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December 2018

Ultimately, Bandersnatch made me think of Michael Haneke’s Funny Games – specifically how much and why I fucking hate that movie #tweet

Can’t remember who it was on here that recommended Palm’s Rock Island but it’s definitely one of my records of the year #tweet

Guerilla Toss’ ‘Come Up with Me’ is a straight-up Devo song #tweet

I was gonna stay up for the UFC tonight, but @eirSport no longer works on the Mac (unless you have an older OS) and device ‘management’ strictures mean I can’t use my tablet instead https://t.co/QeZ72ikbHq #tweet

I’m a decent chunk into Guy Evans’ Nitro book and enjoying it so far. If I have any criticisms they’re mostly aesthetic (it needed professional typesetting and copy editing) #tweet

Something gleaned from Letterboxd reviews of Bird Box: an awful lot of people seem surprised that a horror film induces anxiety #tweet

TFW a 15-minute stroll to the shop for essentials takes over an hour #tweet

Bird Box really overdoes the ‘stranger knocking on the door’ trope #tweet

Psst, don’t tell WWE but I found at least one Network clip where they haven’t overdubbed the Midnight Express theme with that awful rubbish http://bit.ly/2Vb6Ap6 #tweet

Hands up who else got the Nitro book for Xmas #tweet

Merry Xmas to those who celebrate. My gift from Santa this year was a networking issue that made me bang my desk with rage #tweet

There’s no such thing as Xmas Eve fireworks, put ‘em away till New Year’s FFS #tweet

Aaaaand that’s me off work for the next two evenings #tweet

Nice to see a blue sky as the days get brighter from here on in #tweet

Fantastics vs Midnight Express at the 1988 Great American Bash is the kind of match they could redo move for move at an NXT TakeOver today and get rave reviews #tweet

It’s not even Xmas yet and Lidl have already pulled their lebkuchen from the shelves #tweet

Pretty sure it was @dairelynch who introduced me to the Caspar Brötzmann Massaker years ago. The new Southern Lord reissues are sure going down a treat these chilly midwinter nights #tweet

So it turns out, there are a lot of baseball-themed movies. I'm going to have to set a few ground rules if I'm doing this https://t.co/W70AhzDD1a #tweet

Had a weird fever overnight but I think it was the last vestiges of this extended cold that’s finally lifted #tweet

Rewatching Rollins/Ambrose from Sunday night. It’s really not a bad match, just the Wrong Match for them #tweet

Penny Marshall’s death reminds me that I’ve never seen A League of Their Own. Nor most baseball-themed movies for that matter. Which gives me a notion for a new movie-watching project… https://t.co/gAhJYzkWc6 #tweet

Apologies in advance to everyone to whom we’re sending an Xmas card for the state of my cursive handwriting #tweet

Unpopular opinion: I don’t get the fuss over IDLES. They’re fine and all, they just do nothing for me #tweet

Woke up expecting some major changes to WWE, and what do I get? That hoary old ‘McMahons = ratings’ shibboleth #tweet