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So many empty seats at a show that starts in 15 minutes #HIAC #tweet

Last show I was at, guy beside me asked what a lumberjack match is; was happy to share, and happy to see he wasn’t afraid to ask https://t.co/LNYNVLW2Cy #tweet

Saturday night work tweet: sports section subeditors’ pun game is strong #tweet

205 Live moving to a block with NXT is a great idea. That’s two hours I can make time for every Thursday evening #tweet

What a day for new releases. Bosse-de-Nage, Low’s Double Negative, and the latest Guerilla Toss and all #tweet

I’ve got a cousin who just moved to rural North Carolina so I hope he’s safe this weekend; that hurricane is nothing to sniff at #tweet

Apple just killed the cheapest/best phone in their line and replaced it with one that’s $100 more expensive. That’s your story #tweet

Spent the day writing. Tomorrow I have to spruce myself up for a headshot, and write a bio. Both excruciating if you know me at all #tweet

Excited for the nine o’clock news and tomorrow’s papers to downplay the astounding protest happening in Dublin city centre right now #tweet

I just figured out how to do something alarming simple from a YouTube tutorial. Yes why I do have a Master’s degree, why do you ask? #tweet

Irish media completely dropping the ball on the North Frederick St eviction story, I see #tweet

Bake Off live stream keeps hanging so that’s me off social media till it’s on catch-up later #tweet

Working the late shift and thinking next time it’ll be a good idea to have an afternoon nap, or maybe get up closer to noon #tweet

Postman just knocked with the Shinsuke Nakamura autobiography. That’s my free time later in the week sorted #tweet

Not gonna lie, my interest in the new Predator movie has plummeted since reading what Olivia Munn had to say #tweet

Hold up, there’s a death metal band called Drogheda? Have they ever been there?! #tweet

So, this new Pig Destroyer album. I can see why people like it. I can see why people don’t like it #tweet

Watching the 205 Live with Wale on commentary and can he be a regular guest please? #tweet

A million times this. Issues with wrestling journalism aside, too many people confuse ‘access for reporting/reviewing/etc’ as ‘FREE STUFF!' or ‘BIAS!' https://t.co/LC80jJa70H #tweet

Okada matches always remind me of what Gorilla Monsoon used to say about Greg Valentine #tweet

Gah, NJPW World wouldn’t let me update my CC info so I had to start a whole new account. Easy to do but annoying #tweet

Waiting till tomorrow to go ALL IN since it’s gonna be on NJPW World and I can find somewhere else to grab the preshow, too #tweet

If I were writing a feature on The Goon Sax, I’d probably want to mention the Go-Betweens connection somewhere. But that’s just me #tweet

Ah, finally got a promo for the new Bosse-de-Nage. I know what I’m listening to tomorrow #tweet

Took the plunge and downloaded TEW 2016. Now, how do I mod it with current real world data? #tweet

If you’re looking for a fun, quick and cheap two-player deckbuilder, Star Realms comes highly recommended by us #tweet

Getting pretty annoyed by all these ‘Look how many we’re bringing to the Pope!’ Dublin Bus tweets when not even three days ago, a scheduled bus I needed to catch just disappeared https://t.co/apDlEvcc6l #tweet

There’s my tickets booked to see Los Ingobernables de Japon in Dublin, yeah #tweet

Anyway, it’s a national shame that our capital is shutting down for the whims of the profoundly abusive Catholic Church. But we have a bad habit of not rocking the boat en masse about these things https://t.co/FZz5Orn8GH #tweet

I’ve only seen one article mention Dublin retailers’ concerns over this weekend’s shenanigans. Remember that the next time they moan about any measures to cut city car traffic https://t.co/9FYJIrKB5B #tweet

Waiting for my Yoshi Kwan Network collection #tweet

Haven’t been #SummerSlam tweeting as you can tell but it’s been a decent show; some stuff I haven’t cared for but nothing to upset me #tweet

Surely I can’t be the only one thinking Shinya Hashimoto with Shinsuke’s ring gear choice tonight #tweet

Yet again I’m missing Unyielding Love (and Full of Hell, of course). But at least I won’t have to put up with the Fleadh crowd homewards #tweet

TakeOver was good. Fatigued after a long day so may rewatch some matches in isolation; Gargano/Ciampa should’ve been a cage match but War Games is next so https://t.co/l5rQYgs8yh #tweet

Smoothie for breakfast: almond milk, frozen banana and cherries, tsp of Horlicks, sweetener. It’s pretty good #tweet

Stuck on the bus with a Fleadh crowd. Shoot me now, I’m done #tweet

Got to see KUSHIDA wrestle which was great. But OTT still need to fix their show times. Intermission after 2.5 hours? I’m on the way home already https://t.co/FSUOZHPnck #tweet