Macrolog entries posted in August 2011

Blogfodder Link Dump Part 8 (Sun 28 Aug 2011)
The penultimate link dump. This selection comes from the first half of 2007, a year when I didn’t really blog at all. I regret that. Anyway, enjoy: Crappy Sound Forever! / David Byrne on how recording technology changed the way...   ·

Weeknotes #510-516 (Tue 23 Aug 2011)
Thanks to Twitter for helping me remember the following: 4/7 — I find a hole torn in the back of favorite plaid shirt. Annoyed. Proper, durable (non-fashiony) plaid shirts are hard to come by round these parts. Later in the...   ·

Why People Believe Bullshit (Mon 22 Aug 2011)
From an interview with philosopher Stephen Law in New Scientist on his new book, Believing Bullshit: Some things may be beyond our understanding, and sometimes it’s reasonable to appeal to mystery. If you have excellent evidence that water boils at...   ·

Thinking Out Loud: David Starkey, the England Riots, Etc (Fri 19 Aug 2011)
So this David Starkey thing, eh? “The whites have become black”? Enoch Powell? “Jamaican patois”? That old chestnut about black people who ‘sound white’? Really? Anyway, one thing that stands out for me from the Starkey furore — apart from...   ·

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