Macrolog entries posted in May 2002

Fugazi Postponed (Fri 31 May 2002)
The Fugazi tour has been postponed due to a death in the family. I don't know who, I don't know the band anyway, and it feels kinda cliched of me to say that my thoughts and prayers are with...   ·

Attack of the Clones (and Other Random Observations) (Thu 30 May 2002)
I haven't been posting here much lately, mainly due to the fact that my life hasn't been very interesting. Don't expect that to change for at least a week or two. If you want incisive commentary on world events,...   ·

Friday Five #16 (Fri 24 May 2002) 1. What's the last vivid dream that you remember having? It was a long time ago. Probably the last lucid dream I had (see #5). 2. Do you have any recurring dreams? No. I'm not really a dreamer....   ·

From The Onion (Wed 22 May 2002)
From The Onion: Man Who's 1/16th Irish Proud Of His Heritage....   ·

Feeling Minnesota (Tue 21 May 2002)
I hate being sick. Weeks, no, months have gone by without so much as a sniffle, but as soon as I finish my exams, I'm done for. Rhinitis has to be one of the most frustratingly irritating illnesses around...   ·

Record Executives Foiled By Black Magic Marker (Mon 20 May 2002)
It was only a matter of time before someone discovered this. I noticed a few copy-protected CDs today at work. Funny, they were all shite dance discs, the kind of stuff most people wouldn't bother buying if they could...   ·

Magic 8-Ball (Sun 19 May 2002)
I asked the Magic 8-Ball if it was really just a stupid toy with no powers of clairvoyance, and it replied: 'Signs Say Yes'. I knew it was hokum all along....   ·

Election Results (Sun 19 May 2002)
It looks like Bertie is Taoiseach again. It doesn't matter much, the way the system is set up, the only parties with enough mass appeal to actually get into government here are the most boring and undynamic ones. I...   ·

British Bulldog Dead (Sun 19 May 2002)
It seems that Davey Boy Smith has died at the age of 39. I hesitate to pass judgment, but with his history, it's not the biggest surprise in the world. But still.......   ·

First Day Back At Work (Sat 18 May 2002)
First day back at work today. It was okay, very tiring though. I was on till all day, and I was quite rusty (seven months away will do that to you). But I have tomorrow off, so I can...   ·

Friday Five #15 (Fri 17 May 2002) 1. What shampoo do you use? Head & Shoulders. So ordinary, I know. 2. Do you use conditioner? What kind? No I don't. I don't have enough hair. 3. When was the last time you got your hair...   ·

Last Day of Exams (Fri 17 May 2002)
I'm going to bed in a few minutes. It's early, but you would not believe how tired I am right now. My last two exams went okay. I made a couple of stupid mistakes in the XML paper but...   ·

Coincidence (Thu 16 May 2002)
The clean-up at the site of the WTC will end with a ceremony on my birthday....   ·

A Great Piece on Typography (Thu 16 May 2002)
A great piece on typography in the New York Sun (c/o Mat). When I get some free time I'll have a proper read of it, but right now I gotta get some studying done....   ·

Why Oh Why? (Thu 16 May 2002)
I am so tired right now it's not funny. I need a day off or I'm gonna go crazy. Why oh why did I say I'd work on Saturday? They'd better make it worth my while, because I've already...   ·

On the Home Stretch (Thu 16 May 2002)
I ran out of time in my logic exam this morning. I didn't expect it take so long for me to work out some of the answers. Still, even considering the stuff I didn't have time to do, I...   ·

Controversy? What Controversy? (Thu 16 May 2002)
I completely agree with Woody Allen regarding this so-called 'controversy' at the Cannes Film Festival. Why should he boycott? If these 'American Jews' actually practiced their own logic, surely they'd have to boycott their own country. How come such...   ·

Great, Another One (Wed 15 May 2002)
Great, another one....   ·

Aspects of the Future (Tue 14 May 2002)
Aspects of the Future Circa 1953....   ·

Study Woes (Tue 14 May 2002)
I was shitting myself over my Philosophy exam today. There was just so much stuff to cover; by the time I took my seat in the exam hall I had literally gone blank. Zilch in my head. Tabula rasa....   ·

The End Is Nigh (Tue 14 May 2002)
Coca-Cola has trademarked 'Jesus'. The end is nigh. (c/o Destiny-land)...   ·

I Could Do Better Than That (Tue 14 May 2002)
I was guessing that this was gonna happen. There's too much of an imbalance between the rosters to really have two distinctive and viable touring operations, at least for the moment. They - the WWE - have a wealth...   ·

A Strange One (Mon 13 May 2002)
Today's exam - Electronic Resources - was a bit, well, strange. It was split into two parts, an essay section (with only a choice of two) and a multiple choice section, both work 50%. The thing is, I finished...   ·

