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March 2018

There was no Shinsuke Nakamura Pop at the comic con this afternoon so I’m going to buy one on eBay #tweet

Lot of people looking up what ‘Streisand effect’ means this weekend #tweet

Wrapping up work for the week and a good job too as my brain is mush #tweet

Oops, I appear to have blown out my desktop speakers. Left one is attenuating softer, deeper-mixed sound. Drat and double drat #tweet

Opening Day is done, and now it’s time to rebalance my roster. Reader, I drafted too many fielders #tweet

Speaking of Vastum, co-lead Leila Abdul-Rauf has a new solo album out next month and it’s not at all death metal but it is very good indeed #tweet

To the #IBelieveHer hashtag trolls - you know who you are - I think the more pertinent question is, why don’t you believe her? #tweet

It’s no consolation for her harrowing ordeal, but #IBelieveHer and I hope she gets something out of what’s happening today #tweet

I didn’t always think before I tweeted. Sometimes I still don’t. But it’s a good rule to go by #tweet

That Irish Times headline buries the lede: the first paragraph says nearly half of Irish adults believe some races are superior to others #tweet

Justice can be a travesty sometimes #tweet

D’Lo Brown vs Val Venis at SummerSlam ’98 is one of the all-time great opening matches. You know I’m right https://goo.gl/7fvvtL #tweet

It’s after 7.30pm and still daylight outside! You have no idea now happy that makes me #tweet

My fantasy baseball draft room opens in half an hour and I am nervous #tweet

A Defence Forces helicopter just landed on the GAA pitch across the way, as you do #tweet

Seriously, though, what was the story with the movie Jack and all those SST/Cruz Records T-shirts? #tweet

I don’t feel good about Daniel Bryan being cleared to wrestle; doesn’t sit right with me at all #tweet

My fantasy baseball draft is next Sunday at a relatively reasonable hour. And now the panic sets in… #tweet

More snow in the winter that never ends #tweet

The Fractured series may have come to a close, but John Mulvaney’s not done with his engaging profiles of bands in their creative milieu — this time across the Irish Sea with British doom metal crew Solstice. #video

Ah, the Luas fiasco: what happens when you don't build flexibility or redundancy into the system #tweet

Terrible news about Filmbase. No room for creativity without the goal of financial profit in today’s Ireland #tweet

Here’s a thing about this sports funding controversy: it goes where the State thinks it’ll get the biggest return, not for the public good #tweet

Have to give the new Soderbergh a miss this morning with other things to be doing #tweet

Should’ve been the Chyna Memorial Battle Royal; someone people actually care about. Moolah is just a monster #tweet

Got on the bus and the radio was playing CCR’s ‘Green River’; now it’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’. What parallel universe have I slipped into?! #tweet

April Fool’s jokes only work on April Fool’s Day, if they work at all #tweet

‘Irish should be compulsory’ says the person who went to a Gaelscoil and developed a unique passion for it while also admitting it’s taught as a subject and not a language. Right… https://t.co/ghx8sCABqM #tweet

Finally cracked a hard WordPress nut thanks to number_format_i18n #tweet

By Bee’s and my count, 40 separate and deliberate shots of the WrestleMania sign at #WWEFastlane tonight #tweet