Macrolog entries posted in November 2005

Concert Zones (Fri 11 Nov 2005)
Tim O Thompson proposes a new solution to concert disturbances: Perhaps you could have concert zones. You could have the singing/drumming/air guitar zone, the text messaging zone, the marijuana smoking zone, the unlimited talking zone (somewhere in the back third),...   ·

Test Icicles Are Playing At My House (Sun 06 Nov 2005)
Fuck the Arctic Monkeys. That’s right. Test Icicles are my new favourite band. What can I say? They’re fresh, original; lots of noise, lots of groove; and very much unclassifiable. (Need a lazy-music-snob description? Okay. They sound a bit like...   ·

Attention Feed Consumers (Fri 04 Nov 2005)
If you’re reading this through a news aggregator, you might like to know that I’m updating the feeds for this site to match the changes I’ve made to the weblog. Which means that the feed you’re using now, in whatever...   ·

Reinventing My Wheel (Fri 04 Nov 2005)
I mentioned reinvention, didn’t I? One of my goals for this revision process was to find away to entwine my two weblogs together into a single strand, like it was in the beginning. I was disturbed by my neglecting of...   ·

Remake/Remodel (Tue 01 Nov 2005)
So my restlessness got the better of me. I liked the last design (which I only finished a month ago) but it was a bit too much. There was something a bit bland and staid about it, too. But above...   ·

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