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July 2019

I am inordinately excited about the prospect of a Gorilla Monsoon action figure > @RingsideC #tweet

If you’re in need of a ladder, Lidl have decent ones today for €50. Only 6kg too so you can probably carry it home if you don’t have access to a car #tweet

I feel like I’ve had New Twitter for a few weeks already? I suppose I was one of the test accounts they rolled it out to? Whatever; I use other apps for the most part #tweet

Someone robbed our green bin. Again. And the full one we left outside last night for collection and all #tweet

Slowly but surely making my way through Extreme Rules this week, and match of the show so far is definitely the SD tag title bout #tweet

News to me (I hesitate to say “good news”) but it also makes me wonder why the whole country isn’t considered a pressure zone... > @HousingPress #tweet

Having read more, now it seems like a case of the court playing legal football with the legislature, with prospective citizens’ lives as the ball > etc @MacDara #tweet

Thread on what seems like an astoundingly ignorant (if not poisonously xenophobic) judgment by our own High Court > @Aoifegg #tweet

It’s my saint’s day today. Be sure to let the Connemara fishermen in your life know you love them #tweet

It’s my first proper day off in two weeks and I just want to watch last night’s Evolve show but eir broadband won’t let me #tweet

I guess I can talk about this now: Extra Ordinary has one of the worst lead performances in a professional movie I’ve seen in quite some time. Like, embarrassingly poor. But it also has Don Caballero on the soundtrack #tweet

Ceremony leaving Matador for Relapse is kind of like Don Caballero leaving Touch & Go for, well, Relapse #tweet

It’s too warm for dinner. A bowl of soup just did #tweet

Just leaving this here if you’re ever at a loss for a gift to get me for whatever reason > @njpw1972 #tweet

#NowPlaying Black Dice - Beaches & Canyons #tweet

Ifrah’s good people and you should listen to what she has to say > @guardian #tweet

So humid last night, so cold this morning #tweet

Surprised I wasn’t the only one at the fleapit for Midsommar tonight. That’s the only thing about the experience that surprised me #tweet

7-Up here, either boiled (ugh) or with a spoonful of sugar; the latter the same principle as dropping a Mentos in a bottle of Coke, it turns out, only less explosive > @leftgayle #tweet

Clover mites are bloody everywhere this summer #tweet

There is absolutely an insurance racket in this country and they’ve been caught rapid, as they say > @sinnfeinireland #tweet

All these empty seats at #G129 in Dallas make it look like a World Class stadium show #tweet

That my most vivid memories of childhood are Challenger and Chernobyl probably says a lot about me #tweet

Today’s weird find: there are two mini private cinemas within five minutes of each other outside Comber in Co Down > etc @MacDara #tweet

Riding on the bit of good news I learned this morning to get me through the rest of this work stretch. Only another eight days to go… #tweet

Not really sure why I’m paying for @eir broadband when they can’t maintain DSL sync with a little extra sunshine and humidity #tweet

Ah nuts, I’m gonna miss the press screening for Stuber #tweet

So let me get this right: neo-Nazis believe quick-drying cement hardens so fast, you’ll turn to stone before you can wash it off? That’s the impression I’m getting > etc @MacDara #tweet