Macrolog entries posted in April 2004

Checking In (Tue 27 Apr 2004)
I’m back. I arrived home yesterday afternoon. I wish I was still away. Regular posting will resume shortly, unfortunately for me. Benitha, I miss you....   ·

Checking Out (Tue 06 Apr 2004)
After months of waiting, I finally leave for South Africa in the morning — and finally get to spend some quality time with the incredibly wonderful Benitha — so this place is going on hiatus until my return on the...   ·

Happy Birthday, D. (Thu 01 Apr 2004)
A photograph of D. Boon from in 1985.   ·

A Personal Request (Thu 01 Apr 2004)
From the desk of M.: To whom this may concern: Can we please draw a line under the phrase ‘draw a line under’? Thanks in advance. Might I add: we can do away with ‘sexed-up’, too....   ·

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