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Hold up, why did no one tell me Jeff Jarrett is in Spring Breakers? #tweet

So did PAC’s US work visa not clear or what? #tweet

I’m watching Chopped for bladesmiths, which in fairness should also be called Chopped #tweet

Seven weeks into the fantasy baseball season and I’m getting pretty ruthless with my roster at this stage #tweet

WWE reportedly moving away from Sky after 37(!) years marks a sea change, for sure. I’m not quite sure it’s what everyone seems to think it is, though #tweet

I just remembered there’s a bit in John Wick 3 that puts the infamous eye splinter scene in Zombie Flesh Eaters to shame. It’s funny how times change #tweet

Funny, this guy seemed very interested when he was having the last word on a subject he was then roundly schooled on by people who know what they’re talking about https://t.co/d2ssBF8Uia #tweet

If you always wished Pelican made another record like City of Echoes, Nighttime Stories comes pretty close, even more than Forever Becoming #tweet

I have no doubts at all about the talent, passion and commitment of everyone involved with AEW. But putting on a large-scale weekly live broadcast, with the logistics of a touring show? That absolutely remains to be seen #tweet

Only two days into this year’s #njbosj and I’m already behind but that Shingo/SHO match from Day 1 was something else, eh? http://bit.ly/30kvtkN #tweet

Catching up on last night’s UFC and that main event finish looked nasty. Hope they had a concussion protocol for Namajunas; she was basically power-bombed on her head and neck https://t.co/b0CNkRWWp2 #tweet

I will be missing the start of #njbosj tomorrow morning for the John Wick press screening so all I’m saying is: Keanu, you’d better be worth my time #tweet

Silver King was only 51? That’s far too young to go #tweet

The only poem I’m proud I’ve ever written is my clerihew about Mr T #tweet

Weekend postponed till tomorrow, but at least last week is over. That was a slog and a half #tweet

The Gino Hernandez thing brought out the Wrestling Twitter gatekeepers, I see #tweet

My cold’s been gone for a week and a half but my sinuses are so congested it’s affecting my eyesight #tweet

This is a first step, but a comparison to real-time passenger info systems in other cities would be more revealing https://t.co/nsrEjsHAe1 #tweet

Nile Rodgers and Chic are playing next month in the park literally down the road from where I grew up. What a time to be alive #tweet

Free Comic Book Day was worth the trip as we got a decent haul. Made a good call to head out to Big Bang as they had a much bigger selection than Forbidden Planet #tweet

Polling cards are here already. Also, the previous residents are still registered here after four years FFS #tweet

Working late. Heard a loud bang outside. No dogs barking. Weird #tweet

Someone put Roger Miller’s Elemental Guitar on YouTube and I could kiss them! #tweet

True story, and I’ve said it here before: I once sold a CD cleaner to Gerard Butler. Anyway here’s a thread on CD (and VHS and DVD) cleaners https://t.co/EjTI0tmtJ8 #tweet

Everyone else has already said what needs to be said about the disgraceful decision over Caster Semenya #tweet

2,400 new citizens means somewhere between €2.5m and €3m direct to State coffers. Not even counting the stress of the PITA application, becoming an Irish citizen is very costly https://t.co/eyVC7dZNNs #tweet

“Taken individually, none of these statistics tells the whole story,” says The Irish Times. So why ask the questions if the responses could mean “many different things”? https://t.co/EY29FxLLC2 #tweet

My top 5 favourite horror films made in the last 10 years (of which I’ve seen, and as of right now): Kill List / Green Room / Sicario / The Blackcoat’s Daughter / Happy Death Day https://t.co/pwOXygqzYF #tweet

Peter Casey is nothing but a racist xenophobe who should’ve been consigned to the dustbin of history the last time his ugliness was propped up. And everyone doing the propping is as bad as he is #tweet

I never thought I needed a detailed breakdown of what makes the Cowbell sketch so funny (and it is indeed hilarious) until now https://t.co/vMXsNGaR8d #tweet

Ireland/UK Netflix users: tonight’s your last chance to see Happy Birthday to Me, a slasher from the director of Ice Cold in Alex and Death Wish 4. This is not a rib #tweet

If I’m reading it right, it looks like Vlad’s debut in the majors is MLB.TV’s free game of the day. So I know what I’m doing at midnight #tweet

Has a bad review ever turned you on to something you liked or loved? Music, film, book, whatever: examples, please! #tweet

Is there a box office ranking that counts tickets sold/per head rather than money grossed? Because the latter ultimately tells you nothing #tweet

Speaking as a former cinema usher: please don’t do this. Turnarounds are tight in busy multiplexes, so the quicker you get out, the quicker the theatre can be cleaned for the next crowd https://t.co/83CD0CsuRy #tweet

Glad I caught up on all those weeks-old emails in my inbox as I got a really nice reply to one of them #tweet