Shellac at ATP (Sun 12 May 2002)
A photo gallery from one of Shellac's performances at All Tomorrow's Parties last month. Nice....   ·

Like Waiting For a Bus (Sun 12 May 2002)
A few weeks ago there was this, then two days ago this happened, and now there's been another one. Why do accidents like this always happen in clumps? The real world scares me. I'm gonna go hide and study....   ·

Sometimes I Just Don't Get It (Sat 11 May 2002)
First Endurance, then Takeshi's Castle, and now this. Japan is great and all, but sometimes I just don't get it....   ·

I Survived (Fri 10 May 2002)
I haven't mentioned my exams today, have I? Without doing a full postmortem, this morning went quite well, this afternoon went slightly better than expected. I was pretty exhausted when I finished. My throat was dry and my fingers...   ·

XML and Weblogging (Fri 10 May 2002)
An interesting piece about how the implementation of XML could help improve weblogging. I'm surprised such an idea never crossed my mind before, seeing as I keep a weblog and did a course in XML this year. Actually, this...   ·

My Brain Just Isn't Big Enough (Thu 09 May 2002)
I'm so tired. I've been studying since 9am this morning. I dunno how the fuck I'm gonna fit all of this shite into my head for my exams tomorrow. All I want to do it get them over with...   ·

All Is Not Well (Wed 08 May 2002)
Oh dear. Things are not going well in the WWF/WWE at the moment. I actually agree with the World Wide Fund for Nature on this point. McMahon should come up with a better name, or use the WCW trademark....   ·

Another One Bites the Dust (Wed 08 May 2002)
My Telecommunications exam went okay this morning. Yet again I ran out of time; funnily enough, whilst in the middle of a paragraph about weblogs and how they signal a new revolution in the way we use the web,...   ·

Three Down, Eight To Go (Tue 07 May 2002)
I had my first Information Studies exam this afternoon: Information Policy. I did okay, I actually stayed for the whole two hours, and I still didn't get to finish my second essay, on legislation for intellectual property rights (I...   ·

Fingers Crossed (Tue 07 May 2002)
Pssst. Pass it on: Fugazi are playing in Glasgow next month, so it's quite likely that they'll play here in Dublin too. Fingers crossed, eh? In other music-related news, my old work acquaintance Goodtime John is releasing his debut...   ·

Why Is Everyone So Surprised? (Tue 07 May 2002)
The rest of Europe may be stunned by this assassination, but I can't say I'm really bothered. It goes without saying that murder is wrong, but - without making excuses for what happened - he was a racist who...   ·

Arse-Covering (Tue 07 May 2002)
This is the biggest case of arse-covering I've seen in a long time....   ·

RIP Randy Anderson (Tue 07 May 2002)
Randy Anderson, a former referee in the old WCW, has passed away. I used to see him all the time on WCW Worldwide back in the day, before Nitro and the nWo and all of that, back when Big...   ·

The Coolest/Uncoolest Records of All Time (Mon 06 May 2002)
Rolling Stone has provided us with yet another redundantly subjective music magazine top-whatever list: this time, it's the 50 coolest, and 50 uncoolest, records of all time. Why am I bothering with this? Because I'm easily distracted from more...   ·

What Is It With Young People These Days? (Mon 06 May 2002)
I just found this link totally by accident. Boy, does this person have a bee in their bonnet or what? If you want the colour 'blue' for your background, lady, you just type <bgcolor="blue">. You don't have to use...   ·

Best ... T-Shirt ... Ever (Mon 06 May 2002)
The Blogger store now has XXL t-shirts due to popular demand. And here was me thinking that the Comic Book Guy was just a fictional character....   ·

So, You Think Wrestling is Fake? (Mon 06 May 2002)
So, you think wrestling is fake? Read this....   ·

Under Pressure (Sun 05 May 2002)
I'm not going to the gig tonight. Too much exam anxiety. These philosophy exams are really killing me. I don't remember feeling under this much pressure last year. I also forgot to get earplugs. That might sound like a...   ·

End of an Era (Sun 05 May 2002)
The end of an era. Goodbye World Wrestling Federation, hello World Wrestling Entertainment. I still think the name sucks....   ·

Need I Say More? (Sun 05 May 2002)
I cannot help but be cynical about things like this....   ·

Lack of Imagination (Sat 04 May 2002)
So the WWF is becoming the WWE? That plainly sucks, I must say. Even WCW is a better name than that. Could they not be even a bit more creative? I mean it's fine for the corporate name (which...   ·

Finally the Truth Comes Out (Sat 04 May 2002)
Finally the truth comes out. It just goes to show that the recording industry really has misunderstood the demographics....   ·

Show Me the Funny (Wed 01 May 2002)
I hate to say it, but it's about time. There just isn't enough funny to make The Simpsons season as long as it is. But why not just up the quality control and make the series shorter? And how about...   ·

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