almost finished with Legend of Korra. What are we gonna watch next? #tweet

Not at the big Irish wrestling show tonight because the promotion were dicks to me and I think their gimmicks are trash #tweet

Currently watching Wake In Fright, which basically depicts my worst nightmare. But I know I'd never make a rookie mistake like Grant #tweet