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January 2019

Damn straight I support the nurses’ strike. The State must pay them what they’re worth #tweet

It’s just hit me that when I saw these old episodes of Superstars back in the day, it was on an ancient black-and-white TV with dials that clunked https://t.co/ufOYC0cfKc #tweet

The new Deafkids album is a lot more physically listenable than the last one #tweet

Dundalk weather update: it snowed for five minutes, then the sun came out #tweet

Amateur hour on the production side at the #RoyalRumble tonight #tweet

What a day for cancellations #tweet

I was enjoying this first 1992 episode of Superstars on the Network till Buck showed up #tweet

My sole interaction on here with Glinner concerned the Minutemen, who if they were still going today would probably be playing benefits for trans rights https://t.co/rB1uOTkHHI #tweet

I thought this was just a line in legendary exploitation flick Fight For Your Life; a cartoonish exaggeration of the worst thing a racist could say. I didn't think people actually used it in real life, but the last few years show I stand corrected https://t.co/Au8cBzL8KW #tweet

I would guffaw at what’s being reported to be Theresa May’s Plan B in the Sunday papers if the whole thing wasn’t an actual, total hames #tweet

That’s the second thing I’ve seen today where people think it’s late February. I mean the year is flying in so far but not that fast #tweet

Only 10 minutes into IO and I’m already distracted by all the disembodied voices #tweet

MacDara is the patron saint of Connemara fishermen, and the only saint’s name that’s a surname. Despite being Irish (it means ‘son of the oak’, or maybe ‘second son’) it’s also quite rare; I have to say “It’s my first name” with depressing regularity https://t.co/0QfZ4M705E #tweet

All that these Brexit vox pop pieces tells me is that voting isn’t taken particularly seriously as a social responsibility http://bit.ly/2QUkfOf #tweet

I don’t tweet about Brexit because I can’t even #tweet

Got my messenger bag zip replaced at a local alterations place, and a fine job they did too #tweet

#My1stConcertWas a matinee at the TBMC: Avail and the Bouncing Souls (I didn’t stay for Lagwagon). A few months later in the same venue I saw Man or Astro-Man?: an infinitely better experience https://t.co/QWkYwR3hv2 #tweet

I’ve only been to one Wendy’s in my life but the staff were really nice and the grub was great for fast food and they have giant things of root beer #tweet

Mark me down as someone who’s delighted that Nigel McGuinness isn’t risking his health in the ring but instead mentoring a new generation of talent https://t.co/FW8TqmxUl6 #tweet

Sex Education is the first ever neural network-generated Netflix show. Isn’t it? It has to be. No human being would actually make this #tweet

If anything illustrates America’s default to peanuts as a confectionery ingredient, it’s calling your fake Snickers ice cream flavour ‘candy bar’ #tweet

I can’t stop listening to Palm. Perfect staving-off-winter music #tweet

Wrestling Twitter a few weeks late to the notion that NXT UK is lacking that certain something. Skipping the blah backlog, so, but giving tomorrow’s TakeOver a go #tweet

The new Picard show is set in the JJ Abrams movie timeline? No thanks #tweet

Palm are my current music obsession. There isn’t much live footage of them on YouTube but the above is a great example of what they do. #video

Found a ticket stub for Peppermint in the latest issue of @atomic_elbow so do I get a prize? Or is that the prize? #tweet

Absolutely stunning orange and blue, feathery sky this morning. No photo, you’ll just have to picture it for yourself #tweet

YouTube’s finally given up suggesting things I might actually like and is showing me J*rd*n P*t*rs*n videos, smh #tweet

I don’t tweet much about web media stuff, which is funny considering my MA thesis was on blogging and journalism, but I found this too interesting not to share https://t.co/cRDXEJaYTj #tweet

WCW at The Point in Dublin in December 1991; I watched the first match from the ringside mat, @RealKevinNash vs @RealKingRegal in a tiny, very much not WCW ring https://t.co/s71ElKnzrg #tweet

Feck all sleep last night so I’m dozing through New Year Dash #njdash #tweet

While I’m thinking about wrestling, I realise I haven’t watched any New Japan since October. Pretty stoked for Wrestle Kingdom, so #tweet

All Elite Wrestling, then, yeah? Good for them. No reason why it can’t work if it’s scaled correctly. Even if I’m no fan of the name or logo http://bit.ly/2QkOsFE #tweet

Wasn’t expecting to sleep for 11 hours last night but I guess I really am ill #tweet