Macrolog entries posted in August 2003

Postcard from South Africa (Wed 27 Aug 2003)
Dear All, I'll probably be home before you get this, but anywho. Having a great time in South Africa -- still can't believe I'm actually here! Weather is more than fine, even though it's supposed to be winter. Temperatures are...   ·

Gone Fishin' (Mon 18 Aug 2003)
Tomorrow morning I shall leave these shores, this emerald isle, to spend a week (well, six nights) in exotic, wintery South Africa. As you might imagine, I'm more than a little excited. The gravity of the situation only began to...   ·

On Making Connections (Fri 15 Aug 2003)
(or, Beyond The Chinese Room) Paul Ford has recently posted an introduction to The Chinese Room Thought Experiment, John Searle’s infamous refutation of the possibility of truly artificial intelligence. (As a matter of interest, here is an essay I wrote...   ·

The Antichrist of North Carolina? (Thu 14 Aug 2003)
She may not be the Antichrist of North Carolina, but there seems little doubt to me that Barbara Ehenreich loves to bait those right-wing Christians (c/o (woolgathering)): I was getting into my new role as North Carolina’s premier amateur philosopher...   ·

Google Celebrates Hitchcock (Wed 13 Aug 2003)
Yet again, Google marks a special day with an appropriate logo. Last time around it was the birthday of M.C. Escher. This time, it's someone a tad more renowned: ==== That's right, today is Alfred Hitchcock's birthday. I wonder how...   ·

The Atom and the Damage Done (Wed 13 Aug 2003)
The Guardian reports that scientists have finally started to piece together exactly what happened when the United States detonated an atomic bomb in the skies over Hiroshima on the 6th of August, 1945; a truly horrific event in which 140,000...   ·

I'd Rather Just Listen to Music (Tue 12 Aug 2003)
You know sometimes, I’d rather just listen to music: “Some people say that’s escapism. But that’s fine by me. I live my life, you live yours. If you’re clear about what you want, then you can live any way you...   ·

On Flash Mobs (Mon 11 Aug 2003)
My fair city witnessed its first _flash mob_ on Saturday evening. A large crowd of people filed into Clarks shoe store on O'Connell Street and chanted _'We like cheese!'_ in unison before dispersing in a matter of moments. Queue surprise...   ·

Friday Five #57 (Fri 08 Aug 2003)
*1. What's the last place you traveled to, outside your own home state/country?* I haven't been out of the country since I went to Canada in the spring of 2002. That might sound like a long time to you, but...   ·

God, Religion and Bad Faith (Wed 06 Aug 2003)
There’s an excellent, thought-provoking post from Tom Coates over at regarding issues of the religious kind, sparked by the recent Vatican proclamations condemining the ‘sin’ of homosexuality. (Before I go on, I suggest that you read what he has...   ·

Excerpt from a Conversation On Joining the Army (Sat 02 Aug 2003)
Him: So dude, when are you joining the medics with me? Me: I'm not. Him: Ahh why not? Me: I'm a pacifist. Him: But we're _medics!_ Me: Dude I know you wish we were like the guys in Scrubs but...   ·

26 Things (Fri 01 Aug 2003)
31 days. 26 things. 26 photos. See them here....   ·

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