Macrolog entries posted in April 2002

One Down, Ten To Go (Tue 30 Apr 2002)
I had my first exam this morning. Philosophy 1. It went okay I guess. I made one silly mistake, but not enough to cost me too dearly. I remember messing up much worse last year, and in the end...   ·

Lou Thesz (Mon 29 Apr 2002)
Lou Thesz has died. His legacy somewhat lives on through 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. I wonder what Lou thought of him....   ·

Appendix to 'Gaea Girls' (Sun 28 Apr 2002)
I complained here a while ago about Gaea Girls, the 'documentary' about joshi puroresu. I couldn't understand at the time why the people involved refused to even acknowledge kayfabe, let alone break it. Now I get it....   ·

Littlejohn Vs. Self (Sun 28 Apr 2002)
This is a brilliant read. (c/o the yes no interlude.) I wasn't particularly au fait with Will Self until relatively recently, but I'm glad I'm in the know now. Anyone who can fit in seamlessly with Vic Reeves and...   ·

Searching (Sun 28 Apr 2002)
While searching for some information on Gilbert Ryle's behaviourism for my exam notes, I discovered this, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It's amazing where search engines can take you. Something for me to check out when I'm free....   ·

Following on from 'The Folly of Fatalism' (Sun 28 Apr 2002)
I just found this via Google News, and it ties in somewhat with my previous post. Is the harvesting of stem cells from embryos completely necessary? I'm no geneticist or microbiologist, but I did read somewhere recently that plentiful...   ·

The Folly of Fatalism (Sun 28 Apr 2002)
I've got a bone to pick with Oliver Willis. Oh sure, you might say it's nitpicking, but he's wrong and I'm calling him on it. Resigning oneself to the idea that science marches on whatever the consequences is almost...   ·

The Mind/Body Problem (Sun 28 Apr 2002)
Ugh. I'm getting to the point now where I'm drawing a complete blank on episodes from the previous few days. I'm going over my Philosophy of Mind notes. I go through the five exam study topics (three of which...   ·

Photo Essays of Toronto (Sun 28 Apr 2002)
Here's a cool site with photo essays of Toronto. I've been to some of these places. Others I wanted to but just didn't have time. But I'll be back there again some day. Toronto's a great city....   ·

Blessed are the Nerds (Sat 27 Apr 2002)
Reading this made me think rather than chuckle. You know, in many ways, the nerds of this world are the most genuine people you could ever know....   ·

Amelie (Sat 27 Apr 2002)
I rented Amelie on DVD yesterday and watched it last night. Everyone I knew who'd already seen it said it was great, but I wasn't sure. I thought Jeunet made a dog's dinner out of Alien: Resurrection, and I've...   ·

Friday Five #14 (Sat 27 Apr 2002)
I don't know why I do this - it's not very punk of me to conform in such a manner, is it? - but on the other hand, it wouldn't be very punk of me to stop just because...   ·

Synth-Pop (Fri 26 Apr 2002)
I dunno whether there's something funny in the air, but there seems to be a whole rash of 80's synth-pop compilations coming out at the moment. And I want one. Specifically one that has, and I'm completely serious about...   ·

Pong (Fri 26 Apr 2002)
Don't go here if you have an addictive personality....   ·

A Herd of Jogging Oprahs (Fri 26 Apr 2002)
Would you like to be trampled by a herd of jogging Oprahs carrying 3lb hams?...   ·

Uncalled For (Fri 26 Apr 2002)
It's primitive enough that the Israeli army seems to operate a 'shoot first, ask questions later' policy, but stuff like this is absolutely uncalled for. If the Messiah came down to Jerusalem tomorrow, I'm sure he'd bow his head...   ·

General Election (Thu 25 Apr 2002)
The date for the elections has been made official - May 17th, which also happens to be the last day of my exams. Thankfully the polls are open 'til 10:30pm, since I won't have any time to decide who...   ·

AOL Time Warning (Wed 24 Apr 2002)
This is kinda creepy. (c/o This is not a blog) Of course, it used to be even bigger than this. I'm scared....   ·

Ceci N'est Pas une Weblog (Wed 24 Apr 2002)
I just found this, by way of this. 'Ceci n'est pas une weblog'? I dunno.... in the case of Magritte's pipe, it was easier to define. Then again, I've been studying all say so I'm probably just not approching...   ·

Chalk and Cheese (Wed 24 Apr 2002)
Kool Bobby left a note (unfortunately no longer archived) on my last post which, for me, answers some questions and basically sums up the distinct cultural differences between Europe and North America. Personally, I find it sad that someone can...   ·

The Light at the End of the Tunnel is a Train (Tue 23 Apr 2002)
Another fatal rail crash in the States, the second in less than a week. Accidents like this are turning out to be a regular thing for Amtrack over the last few years. It seems the more the service gets...   ·

If I Were Paul Heyman (Tue 23 Apr 2002)
I know I'm late commenting on the fact that Hulk Hogan is, for the sixth time, WWF Champion. In a perfect world, I would have waited 'til the end of the year before even giving him a title shot,...   ·

Feline Curiosity (Tue 23 Apr 2002)
The cats are skulking around outside my window right now. I can see Matilda, the tamest of the four, in our neighbours' garden ... she's a bit too inquisitive for her own good. You know what they say about...   ·

