Macrolog entries posted in November 2001

On Wrestling (Fri 30 Nov 2001)
32 miles travelled today. I don't like to do it, but I'm strangely proud of the 'accomplishment' all the same. Just read an interesting piece about the WWF/WCW/ECW invasion situation in Power Slam, and it got me thinking. I...   ·

Live Wrestling Observations (Thu 29 Nov 2001)
Just back from the Point a while ago. To be honest, I was initially very impressed with the WWA set-up. It's basically the WCW before McMahon bought it - only on a much smaller budget - so I was...   ·

Things To Do This Week (Wed 28 Nov 2001)
Things to do this week: Get my readings done for electronic resources on Friday Get my assignment done for electronic resources on Friday (just one tricky venn diagram and a thesaurus tree to do) Think about getting a good...   ·

Strewth! (Tue 27 Nov 2001)
Oh yes, I want one of these for Christmas....   ·

More Problems (Tue 27 Nov 2001)
So I've changed computers, because for some reason the " and @ key functions are swapped over - very annoying - and the # key does the same as the \ key, with no other # key to be...   ·

Problems (Tue 27 Nov 2001)
This is what I get for being a conscientious student: After getting up to catch the early (for me - it was actually ten minutes late) sardine train (we have such a wonderful public transport system here, dontcha know?)...   ·

Canada (and Something About Mark Lanegan) (Mon 26 Nov 2001)
Uuugh! My room stinks! It's a heat trap, which has the unfortunate side-effect of trapping vapours from the kitchen almost directly underneath. Oh, it's bad. But I have more important things to discuss. I was on my way out...   ·

Sunday Afternoon (Sun 25 Nov 2001)
It's Sunday afternoon, it's cold and semi-dull (the sky is blue but there's just something lacking), and I'm sitting here getting my electronic resources project finished. It's due on Friday; I intend to have it sorted well before then....   ·

Buy Nothing Day (Sat 24 Nov 2001)
Tomorrow is Buy Nothing Day. Funny that despite the magic of the internet and all, I found out about this from graffiti I saw on the bus into town during the week. But anyway. Tomorrow I will, of course,...   ·

Thanksgiving (and Other Random Observations) (Thu 22 Nov 2001)
It's Thanksgiving Day today in the US of A. So happy Thanksgiving, to those whom it may concern. For me it was just an ordinary day, but a day in which I got my ticket for the Mark Lanegan...   ·

Faking It (Tue 20 Nov 2001)
I watched Faking It last night, the one where the ballet dancer trains to be a professional wrestler. I was expecting it to be yet another misrepresentation of wrestling by the 'mainstream' media, but it was actually quite good;...   ·

Ixnay on the Anadacay (Mon 19 Nov 2001)
I can't get on the Canadian J1 programme. Right now there's a queue of about 200 people outside the USIT office at UCD. The queue started this afternoon. There was no way I was going to stand in line,...   ·

Ireland Offline (Fri 16 Nov 2001)
Now this is interesting: I just tried to visit the website, and was confronted with this. At first look I thought it was some hacker job, then after a quick look around I realised what it really was....   ·

Today I... (Fri 16 Nov 2001)
Had a guest lecture thing for Electronic Resources: two people from Lendac came to talk to us about databases or something. One of them looked like Linda Fiorentino. Very attractive. Got my essay back from Dr. O'Shea - 61%....   ·

Working on an Essay (Thu 15 Nov 2001)
Still working on my essay. Not too worried about it - I know what I'm writing about - but actually sitting down to write it is hard. No motivation. I should get my last essay back tomorrow. I wonder...   ·

Sleeping is a Waste of Time (Tue 13 Nov 2001)
Today was pretty good for me. Went to my GP to make an appointment for the meningitis C vaccine - the batch that they had had expired and was disposed of but the doctor who was there, a cool...   ·

Bad Omen (Mon 12 Nov 2001)
I'm cold, and I'm hungry, and I have loads of stuff to read tonight, and a plane has crashed in Queens, NY, and the doomsayers are gonna come out in force proclaiming the world is going to end. But...   ·

The Contenders (Sun 11 Nov 2001)
I can't believe I read nothing today. Not that the day has been entirely unproductive. I watched the DVD of Series 7: The Contenders before it was due back at Xtra-Vision. (It was good, could have been better, the...   ·

