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Felt run down for days and my knee is killing me but I’m on holiday for a bit so swings and roundabouts? #tweet

It’s my lunch break and I’m watching It’s Alive 3: Island of the Alive on YouTube, so that’s how my day is going #tweet

Bass is on its new stand. Nice. Now I just need a proper amp. Or maybe an iRig would be a better option for me #tweet

Oh hey my Amazon order arrived finally #tweet

Gah, Boris are playing on a Sunday a million miles from my bus home #tweet

The new NJPW World website is much nicer, but VOD still no longer works in Chrome for me #tweet

There’s nothing more ‘90s than flashbulb cuts in music videos #tweet

It’s sad to think that in the wake of tragedy, compassion is a story; why the expectation to default to vengeance? #tweet

18 years today since we lost Owen Hart. I don't think I ever really got over it #tweet

Apologies to Timothy Dalton but I never saw your Bonds. A View to a Kill was mine #tweet

Even the better sources resort to idle chatter when there’s nothing new to break, so maybe stay away from the news for a bit #tweet

Hey US media: your coverage of Manchester is tabloid bullshit right now #tweet

What kind of monsters attack children? Cowardly doesn't even cover it #tweet

Those hiking shoes I ordered last Tuesday arrived this morning. That Amazon order I made last Sunday hasn’t even been picked yet #tweet

So, rent controls would bring on a constitutional crisis, but requiring a 'non-compulsory' ID to access citizenship rights wouldn't? Got it #tweet

Test-driving a new VPN this weekend and we’re pretty happy with it so far #tweet

Spoiler thoughts: I went to the trouble of muting the requisite hashtags, so the least you could do is go to the trouble of using them #tweet

Started my Saturday with a film review draft. But now I’ve used up all my brain juice #tweet

On Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell@P&L

Soundgarden were my band. ‘Black Hole Sun’ came on MTV some time in the early summer of 1994 and I was transfixed. Before that moment, ‘rock’ was a big ugly thing to me, for older kids who drank in the park or hung out at the Wellington Monument with candles and baggy clothes when Kurt Cobain topped himself. So this was a strange feeling, hearing that song, with Chris Cornell’s soulful voice and Kim Thayil’s colourful guitar lines, alluring and scary at the same time. I didn’t even hear the album Superunknown till months later, when I got a CD player for Christmas. I’ve probably played it hundreds if not thousands of times since then. I still have the original CD.


Reading things about how much of a nice guy Chris Cornell was is lifting some of the dark clouds round these parts #tweet