Butt Seriously (Tue 23 Apr 2002)
Is it just me, or are these guys literally talking out of their arses?...   ·

The Importance of Semiotics (Mon 22 Apr 2002)
I was foiled in my attempts to procure an iced coffee in Bewleys on Westmoreland Street this morning. The entrance layout is quite haphazard, and hasn't the management there ever heard of semiotics? Surely it wouldn't kill you to...   ·

Layne Staley Dead (Sun 21 Apr 2002)
Layne Staley is dead (from Muj on the Wattlist). I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. The man was a heroin addict after all. But it's still sad....   ·

Cut Your Heart Off... (Sun 21 Apr 2002)
While I'm on the subject of music, and before I set the video for Touch of Evil and hit the sack, yesterday I got the new Redneck Manifesto album, Cut Your Heart Off From Your Head. It's okay.... I...   ·

Sonic Youth at Witnness '02 (Sat 20 Apr 2002)
Sonic Youth are playing at the third annual Witnness festival this summer. Alas, it's much too expensive to go on my own to see just one band (unlike the first year, when I saw five good acts in a...   ·

An Apology (Sat 20 Apr 2002)
I must apologise for the lack of anything interesting on my blog lately. Sometimes I just don't have much to say, and anything I do.... well I'm sure others are saying the same, and probably better, particularly regarding currently...   ·

Friday Five Triple Bill (Fri 19 Apr 2002)
Because I was so preoccupied the last few weekends, I forgot to do the Friday Five, so here's a special triple-bill for ya, numbers 11, 12 and lucky 13: 1. If you could eat dinner with and "get to...   ·

Autechre Host All Tomorrow's Parties (Fri 19 Apr 2002)
Autechre will curate next year's All Tomorrow's Parties festival next year. I am seriously considering going, if I can find three other people interested enough to take a weekend off and go on a jaunt to the south-east of...   ·

From a Scream to a Whisper (Thu 18 Apr 2002)
I had my last ever lecture in UCD this afternoon. From a scream to a whisper, as Tim Mooney put it. But hey, I can wean myself off the place by making the most of my student card before...   ·

Hyatte Returns (Tue 16 Apr 2002)
Can it be? Has Hyatte returned?! It doesn't matter if he doesn't do weekly mop-ups or not, it's just great to read anything he writes....   ·

Ken Shamrock is a Fool (Mon 15 Apr 2002)
Ken Shamrock is a fool. The money in shootfighting isn't nearly as good as the money in pro wrestling, at least for the time being. It'll be a long time before shootfighting and/or MMA reach the mainstream acceptance and...   ·

What Is It? (Fri 12 Apr 2002)
I've been wracking my brain trying to think of this all night, but I'm getting nowhere... back in the 80's, on The Children's Channel (back when they showed Voltron and Roustabout and well before they shortened the name to...   ·

My Friends are Mad (Thu 11 Apr 2002)
Click here to see some photos of my very good friend Griet wearing bunny ears. She's the female one... or the one with hair... depending on which mode of representation grabs you initially....   ·

Sick of Poseurs (Thu 11 Apr 2002)
I'm thinking about going to the White Stripes gig at Dublin Castle on the 4th of May. It's during my exams, but it's on a Saturday, and it's a bank holiday weekend to boot. The thing is, though, I don't...   ·

On Selling Out (Thu 11 Apr 2002)
I got the debut Burnt By The Sun album today. Excellent stuff. This is what the kids should be listening to. Then again, if that happened I'd probably say they sucked or weren't 'underground' enough or something. But it...   ·

I Was Glad I Didn't Go See Yo La Tengo That Night (Wed 10 Apr 2002)
This is so very true. I should know, since I used to be one....   ·

On Studying (Mon 08 Apr 2002)
Ugh. I'm tired. Started covering phenomenology today. I'm actually retaining the information, which is nice. And I'm deep into my XML practical assignment now, just have to define the DTD to go along with my tags and then work...   ·

Jealousy (Sun 07 Apr 2002)
It seems my good friend Grover is in Prague all this week. Grover, if you're reading this, I hate you....   ·

Random Observations (Sun 07 Apr 2002)
It's late, Dune is on the telly, and it seems that I'm an agnostic. Or maybe not....   ·

Unwound Unwind (Sat 06 Apr 2002)
Unwound have broken up. I am sad. Why is it that any band I get into either breaks up a few months later, or had broken up a long time before? It's a curse, I tells ya. I am...   ·

Dave Mustaine Forced to Give Up the Guitar (Sat 06 Apr 2002)
I just discovered this via wingnutkj on the Watt list. It's quite sad really. How would you feel if your body suddenly prevented you from being able to do what you love? A similar thing happened to Bobby Schayer...   ·

Death Clock (Fri 05 Apr 2002)
According to this website (c/o Mat), I am going to die on Thursday July 21st, 2067 at 12:48:24pm. But if I make a few changes to my lifestyle, I could live 'til 2080. I'm happy enough with that....   ·

Happy-Making Chemicals (Mon 01 Apr 2002)
I am listening to this album right now. I'm feeling pretty stressed and I'm hoping the music will work its magic and facilitate the release of some happy-making chemicals in my brain....   ·

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