Macrolog entries posted in October 2003

Job Search Update (Fri 31 Oct 2003)
A few moments ago, totally out of the blue, I got a phone call from an employment agency. They were following up on details, they said, from the CV I sent through a recruitment website sometime last week. I had...   ·

I've Got My Eye on You (Thu 23 Oct 2003)
Seen along the Howth Road, Raheny, 23/10/2003   ·

Omnivore (Mon 20 Oct 2003)
Today brings the debut of Omnivore, a new creative writing site based on the theme of taste. Now I know that might seem very restrictive at first glance, but let the editor, Tom at Infovore, explain things more clearly: ==...   ·

Pope Beautifies Mother Teresa (Sun 19 Oct 2003)
==== Oy! I know the Catholic Church is pretty fucked up, but giving makeovers to the dead? _Is nothing sacred!?!_...   ·

Anniversary (Thu 16 Oct 2003)
Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of my initial foray into publishing on the World Wide Web. My first attempt at a website, a horrible mess by my current standards, went live on the 15th of October, 1999. I had zero...   ·

For Love Or Money? (Tue 14 Oct 2003)
Mark Lawson writes in Saturday's Guardian on the case of Georges Lopez, the school teacher featured in the excellent documentary Être et Avoir (here's a review I wrote over the summer) who is reported to be suing the film's producers...   ·

Red Sky in the Morning... (Sun 12 Oct 2003)
Sunrise over Dublin in mid October.   ·

Thinking Out Loud About Presence And Extelligence (Fri 10 Oct 2003)
Matt Webb has recently posted a great string of entries on extelligence (the sum of the cultural sphere that we, as intelligent beings, both experience and contribute to) and its relationship to presence — that’s presence in terms of telepresence,...   ·

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