Macrolog entries posted in February 2004

Vapour Trail (Wed 25 Feb 2004)
You ever look up at an aeroplane thousands of feet above and wonder where it's going? What the passengers are going to do when they get there? Whether they wonder if people like me are looking up, wondering about them? I know I do.   ·

On Disinterest and the Modern Media (Tue 17 Feb 2004)
(If you’re reading this and you’ve just come from, let me take this opportunity to say hello and welcome, and please read on, because the following might be pertinent for you.) I seem to be getting quite regular traffic...   ·

The One Where MacDara Has A Job Interview (Wed 11 Feb 2004)
I had an interview for a job this morning, my first for a while. I don't want to go into details, since I'd rather keep employment specifics out of the weblog from now on; let's just say that the line...   ·

Jimmy Joyce Ha Ha Ha (Tue 10 Feb 2004)
Roddy Doyle (who wouldn't have become a writer if it weren't for my old primary school principal Noel Kennedy) has courted controversy for his alleged confession at a birthday celebration for James Joyce in New York that he "can't be...   ·

Ben & Benjamin On Classic Rock (Thu 05 Feb 2004)
Ben and Benjamin discuss the merits of Cream's Sunshine Of Your Love: == Ben: This is rock music but you could play it at a disco. Benjamin: Yeah, at a dude disco. == There's lots more where that came from....   ·

Free Cris Kirkwood! (Wed 04 Feb 2004)
Were you watching Txt, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll on MTV2 this afternoon? Did you happen to see the following message on the screen?: Play some Meat Puppets! Free Cris Kirkwood! If you did, that was me....   ·

Paint the World Red (Mon 02 Feb 2004)
==== You can probably tell from the above map of the world (you can make your own travel map here) that I haven't been around much. Even that big red splodge over North America is slightly misleading since I've only...   ·

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