American Splendor

I quote from an interview with underground comic book writer Harvey Pekar in the current issue of The Onion AV Club: ==
I’ve got this weird combination of… I like a lot of esoteric and avant-garde fiction, for example, and music, too. But I write about it in kind of stubby little sentences. It’s like the opposite of pretentious. And some editors would like my stuff to be fancier. I’ve had a problem with that over the years. I’ll be talking about technical stuff, but in a simple, comprehensible way.
== That is me. In a nutshell. I really should stop denying my personal style for the sake of others’ expectations. Maybe then I’d actually be motivated to write more, and to boldly, shamelessly solicit work, just like I _should_ be doing with all this time on my hands. It’s not like I have anything to lose. (My dignity hath long ago abandoned me.) So thank you, Harvey Pekar. Can’t wait to see the movie. Or read the comics. Whichever comes first.

You were reading American Splendor, a Macrolog entry by MacDara Conroy. It is filed under Screen, and was published in September 2003. If you liked what you read here, you can follow this site on Twitter @mcrlg or via reader feed, and find many more entries in the Archives.

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