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Too much parsley in that falafel sandwich I got for lunch today. Not a fan, if I'm honest #tweet

Just got my Sams mixed up: my ears heard Shepard but my brain saw Elliott #tweet

I'm going to be that pedant and say it should actually be called The Emoticon Movie #tweet

Both sides of this street are ridiculous for walkers. I've said it for ages: Dublin is pedestrian-hostile https://t.co/homrX3dSsP #tweet

Great point here in a thread about My Arse that ties in all too well with yesterday's one on the State's 'instituti… https://t.co/Ce7IBuh8tx #tweet

That was the weirdest sounding thunder; no echo at all. Maybe it was just a neighbour moving a skip or something #tweet

If you’re looking for any root beer in Aldi, I bought it all, sorry #tweet

I guess the British have discovered Kevin Myers. Congratulations? #tweet

I'm no fan of Jones but I'd like to see him take Brock apart #tweet

Poor Daniel Cormier #UFC214 #tweet

This next fight is being reffed by a dwarf from World of Warcraft #UFC214 #tweet

Ah missed Lawler's post-fight interview because @eirSport is feckin' useless #tweet

Well that was a start to #UFC214 I suppose. Glad I set my alarm for it #tweet

That’s some rain. And to think I was planning to cut the grass today #tweet

Won’t be at the Unyielding Love gig tonight, alas, but instead I’ll be spinning their fantastic album https://t.co/DG50uubFSF #tweet

Another account of shameful action by Dublin Airport immigration and the Department of Justice https://t.co/mkIc2eV328 #tweet

I've known quite a few people in my time who've worked with #vinb in various capacities; I feel like I've missed out #tweet

The Expanse is like a hard sci-fi DS9 #tweet

Controversial opinion take 2: when you say ‘70mm’ all I hear or read is 'vinyl’ #tweet

Controversial opinion time: when you say ‘70mm’ all I hear or read is ‘3D’ #tweet

People, I don’t want to be ‘invited’ to edit or ‘collaborate’. Just send me the damn attachment #tweet