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September 2017

Here’s s’thing I really don’t get about Discovery: if they wanted licence to do things differently, why not set it 100yrs after TNG? #tweet

Watched the first two episodes of Star Trek Discovery... it’s not great #tweet

My new favourite thing is the salmon mayo onigiri from Kokoro. Especially now that we’ve figured out how to open the wrapper #tweet

Blade Runner on the big screen tonight was fab. Totally worth not getting home till 1 in the morning #tweet

I don’t always need to send a 500 MB file, but I’m glad of fast broadband when I do #tweet

Are you sure it’s Wednesday? Feels like a Thursday to me #tweet

It’s a really nice thing to be thanked for your work #tweet

Who really wants longer tweets? Marketers and advertisers: that's who it comes down to #tweet

You know that gag in Starship Troopers where the main guy gets flogged ‘cause a dude gets shot, but the admiral kills millions and resigns? #tweet

Charged/backed up my iPhone on the desktop. Unplugged, tried to swipe up the Control Centre, nada. Restarted, swiping works again. Huh #tweet

This Bobby Heenan collection on the Network is... fine. But I really just want a bunch of promos #tweet

Just remembered I’m seeing Mike Watt play next weekend. I’m privileged to have seen my favourite musician a number of times already #tweet

Another sunny morning (which is good), another crappy eir broadband connection (which is bad) #tweet

Six weeks till Hallowe’en and they’re already at it with the fireworks, sigh #tweet

Feel like I dodged a bullet by missing that Kingsman screening on Monday morning #tweet

Just got the best email. Major confidence booster #tweet

Heart-lifting news about Ibrahim Halawa #tweet

JR says Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan is no longer with us. His quick wit made me a wrestling fan, no question #tweet

Anyone who’s going to see Sorcerer at the IFI Open Day today, you’re in for a treat #tweet

Ah man, Harry Dean Stanton. What a week this has been #tweet

Went to see Mother! this afternoon; it left me… whelmed #tweet

Would it kill Apple to communicate significant UX changes to iTunes before they update the bloody software? Yes, apparently it would #tweet

Woke up to the most horrible news; rest easy, Grant Hart #tweet

Late to the new Crystal Maze (the one with ordinary people, not celebs) and it's just lovely #tweet

Yesterday tech people invented phones. Today it's... minibars? #tweet

Serious question: is modern-day roller derby a work or a shoot? #tweet

Only half past seven in the morning and I already want to scream #tweet

My quick take on today’s Apple thing: the ridiculous X only exists to distract from the 8’s minor incremental improvements on the 7 #tweet

I think I'm old enough to try reading Donald Barthelme again #tweet