Macrolog entries posted in April 2003

Tarzan, or Tarzana (Wed 30 Apr 2003)
I had another strange dream recently... I am somewhere south of the Liffey, Donnybrook presumably. Morehampton Road. I am at a bookstore, a bookstore with a deep blue painted wooden shopfront, its name in blocky white lettering stretched across the...   ·

The Waiting Game (Tue 29 Apr 2003)
Regarding my recent, and much fretted-over, post-graduate studies application: the receipt of application postcard from DIT arrived in the mail this morning. Everything seems to be in order, thank goodness. Here's hoping the powers that be deem that I am...   ·

Gizza Job (Fri 25 Apr 2003)
As of writing this, I've just gotten back from the local post office where I mailed a bunch of CVs and covering letters to various bookstores in the city centre, basically begging for employment. I shouldn't be coy about it...   ·

I've Been Fleeced (Thu 24 Apr 2003)
Ladies and gentlemen, I've been fleeced. By my own government. This morning I received my monthly credit card statement, and was promptly taken aback by the amount I owed. Surely I hadn't spent _that_ much? A subsequent scan of my...   ·

On Selling Out (Mon 21 Apr 2003)
On Kottke's weblog today, there's a post comparing manufactured pseudo-punk Avril Lavigne to her supposedly less phony pop-punk genremates, with a link to an interesting rant by Dave Eggers about 'selling out'. The Eggers rant is interesting, yes, but also...   ·

What Will Happen Now? (Fri 18 Apr 2003)
I haven't been eminently vociferous with regard to the situation in Iraq as of late. My comments might even seem conspicuous by their absense, considering my previous writings on the matter. I could lie, use the old chestnut that anything...   ·

The Strangest Dream (Wed 16 Apr 2003)
I had the strangest dream this morning. I was in a hospital, or at least what I thought was a hospital, although it more closely resembled a cross between the inside of the Arts block at UCD and the first...   ·

Anxious Mofo (Tue 15 Apr 2003)
I'm not happy going to gigs on my own. I stick out like a sore thumb. Billy No-Mates. And I never enjoy myself as much as I would if I could share the experience with others. It's a bit different...   ·

Remembering Mr. T (Sat 12 Apr 2003)
I have to admit that I did not know what a clerihew was, before I was educated by Jason Fush yesterday evening. The example he gave -- featuring everyone's second-favourite member of the A*Team (Murdoch, of course, simply _must_ come...   ·

Friday Five #51 (Fri 11 Apr 2003) *1. What was the first band you saw in concert?* I remember when I was very young, like 5 or 6 years old, at some free music festival in St. Anne's Park. The Lark in the Park or something...   ·

View from the Food Hall, 05/03/03 (Sat 05 Apr 2003)
Grafton Street, from inside the entrance to the M&S Food Hall.   ·

Boxing With Shadows (Wed 02 Apr 2003)
This morning while reading a book review by Howard Zinn from the late 1980's (Plato: Fallen Idol, from The Zinn Reader, Seven Stories Press, p.457) regarding a work in critique of Socrates and Plato's writings by I.F. Stone which had...   ·

Clouds Above The Abbey, 31/03/03 (Wed 02 Apr 2003)
Clouds obscuring the sun above the Abbey Theatre.   ·

April Fool? Not Me (and Happy Birthday, D) (Tue 01 Apr 2003)
I didn't wake up until almost noon today. Can you believe that? It's the life of a lazy bum I lead. It was probably a good thing today, though, since I managed to evade any April Fool's pranks; you see--and...   ·

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