Macrolog entries posted in July 2005

Fifteen Thousand (Sun 31 Jul 2005)
Since the beginning of July, between this site and my new blog, I’ve written approximately 15,000 words. Fifteen thousand! And that’s even accounting for quotations. I think that’s the single most productive month I’ve had since I started the weblog...   ·

A Farewell to Arms? (Thu 28 Jul 2005)
Today was another day to mark on the messy, scrawled-over timeline that is the history of Ireland. In a statement released to the media this morning, the Irish Republican Army has “formally ordered an end to the armed campaign” in...   ·

Thoughts on the Tube Shooting (Tue 26 Jul 2005)
On Saturday afternoon, just a day after the Tube shooting incident in south London which has stunned the city even more than the detonator blasts merely 24 hours before, it emerged that the victim of the shooting — the alleged...   ·

The Tragic Vision (Fri 22 Jul 2005)
In my previous post I mention that Londoners have “had to put up with a lot these past couple of weeks.” That they have, but few would challenge that fact that what London has been through recently pales in comparison...   ·

Not Again (Fri 22 Jul 2005)
Two weeks after the terrorist bombings that claimed 56 lives and affected countless others, London suffered another attack yesterday afternoon when a series of minor explosions disrupted the city’s transport network. In an echo of the July 7 attack, three...   ·

Introducing... The Irish Whip (Wed 13 Jul 2005)
It’s been a long, long time since I last wrote about wrestling here. Nine months, in fact. To be truthful, that’s not due to any lack of interest in my part (though it does get wearisome sometimes I keep on...   ·

Know Thine Enemy (Sun 10 Jul 2005)
The news that Steven Spielberg has begun production on a movie based on the terrorist attack at the 1972 Munich Olympics (which was the subject of a documentary, One Day in September, which I haven’t seen but by most accounts...   ·

London Speaks (Sun 10 Jul 2005)
I’ve got nothing more to say, not that I had much worth contributing in the first place, being a safe 300 miles away. And anyway, as others have put it, this is not a time to dwell, or “indulge in...   ·

The Day After (Fri 08 Jul 2005)
It’s the day after. Just one day, 24 little hours, but it feels like a lot longer, what with everything that I’ve seen and read, all the startling images from news crews and camera phones, the vivid accounts of eyewitnesses...   ·

Explosions in London (Thu 07 Jul 2005)
Every news channel here is reporting on a series of explosions in central London this morning. There are reports of blasts in a number of stations along the Metropolitan Circle and Piccadilly underground lines, as well as an explosion on...   ·

Learning a Lesson from Live8: Podcast (Wed 06 Jul 2005)
For my first foray into podcasting, I’ve uploaded an mp3 version of Learning a Lesson from Live8, read by yours truly:   Learning a Lesson from Live8 (3.1MB mp3; 13:24) Feel free to download at your leisure....   ·

Learning a Lesson from Live8 (Tue 05 Jul 2005)
Since you’re reading this, I’m pretty certain you’d found it impossible to avoid the week-long wall-to-wall coverage of Live8 — Bob Geldof’s pet project to raise awareness for the Make Poverty History campaign (not to mention elicit mass support to...   ·

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