Macrolog entries posted in January 2004

Perspectives on Mill (Wed 28 Jan 2004)
From the desk calendar version of Schott’s Original Miscellany (25th of January, in case you were wondering) comes a quote from the 19th century British philosopher John Stuart Mill on that most divisive of subjects, war: ==War is an ugly...   ·

Bleep Revisited (Mon 26 Jan 2004)
I have posted a revised version of last week's piece on Warp Records' download service. If you enjoyed it, please enjoy it again. If you haven't, well this was the perfect opportunity to draw your attention, wasn't it?...   ·

Friday Five #59 (Fri 23 Jan 2004)
*At this moment, what is your favorite...* *1.* At this very moment it's Pretend I'm Sleeping by The Sick Lipstick, from their unbelievable debut album Sting Sting Sting. Ask me this same question a few hours from now, however,...   ·

Bleep (Tue 20 Jan 2004)
The Sheffield-born, London-based electronic music label Warp Records (home to Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, et al) has recently, after much anticipation, launched its music download service. Essentially, the label has provided virtually its entire back catalogue -- over 10 years...   ·

Hot Sauce (Tue 20 Jan 2004)
My second contribution to Omnivore is now online, entitled Hot Sauce; a cautionary tale regarding the perils of condiment overconsumption. I hope that you might find it quite galvanic. As was the case previously, any mistakes in spelling, grammar and/or...   ·

The Boss: Dead (Sun 18 Jan 2004)
I had the strangest dream last night. I am in an undisclosed location reading a tabloid, not paying much attention to the text, when all of a sudden a photograph catches my eye. It's a small thumbnail image, heading an...   ·

The Elephant in our Living Room (Tue 13 Jan 2004)
Anil Dash has linked to a story from Saturday's Guardian on the growing menace of racism in the North, mostly perpetrated by Loyalist street gangs (though for the sake of balance I'm sure the Nationalists have their fair share of...   ·

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