Macrolog entries posted in December 2003

Photo of the Year (Wed 31 Dec 2003)
It's for protection... Protection from death...   ·

Top Eleven Albums of 2003 (Wed 31 Dec 2003)
Seeing as I only bought a handful of records this year -- a significant percentage of which being compilations of more 'vintage' material -- the list I am about to present is not so much my top eleven albums of...   ·

Days of Christmas (Tue 30 Dec 2003)
And so another Christmas is over… Thank Christ for that! I don’t know about you, but I’m glad it’s done with, even though this year was a relatively quiet one — almost completely stress free, for a change. And I...   ·

Ulysses Update #3 (Wed 24 Dec 2003)
About an hour ago (and a week before the deadline, too) I completed my personal challenge; I can now hold my head high with pride and declare with the greatest confidence that yes, I _have_ read James Joyce's Ulysses, and...   ·

No, Anti-Zionism is Not Anti-Semitism: Redux (Fri 19 Dec 2003)
In a further appendix to my recent postings on the anti-Zionism/anti-semitism confusion, here is an opinion piece by Emanuele Ottolenghi which illustrates perfectly the infuriating obstinateness of the right-wing viewpoint on this issue. As a whole, the article is not...   ·

Invisible in Osaka (Fri 19 Dec 2003)
According to a report in today's Guardian, the corpse of a homeless man lay rotting on a Japanese city street for two months: == For two months, the body of an elderly man was ignored by passersby as it lay...   ·

Ulysses Update #2 (Mon 15 Dec 2003)
Fifteen days in now, and I'm at page 414. The going was great till about page 365, when the text suddenly morphed into early modern English, but I managed to fight my way through it; I didn't read English at...   ·

Shelter (Sun 14 Dec 2003)
Bus shelter on the Howth Road, 14/12/2003   ·

No, Anti-Zionism is Not Anti-Semitism (Fri 12 Dec 2003)
As an appendix to my two recent postings on the subject (here and here) I have unearthed from my blog-fodder links folder this commentary from December 3rd’s Guardian, presenting a liberal Jewish perspective on the Middle East crises: We should...   ·

Ulysses Update #1 (Tue 09 Dec 2003)
Nine days into the Ulysses challenge, and my bookmark rests at page 248. And you know what? I'm actually quite enjoying it. It's not nearly as difficult to read as I had been lead to believe. I expected Desolation Angels-style...   ·

If Derrida were a Superhero... (Wed 03 Dec 2003)
A couple of questions... If Derrida were a superhero, would deconstruction be his super-power? Would Baudrillard be his partner in crime-fighting? Would he conjure simulacra to confuse and confound their enemies? ...just something to think about....   ·

Ulysses (Tue 02 Dec 2003)
December is at last upon us. And to mark the occasion (amongst all those other important, life-fulfilling duties I must force myself to perform) I have given myself a challenge -- dare I say the mother of _all_ challenges: to...   ·

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