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May 2017

Just started the Japanese lessons in Duolingo. Well I need something to distract myself from today's awful news #tweet

Roger Ailes is dead too? Chris Cornell can kick his racist, sexist ass down to Hell #tweet

Lost a bunch of work tabs ‘cause my internet went down in the middle of a Chrome update; they got overwritten with the modem address FFS #tweet

Same feeling in my gut when I read that D Boon was dead. Soundgarden were MY band, the thing that set everything rolling #tweet

Holy shit, Chris Cornell #tweet

Spooked a fledgling starling in the garden when I opened the front door this morning; hopefully its parents came back for it #tweet

Couple of muscle cars just zoomed past on the road from Monasterboice; one looked like a Dodge Charger, the other I'd know it to see #tweet

Traipsed all the way to Blanch for hiking shoes and they didn't have my size. Feck it, bought them online instead #tweet

Pretty sure Amazon translates ‘free shipping’ as ‘eh we just won’t bother picking your order for a couple of days’ #tweet

Wait, the BOSJ starts tomorrow?! #tweet

Some days you just get the urge to listen to Huevos by the Meat Puppets and today is one of those days #tweet

Someone please tell me there’s a supercut of movie gunmen shooting at people from the Sixth Street Viaduct #tweet

My Letterboxd reviews of A Nightmare on Elm Street 3-6, A Walk in the Woods, and Akira

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors:

The third entry in the Freddy franchise trades the inventive gore and straight-up weirdness of the original, and the sexuality allegory of the unfairly maligned second effort, for a more fantastic scenario that nevertheless has its queasy moments (the ‘string puppet’ scene near the start, especially). It’s not as well paced as you might remember it (Freddy’s barely in it; I doubt Robert Englund had to wear the makeup for more than a week) and pretty much runs out of steam in the final act, where it’s more a showcase for the technical skills of the special effects artists than a story worth following. Indeed, I forgot about the Harryhausen tribute at the end; I burst out laughing, but not in a bad way.


Just startled awake by my alarm to watch the UFC show at 3 in the bloody morning so it better be worth it #tweet

Just remembered the Carlingford Lough ferry starts sailing next month. A day out on the bike to Kilkeel, maybe? #tweet

#NowPlaying NASA Space Universe - 70 AD #tweet

Wanted to go see Miss Sloane this weekend (after missing two early screenings) but it's not showing in Dundalk #tweet

#NowPlaying GOLD - Optimist #tweet

Ebook exporting from pre-CS5.5 InDesign is a bit shit #tweet

You know the saying about liberals getting more conservative as they get older? Yeah, I’m not feeling that #tweet

It’s a measure of my week that I’m considering 8am a late start today #tweet

When in doubt, listen to the Minutemen #tweet

The sun might’ve gone away but I’m still lighting the coals to grill some meat this evening (with A+ bulgur wheat salad, too) #tweet

Confession time: even after all these years, I’ve never knowingly heard The National #tweet

Is it a coincidence that our broadband started dropping regularly when the sun came out? #tweet

Sometimes I sit and wonder how Deerhoof got over with the Marlay Park crowd when they supported Radiohead that one time #tweet

Was just thinking, this is a nice evening to maybe see a bat in the garden; looked out the kitchen door, feckin’ bat flies right past #tweet

Blade Runner second trailer thoughts: they’ve adjusted the white balance and added more shadow and grime compared to the first one #tweet

So the people that own Ring of Honor are right-wing shitbags? Not really surprised #tweet

Weeknotes #818-820

Not a whole lot to report from the last few weeks:

  • My reviews of Lady Macbeth and Mindhorn went online. I’ll have one for The Red Turtle later in this month. I won’t have one for Alien: Covenant this week, since I appear to have slipped off the Fox press list. My press screenings calendar is clear for the time being.
  • I still have a lot of music promos to listen to. Also, I went to my first gig in forever the weekend after Easter, but I didn’t write about it.
  • I blogged this list of SST artists still going today. For no particular reason other than that I was curious about it.
  • I left my bicycle in the shop for a long-delayed service at the end of April. Turns out I’d buckled the hub of my rear wheel what with all the potholes Irish Water have left around town since last October, so a whole new wheel was in order. Once I got it back I took advantage of the good weather to ride out to the Cooley Peninsula. But my second trip, yesterday in fact, ended abruptly when I ran over a nail on the cycle path. Result: one exploded inner tube and one shredded rear tyre. So my bike is currently back in the shop. Sigh.

More current updates via my Twitter account, as always.

Not the best start to today, but at least the braai was good. Might do another tomorrow, though if we do burgers it won't really be a braai #tweet

Rats, got a puncture on the Newry Road cycle path. That's Irish Water and their shitty road works for you #tweet

Ah, what a perfect day for a braai #tweet

Are we the only people who weren't at Iron Maiden tonight? #tweet

Some evil misogynist scum just dropped a ‘pro-life’ booklet through our letterbox #tweet

Made a few additions to this list, of people still in the public eye who recorded for SST in some capacity https://t.co/usIOYxlYvQ #tweet

Bass lesson #3: with a bit of practice, I think I could play ‘Bubble’ by the Red House Painters pretty well #tweet

How many SST artists are still going today?

SST Records sign at the label's final LA location in Long Beach

A few days ago on Twitter, I wondered out loud how many artists from the classic era of SST Records (from 1980 to 1997, though some would cut it off at 1989 or earlier) are still going today. By still going, I meant still active as a performing and recording entity, whether as an ensemble or solo artist, that released records under the same name (or as essentially the same entity) on SST.

For all the relatively big-name acts who did their time on the label, there are few intact in 2017, and pretty much all of them took a break at some point between recording for SST and now. Indeed, if Sonic Youth hadn’t broken up a few years ago, they would have been the only career band still actively recording and touring straight through from their SST days.