Things I Did Yesterday (Sat 10 Nov 2001)
Things I did yesterday: Didn't get the vaccination - seems the health board people on campus finished up on Thursday, so I'll have to make an appointment with my GP next week Actually stayed in college all day. It...   ·

Things To Do Tomorrow (Thu 08 Nov 2001)
Things to do tomorrow: Get meningitis C vaccination Stay awake all day and resist the temptation to pack it all in and go home Don't overdo it with the chicken tikka sandwiches from Hilpers Finally go see The Centre...   ·

On Meeting Famous Musicians (Thu 08 Nov 2001)
I got a text from my friend Sarah sometime after I fell asleep last night. She and her friends were at the gig last night and met Mogwai after the show; they signed one of Martin's drumsticks that they...   ·

Mogwai (Wed 07 Nov 2001)
Just got home from the Mogwai gig at the Olympia. Absolutely fantastic stuff. I saw them once before, last April, but this gig was just as good. Most of the gig was stuff from their first album, Young Team,...   ·

Perfect Clip Art (Wed 07 Nov 2001)
From the new Onion: Woman Has Perfect Clip Art For Party Invitation...   ·

Hot Reels (Wed 07 Nov 2001)
Hot Reels just started a few minutes ago on Channel 4. This is the kind of thing that proves how much better British network TV is than just about anywhere else in the world (even Ireland, 'cause we kinda...   ·

Grindcore Is The Future (Tue 06 Nov 2001)
The new Nasum album has been delayed, which is a bit of a bummer, but they've done up their website, and I just found shitloads of rare mp3s there....   ·

Sabena Kaput (Tue 06 Nov 2001)
Sabena, the Belgian national airline, has gone bust. I'm flying to Brussels next month with Aer Lingus on a route it code-shares with Sabena. Aer Lingus is also in big financial trouble. Looks like I could be living in Griet's...   ·

Putting the Kibosh (Tue 06 Nov 2001)
From Sunday's Ireland On Sunday, about a 'newly-published' dictionary of Irish slang (which has actually been available since 1997): The majority of the words in Slanguage have Irish or Ulster dialect roots, but Gaelic roots are often completely lost...   ·

Appendix to 'Sellafield' (Tue 06 Nov 2001)
An appendix to my Sellafield rant last night: I may not have communicated what I was trying to say last night as I wished it to be construed, as I wasn't exactly of clear mind when I broadcast those thoughts....   ·

A Good Start (Tue 06 Nov 2001)
I got my logic homework out of the way - it was actually quite easy, once I shook away the tiredness-induced cobwebs. One less thing to do this week. I also read through stuff for my tutorial tomorrow. It's...   ·

Sellafield (Mon 05 Nov 2001)
I saw a poster on campus today, posted by the Kevin Barry Cumann (or rather, Fianna Fail Youth, UCD chapter) regarding an anti-Sellafield protest. That's the kind of thing that studenty political types get up to so I didn't...   ·

Good Things (Mon 05 Nov 2001)
Mat has good things to say about the weblog - lets's hope I can live up to expectations....   ·

I Should Really Note These Things Down (Mon 05 Nov 2001)
I'm home earlier than I expected tonight. We had a logic lecture this afternoon, and we got home work, which is due on Friday. Since tonight is the only really free night I have this week, I had to...   ·

Is This a Bad Thing? (Sun 04 Nov 2001)
I spent all day at the computer again. I think I'm addicted to looking at other people's weblogs. Is this a bad thing? Well it's certainly bad for my eyes. And my back....   ·

Fugazi (Sat 03 Nov 2001)
I got Fugazi's Repeater a few days ago. I've been listening to it nearly long-stop since. I also got their new album, The Argument, a week or so before. I haven't listened to it nearly as much. It's not...   ·

In Their Own Write (Sat 03 Nov 2001)
From the Online section in Thursday's Guardian, which I only got around to reading this evening: Paul Gorman's coffee table compendium, In Their Own Write (launched today by Sanctuary Publishing as a "definitive account of the collective madness known...   ·

Mixtape (Sat 03 Nov 2001)
My friend Noel recently made me a mixtape. It's excellent stuff; bands that he saw when he was in Chicago like Lightning Bolt, bands that I've heard of but never realy heard before like Melt-Banana and Men's Recovery Project,...   ·

Hello World (Thu 01 Nov 2001)
This is my first posting, and I am at a loss for words. I'll think of something interesting to say later, I'm sure....   ·

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