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Ah those rumours of a quasi ROH invasion stable were true. Nice surprise to end #NXTTakeOver #tweet

Yawn time now. Part of it's the persistent lack of a quickie cooldown match or bit, but neither Drew nor Roode do it for me #NXTTakeOver #tweet

Yeah I want Asuka/Moon II but don't expect it for a while #NXTTakeOver #tweet

Itami/Black was crazy good. Now here comes the true #NXTTakeOver main event, even if it's not going last #tweet

Tag division is lit now with reDRragon in the mix. Bring back TM61 and we're set #NXTTakeOver #tweet

If they're doing the Freebird Rule for SAni†Y, they really should include Nikki Cross #NXTTakeOver #tweet

Why did EY swap in for Dain and not Wolfe? #NXTTakeOver #tweet

That was Andrade's best NXT match by far #NXTTakeOver #tweet

Someone doing the music for these NXT shows actually has taste: Baroness before, Code Orange tonight #tweet

#NXTTakeOver Kickoff thoughts so far: awful lot of main roster talent on this show; Neville kills microphones #tweet

So who else in the IST time zone is staying up for TakeOver tonight? #tweet

Asuka/Moon is the only match that deserves to main event #NXTTakeOver Brooklyn III in my view https://t.co/0efKbcKsh3 #tweet

So An Post delivers parcels on Saturdays now, as I’ve just discovered answering the door in my pyjamas #tweet

Interesting to read the Bölzer guy’s defence of his band on Facebook #tweet

If you’re asking for a ‘debate’, I’m inclined to believe your ideas are just bullshit you’re trying to legitimise #tweet

News is more than the here and now, pivot-to-video people. What happened in Barcelona today will likely prove a prime example #tweet

Three cloudbursts in 10 minutes is a bit much, like #tweet

I see The Irish Times’ editors are normalising hatred again #tweet

I might ask why @thejournal_ie is giving a platform to such a person (blah blah ‘balance’ blah blah) but hey, hate clicks #tweet

Instead of clicking on that @thejournal_ie anti-abortion op-ed, I googled the writer. Just as I suspected. No need to read it, folks #tweet

Since everything comes back to wrestling for me, I wonder if Michael PS Hayes is still on his ‘heritage not hate’ trip? #tweet

When do we talk about a cultural boycott of the United States? And yes I'm being at least semi-serious #tweet

So the bus to Dundalk stranded 20 of us in Dublin, presumably because the driver started from the wrong stop #tweet

Ah there’s the new BIG|BRAVE promo in my inbox #tweet