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Linkin Park fans will be feeling how I felt about Chris Cornell, who’s birthday would’ve been today and all #tweet

Utterly shameful; we'd be up in arms if, say, the US treated an Irish visitor on similar grounds https://t.co/ntf9Bzg8D8 #tweet

That 'words from the year you were born' thing: among others, Bee got 'death metal' and I got 'air guitar' #tweet

Worth picking up the first two Battles Without Honour and Humanity films in the Arrow sale? #tweet

Catching up on @RankandVileCast and I've got 2 things: 1) Eraserhead def influenced by Lynch's xp as a new dad; & 2) Surveillance is AWFUL #tweet

No way is it only 69% humidity. I’m fixin’ to peel off my skin like a wetsuit right now #tweet

Almost forgot to do my Duolingo for the day! Got a 62-day streak going here #tweet

I just saw what happened on last night’s Raw. Nope. Nope nope nope. Nope nope nope nope nope #tweet

Ugh, I just touched my glasses. Off to wash ‘em I go, then back to my usual bullshit #tweet

I'm very much looking forward to reading this; LaToya is an excellent writer on wrestling and TV in general https://t.co/oXR37pvbkz #tweet

I’d love to watch the first day of #G127 but it’s another sunny day so our broadband’s cut out about five times an hour since 9 this morning #tweet

Martin Landau as well? Ah FFS #tweet

Still don't care about the G1 as much as the BOSJ but that's OK #tweet

Ah no, George Romero. Cinema would be very different today if it weren't for him and some dentists looking for a quick investment #tweet

Rewatching Jake West's video nasties docs, and the anti-working-class angle is decidedly underplayed #tweet

"[Andrew] Divoff can speak nine languages ... He used to speak Romanian but forgot the language when he had no one with whom to speak it." #tweet

Conor McGregor is a racist and an embarrassment to this country, and if you're making excuses for him you'd better check yourself #tweet

#NowPlaying The Blood Brothers - March on Electric Children #tweet

WWE cancels Talking Smack. Because how dare the company's talent try to get their work over with engaging off-the-cuff promos #tweet

If your car has low-profile tyres and you’re not an arsehole, you’re an exception to the rule #tweet

Gah I’ve gone deaf in my left ear again! Stupid sinusitis grumble mumble #tweet

Almost out of brain juice after an early start. Just a few more things and then I’m watching movies for the rest of the day #tweet

While we're on the subject of Deicide: where were all the 25th anniversary tributes to Legion, eh? https://t.co/9zmfHGCWlv #tweet

Wait a minute, there’s a wrestler whose real name is Glen Benton and he doesn’t have a Deicide-adjacent gimmick? #tweet