Macrolog entries posted in September 2002

Friday Five #29 (Sat 28 Sep 2002)
Late again. I don't care. 1. What are your favorite ways to relax and unwind? Listening to music, reading magazines, watching TV. 2. What do you do the moment you get home from work/school/errands? Usually, I take off...   ·

Everything You Know is Wrong (Thu 26 Sep 2002)
Everything you know is wrong: take the quiz to see how true this statement is for you....   ·

Hanging In There (Thu 26 Sep 2002)
I'm still alive ..... just about. Work has been getting me down this week, so I haven't really felt like posting. I'm getting a cold that I caught from one of my co-workers - my ears really hurt right...   ·

The Tag Rope (Sun 22 Sep 2002)
I wonder if many people watching this week's edition of SmackDown! noticed the return of the humble tag rope. For those who aren't in the know, the tag rope is a long piece of white cord, similar I would...   ·

Watching Movies (Sat 21 Sep 2002)
Keyboard problems sorted: I swopped the one that shipped with my eMac for a proper local version, with all the keys in the right place, in town this afternoon. While I was there I also got a 250mb Zip drive...   ·

Friday Five #28 (Fri 20 Sep 2002) 1. Would you say that you're good at keeping in touch with people? No, I'm actually pretty bad at the practical side of keeping in touch with people. It's a little easier these days, what with text messaging...   ·

Technical Difficulties (Wed 18 Sep 2002)
I'm posting from my eMac right now. This keyboard is a real pain in the arse to use. I can sort of type blindly now, but not very well so I have to glance at the keys. When I...   ·

It Has Arrived (Tue 17 Sep 2002)
About 45 minutes ago, my brand-spanking new eMac was delivered to me. It's sitting in its box behind me as I type. I'm gonna go unpack it now....   ·

A is for Apple. E is for eMac. (Mon 16 Sep 2002)
I slept on it, and I've come to the conclusion that an eMac is for me. It's got everything that the iBook has and much more (and I'm talking here about the iBook I would have wanted, which costs over...   ·

Decisions, Decisions (Sun 15 Sep 2002)
My grandad and I went to PC World in Blanchardstown earlier this afternoon, after getting pretty confusticated by the atrocious signage along the M50 (come on people, hasn't anybody got a basic grasp on the concept of semiotics?). We were...   ·

Friday Five #27 (Sat 14 Sep 2002)
Yeah, it's late. Sue me. 1. What was/is your favorite subject in school? Why? Oh that's easy. Art, Craft and Design wins, hands-down. It was fucking sweet, getting do do stuff that you actually enjoy during school hours....   ·

A Two Minute Silence (Wed 11 Sep 2002)
We had a two minute silence at work today, at 1.46pm. I was in the security office at the time, babysitting a shoplifter, while one of the loss prevention officers was scanning the store via the joystick-controlled CCTV cameras....   ·

Moving Up in the World (Tue 10 Sep 2002)
I'm getting a new computer soon. A PC. Yes, I'd rather have a Mac - it goes with the name after all - but they're too good (i.e. too far out of my price range at present). I'm looking...   ·

We Don't Have Mice That Big in Dublin (Mon 09 Sep 2002)
I'm almost 100% certain that I walked past this when I was on the Danforth....   ·

The Dillinger Escape Plan (Mon 09 Sep 2002)
I'm sure that my opinion will alter somewhat in the future, with more experience, but as of right now I officially declare The Dillinger Escape Plan to be the greatest live band in the world. They simply killed tonight....   ·

What To Do (Sun 08 Sep 2002)
So I've been thinking about what I'm going to do with my credit card now that I have it. I'm running a bit over-budget for the rest of the month, so I don't really want to spend any more money...   ·

To Hell With the Grecians (Sun 08 Sep 2002)
I first heard about this new Greek law banning all forms of video gaming a few days ago. I thought it was an elaborate joke at first. These things tend to spread like crazy in this day and age....   ·

Friday Five #26 (Fri 06 Sep 2002) 1. What is your biggest pet peeve? Why? People in public places, on the street or in a store, walking too slowly, not watching where they're walking, not moving aside even when you're so close behind them that...   ·

I Got Credit (Wed 04 Sep 2002)
My credit card arrived in the post today. I'm afraid to use it. I don't actually need to buy anything online with it just yet. I'll just let it sit here, in my room, until the time comes. In...   ·

Dodgy Dealings (Tue 03 Sep 2002) Israeli court approves expulsion of terror suspects' relatives Very dodgy dealings indeed. I mean, even if they did have prior knowledge of terrorist activity, is shunting them around the country like second-class citizens, like the animals the Israeli...   ·

Things Happened and then Whizzed By (Tue 03 Sep 2002)
The last week has been kind of a blur for me. Working more than five days in a row does funny stuff to my brain. Things happened and then whizzed by. For example, going to the cinema two evenings...   ·

In A Non-Blogging Mood (Mon 02 Sep 2002)
I haven't posted here properly in quite a while. (The Friday Five doesn't count.) Don't really have an explanation, other than doing a seven-day stretch at work, going to see a couple of movies, and some other stuff that...   ·

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