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September 2018

So, this new Pig Destroyer album. I can see why people like it. I can see why people don’t like it #tweet

Watching the 205 Live with Wale on commentary and can he be a regular guest please? #tweet

A million times this. Issues with wrestling journalism aside, too many people confuse ‘access for reporting/reviewing/etc’ as ‘FREE STUFF!' or ‘BIAS!' https://t.co/LC80jJa70H #tweet

Okada matches always remind me of what Gorilla Monsoon used to say about Greg Valentine #tweet

Gah, NJPW World wouldn’t let me update my CC info so I had to start a whole new account. Easy to do but annoying #tweet

Waiting till tomorrow to go ALL IN since it’s gonna be on NJPW World and I can find somewhere else to grab the preshow, too #tweet