Macrolog entries posted in December 2002

Cloning Around (Tue 31 Dec 2002)
Douglas Rushkoff comments on the recent human cloning scandal: "(I)t's not fair to clone a kid into a world of medical hell." My sentiments exactly. Now if only I had read this before my medical ethics exam last summer;...   ·

But Is It Art? (Mon 30 Dec 2002)
Bill Gates may not eat babies on toast, but someone else might. (Link c/o   ·

Top Eleven Albums of 2002 (Sun 29 Dec 2002)
It took me ages to write this list. Please don't take the numerical order as any degree of quality, merely personal preference. To be honest, I'd probably write a totally different one a week from now. Whatever the case,...   ·

Friday Five #37 (Fri 27 Dec 2002) 1. What was your biggest accomplishment this year? Doing well in my final year exams and getting my degree was probably my biggest personal accomplishment this year. 2. What was your biggest disappointment? I didn't really have any single...   ·

Appendix to 'Deconstructing Warrior' (Thu 26 Dec 2002)
In a post-script to my piece on the Ultimate Warrior last week, here's someone else with something to say about this Daniel Flynn character. And here's the referenced article by Flynn that serves as further evidence that he doesn't really...   ·

Merry Christmas (Wed 25 Dec 2002)
Today was pretty tiring. I slept pretty late; I just couldn't wake up this morning. I always used to be so excited at Christmas, up at 5am to rush downstairs and stare in awe at all the gifts that...   ·

Looking Back (Tue 24 Dec 2002)
The Guardian presents a best of 2002 weblog special....   ·

Legalities (Sun 22 Dec 2002)
I've been worried about legal matters recently. Specifically, matters of libel, relating to this weblog. Reading this piece has prompted me to actually take some action. You never know, someone might actually be reading this, and some of the...   ·

Too Cool For School (Sun 22 Dec 2002)
I'm still working on my own shortlist (since I did one this time last year, I thought why not do it again) but Pitchfork's list of the top 50 albums of 2002 is online now. I own five of...   ·

On Switching (Sun 22 Dec 2002)
Yet another reason why switching to Apple was a great decision....   ·

On the Minutemen (Sun 22 Dec 2002)
Just happened to read this by accident whilst blog-hopping, as you do, and I couldn't help but notice that the Minutemen were mentioned. I must say, what's written here is a pretty good description to give to a novice...   ·

Friday Five #36 (Sun 22 Dec 2002) 1. What holiday or holidays do you celebrate this time of year? We celebrate Christmas, but in the secular sense. Which probably defeats the whole purpose, but that's the way it is. While I may not be a...   ·

Last Day At Work (Sun 22 Dec 2002)
My final shift at the large music store ended around 10pm this evening. The gang got me a card and everything. I'll miss them - I won't miss the job, but I'll miss them. I am now unemployed, and...   ·

Deconstructing Warrior (Tue 17 Dec 2002)
A few days ago I came across this piece on a website owned and operated by one-time WWF superstar the Ultimate Warrior. (Excuse me, that should be sans-definite article, seeing as he changed his actual name by deed poll...   ·

Baccalaureatus in Artibus (Thu 12 Dec 2002)
The graduation ceremony wasn't nearly as excrutiating as I'd expected. I even got used to the robe thing, and felt a bit strange when I had to hand it back afterwards. It also felt strange meeting some of the...   ·

Adventures On Campus (Thu 12 Dec 2002)
I went out Belfield this afternoon to pick up my robe and hood for the graduation ceremony tomorrow morning. It's only been seven months since I was last out there, but they place has really changed. New buildings and...   ·

Another Name Added to the Hitlist (Fri 06 Dec 2002)
Life's not fair. That's how the old saying goes, anyway, and somehow people are expected to live with that sentiment when things turn sour. But on the other hand, surely life is based on the premise that it should...   ·

Shipping News (Sun 01 Dec 2002)
Can it be true? Oh please let it be true! It looks like Shipping News have included Ireland in their 2003 European tour schedule. Oh yes....   ·

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