Macrolog entries posted in March 2011

Blogfodder Link Dump Part 5 (Thu 24 Mar 2011)
In lieu of weeknotes (late again, I know), here’s the first of three – three! – batches of links from 2006. I saved a lot of stuff that year: Come home and make this place poor again / Written five...   ·

After the Quake (Sat 12 Mar 2011)
These photos of the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami tell a remarkable story. But maybe a more remarkable one is that of Japan’s resilience in the face of disaster. Even amid all the shocking imagery – roads split...   ·

Weeknotes #484-487 (Tue 08 Mar 2011)
A whole month has gone by! What have I been up to? In the middle of February, Bee and I paid a visit to IMMA to catch the last day of The Moderns. It was portrayed as an exploration of...   ·

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