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August 2017

1997 Curt Hennig may have been past his prime, but seeing him have a great match with Dean Malenko does the heart good #Nitro110 #tweet

I've restarted my Nitro rewatch (well, watch, as I never saw them before). Hard to get through when it turns out you really dislike the nWo #tweet

S02 of The Expanse hits Netflix next week… five months after it finished in the States. Get that time gap sorted for S03, yeah? #tweet

The PSC is not compulsory, it seems, b/c you don’t ‘have to’ claim a State pension or any other entitlement necessary to exist #tweet

How the hell has Takashi Miike only made 100 films? It feels like he's directed some of my dreams #tweet

Listening to the ‘Disposable Heroes’ remaster and I’m reminded that Metallica were once the best band in the world #tweet

Remembering I’ve got a film review to write tomorrow #tweet

Downloaded a pile of promos over the weekend that I’m actually listening to. Like this new Acephalix, which is deadly so far #tweet

If Roman Reigns hasn't got what it takes to be a top guy in WWE, that's always been on Vince more than him #tweet

Finally watching the MYC. Four matches in and it's pretty good so far #tweet

RIP Tobe Hooper. Now I’ve got a hankering to watch Spontaneous Combustion #tweet

KUSHIDA won the thing! #tweet

I just can't bring myself to care about tonight's Battle of the Arseholes #tweet

So I did not know that weevils played dead till this morning, when I had one on my hand and it suddenly started moving #tweet

The problem with getting people to care about the Govt's illegal national ID is not having hard evidence of someone's identity being abused #tweet

Argh just found a spelling error in a thing I filed yesterday #tweet

My brain is melting trying to work out how money works on DS9 #tweet

I wish I could be happy about Asuka on the main roster, but no. With Vince and Kevin Dunn in charge, it’s over (unless proven otherwise) #tweet

Genuinely pissed off about this Asuka news. How long will she be out exactly? And how long between Brock title defences? #tweet

Let me get this straight: people are in a fit b/c Taylor Swift is using a 'metal' font, but not when Bieber did it for real? #tweet

WWE just sent me a survey for my favourite superstars, and in fairness I wanted to list way more than the 10 it’s limited to #tweet

Did a lot of writing and editing today and now I’m fairly sleepy #tweet

News flash: I am very cold this morning #tweet

Could’ve sworn Big Cass went into that match injured, the way the commentators latched onto the knee thing immediately and everything else #tweet

One traffic accident and the M1 is a total loss. Can't even take the scenic route #tweet

Dubliners: careful going by those vintage shops in Smithfield; there's a wasp nest somewhere around there #tweet

Well done fans at last night's Raw for spectacularly missing the point of what Cesaro did at SummerSlam #tweet

Remembering that time I missed the 1999 partial eclipse because I was working the concession stand at a virtually empty UCI Coolock #tweet

Glad y'all liked that main event. I'm just not that into big hosses doing little but their finishers on each other forever blah #SummerSlam #tweet

I've long thought Brock Lesnar is the worst champion for wrestling, and that match hasn't changed my opinion #SummerSlam #tweet

Since Shane used to be a proper referee back in the day, let's see if he remembers not to cross the hard camera side #SummerSlam #tweet

But Cesaro running into the crowd to burst that fucking beach ball was amazing. Nothing will top that tonight #SummerSlam #tweet

Lost the enthusiasm to tweet about #SummerSlam now. Sasha vs my fave Alexa was fine. Balor/Wyatt was... fine #tweet

There's still three fucking hours of this bullshit to go. Why are we doing this to ourselves? #SummerSlam #tweet

Was about to take a nap because of Randy Boreton but Rusev just perked me right up #SummerSlam #tweet

Enzo's a face, right? So why's he going in the shark cage? #SummerSlam #tweet

Wasn't expecting that result. Now I'm out 25k coins in WWE Slam #SummerSlam #tweet

Corbin's glum torso jobs to John Cena #SummerSlam #tweet

WTF did I just watch? #SummerSlam #tweet

That match started blah but the last 10 minutes were 👌🏼 #SummerSlam #tweet

Elias might be getting over due to sheer force of will right now #SummerSlam #tweet

Miz and Maryse do not deserve having to perform in an empty arena #SummerSlam #tweet

I'm too young/not-American for Dick Gregory or Jerry Lewis to have made an impression. But Brucie... I thought he'd outlive me #tweet

Ah those rumours of a quasi ROH invasion stable were true. Nice surprise to end #NXTTakeOver #tweet

Yawn time now. Part of it's the persistent lack of a quickie cooldown match or bit, but neither Drew nor Roode do it for me #NXTTakeOver #tweet

Yeah I want Asuka/Moon II but don't expect it for a while #NXTTakeOver #tweet

Itami/Black was crazy good. Now here comes the true #NXTTakeOver main event, even if it's not going last #tweet

Tag division is lit now with reDRragon in the mix. Bring back TM61 and we're set #NXTTakeOver #tweet