Macrolog entries posted in January 2003

Friday Five #42 (Fri 31 Jan 2003) 1. As a child, who was your favorite superhero/heroine? Why? I was never really into the classic superheroes that much as a kid, but when Batman came out in 1989, I was hooked. 2. What was one thing...   ·

Changes Are In Order (Fri 31 Jan 2003)
Of late it seems as if there has been a mass exodus of Blogger users to pastures new. The proprietor of is but one of many to jump ship. It must be said that Blogger is - without...   ·

Obey Giant (Wed 29 Jan 2003)
This past Monday was the tenth anniversary of the passing of Andre the Giant....   ·

Stereographic Photography (Tue 28 Jan 2003)
Jason experiments with stereographic photography. The effect is similar to those 'Magic Eye' things that were really popular a few years ago; one is supposed to cross their eyes and they'll focus automatically on the intended object. However -...   ·

Super Demolition Christ (Mon 27 Jan 2003)
Is it just me, or has "Super Demolition Christ" got action figure potential written all over it?...   ·

Friday Five #41 (Fri 24 Jan 2003) 1. What is one thing you don't like about your body? Its size; I'm working on it. 2. What are two things you love about your body? Well I can't say I love anything about it, but I...   ·

Foreign Visitors (Thu 23 Jan 2003)
So we were in the park this afternoon, and we came upon a large congregation of foreign visitors: ==== As you can see, I didn't get close enough for a great shot; believe me, these brent geese are big. Maybe...   ·

Broadband... Soon? (Thu 23 Jan 2003)
It took an ultimatum from the telecoms regulator to do it, but it looks like we might soon have affordable broadband here. Of course knowing my luck, Eircom would probably much rather lick their own arses than upgrade the...   ·

A Productive Day Today (Wed 22 Jan 2003)
Met Eoin the Film Student this morning for a free preview of Dirty Pretty Things at Buena Vista's screening room in Fairview. I remember when it used to be the Grand Cinema, back in the day. I only recall...   ·

Elephants and Turtles (Mon 20 Jan 2003)
Tonight I read a short story by Donald Barthelme, entitled See The Moon?, and came upon a passage that seemed strangely familiar (from Sixty Stories, p.105): ""Upon what does the world rest?" I asked."Upon an elephant," he said."Upon what...   ·

Motivational Issues (Sun 19 Jan 2003)
Tomorrow it begins. I deserve many, many slaps for being such an undisciplined bitch regarding many aspects of my life since the beginning of the year, particularly my writing. I'm lucky to have the time that I do, and...   ·

Friday Five #40 (Fri 17 Jan 2003) 1. Where do you currently work? Right now I'm unemployed, having quit my job at the end of last month. But I am using the time I have now to write and read a lot. 2. How many...   ·

Pissed Off (Thu 16 Jan 2003)
Meg is pissed off and rightly so....   ·

For Sale (Wed 15 Jan 2003)
This is probably not the most effective forum for what I am about to offer, but anyway: I am a hoarder, and as a result I've got a lot of magazines cluttering my room that I need to get...   ·

Reading and Writing (Mon 13 Jan 2003)
Today I read 130+ pages of Stupid White Men', finishing the book. I also perused the first two issues of Careless Talk Costs Lives which arrived in the post this afternoon, and started writing a review of Star Trek:...   ·

Some Stuff I Found (Sun 12 Jan 2003)
A couple of days ago I rediscovered two records that I completely forgot I owned, namely OXXXES by OXES (who else?) and Rye Coalition's On Top. I don't think I gave them a fair chance before, but I'm more than...   ·

Dog Owners Beware (Sun 12 Jan 2003)
Being a dog lover, reading this story made me sick to my stomach. It wasn't just the murder (and yes, in my book it was murder) that made me feel so nauseated, but also the fact that a family's...   ·

Fancy New Browser Wins Top Award (Sat 11 Jan 2003)
What with all the ruckus surrounding this new Safari thingamajig (which I can't even run on my machine, running as I am the pre-Jaguar incarnation of OS X), here's some news about a 16 year old from Mullingar who's...   ·

Friday Five #39 (Sat 11 Jan 2003) 1. Where are you right now? I'm at home, in my room. 2. What time is it? Right now it's 1am. 3. What are you wearing? My usual, pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt, and my skater-type...   ·

The View From Here (Fri 10 Jan 2003)
Our neighhour two doors down has a large cinder-block shed at the end of his garden, spanning its width. A grey plastic gutter runs across the front, just under the lip of the roof, feeding into a matching plastic...   ·

Shopping for Software (Tue 07 Jan 2003)
Went to the Apple Centre today, all the way up on Kildare Street, to get some utility software. They didn't have what I wanted, and I didn't think much of their prices. Indeed, when I had a look on...   ·

"I KISS YOU!" (Mon 06 Jan 2003)
Mat just got an e-mail from the 'I Kiss You' guy. Better three years late than never, eh?...   ·

Name Analysis (Mon 06 Jan 2003)
Following a link on Kottke's blog, I discovered a brief analysis of my first name. Not expecting to find anything at all, what I did discover was - without meaning to toot my own horn too loudly - frighteningly...   ·

Dark. Darker. Darko. (Sun 05 Jan 2003)
I saw Donnie Darko for the third time yesterday. This time however it was on the big screen, at the IFC with Eoin and Joana. Having made many mental notes for the duration of the film, I actually think...   ·

Friday Five #38 (Fri 03 Jan 2003) 1. Do you wear any jewelry? What kind? I don't wear any, unless you count my watch as jewellery. (Note the correct spelling of jewellery.) 2. How often do you wear it? I wear my watch whenever I...   ·

Next Time I'll Watch Where I'm Going (Fri 03 Jan 2003)
I'm walking home from the theatre last night with my mum, and we're making our way down the street to the terminus; the bus is stopped there, ready to pull away just before you get there. (As they do.)...   ·

Surreal Moment of the Day (Wed 01 Jan 2003)
Quasi's It's Raining accompanying a report on last year's weather on Sky News....   ·

Happy New Year (Wed 01 Jan 2003)
I didn't get home 'til almost 7am this morning. Two hours of sleep and one bowl of Frosties later, and I'm up for the first day of the new year. I feel quite disoriented. And what did I get up...   ·

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