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April 2017

Weeknotes #810-817

Well. The time since my last weeknotes did not go exactly as according to plan. But that’s nothing unusual for me. Here are the highlights:

  • A few print deadline scheduling changes meant planned writing was either scrapped or put on the long finger. Ultimately that turned out to be a good thing, as I made the time to wrap up my fourth Noises On! column for Thumped: long, long delayed, but hopefully you’ll find something of interest in it. Of course now it’s up, all I can think of are the records I didn’t mention. FOMO and all that.
  • Only two film reviews, as previously linked, for Free Fire and A Cure for Wellness. Scheduling conflicts meant a bit of a screening drought for a few weeks, but in recent days I saw a couple of late April/early May releases, and have another one on the agenda for next week. Still trying to spend less time with passable movies in my leisurely viewing, which has meant more TV than films in my diet; lately we’ve been flying through The Legend of Korra of an evening.


Wrestling Twitter twisting themselves in knots over the Mauro situation will never not be amusing #tweet

Fell asleep during the first new MST3K so that's a good sign #tweet

New Prime Time Wrestling uploads going up on the Network. I know what I'm watching tomorrow #tweet

Reading the AAIU’s prelim report into Rescue 116 and it’s horrifying stuff #tweet

The world is a scary, horrible place #tweet

#NowPlaying Hexis - Tando Ashanti #tweet

Watching Legend of Korra s03 and who shows up but Henry Rollins #tweet

Right, I should learn how to play this bass I’ve had for over a decade. But I should probably re-string it first #tweet

Call me old fashioned but if this Shibata thing is a work, New Japan can get in the bin. And if you defend it you can get binned with them #tweet

Okada/Shibata was everything everyone said it was. But that Shibata needed surgery for a brain bleed after makes me feel… not so good #tweet

Was supposed to be at the Miss Sloane screening tonight but had to work late. Watching NJPW Sakura Genesis instead #tweet

Wait a minute, I thought everyone hated the Thor movies #tweet

"To become the perceived ‘eyes and ears’ of the gardaí at protests … undermines our ability to carry out our work.” https://t.co/ARalfdfo4E #tweet

Listening to the new Orthodox and wondering why they’ve never scored a horror film #tweet

Thought it was common knowledge that airlines routinely overbook flights. How they deal with it is where the story lies #tweet

Just counted 17 goldfinches on the patio #tweet

Tickets for Chris Jericho’s Vicar St evening are €35 a pop? Guess who just made the list #tweet

Did a search this morning for 'Shinsucat Nekomura' and how the hell has no one else done this already? #tweet

First braai of 2017 and it’s the best one in this house thus far #tweet

ICYMI I rounded up a bunch of stuff I've been loving since my last round-up column @thumped https://t.co/CtECT5yTLw #tweet

The MLB At Bat app really needs a sleep timer #tweet

Notes on WrestleMania 33

Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 33

Some quick notes on this past weekend’s WWE shows for WrestleMania in Orlando, fleshing out my tweets you might have already read as I watched things live from home.


Don’t tell anyone in MeFi Baseball that I lucked into first place by auto drafting and forgetting to check my team before Opening Day #tweet

Staring down the barrel of 12 hours of WrestleMania madness, starting now with the @TheLapsedFan livecast #Manes33 #tweet