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Going Dark in Support of a Free Internet (Thu 19 Jan 2012)
Update: The web censorship bills have been shelved for now, but as Marco Ament writes, they will no doubt return in this or some other form — unless there is an aggressive push for campaign finance reform in the US....   ·

Thinking Out Loud: Democracy and its Vilification (Thu 29 Dec 2011)
Three things recently that caught my attention: First, Family Guy writer Patrick Meighan’s account of his arrest at Occupy LA on 30 November, outlining the tactics employed by police to break up the peaceful protest. Though he backtracks a little...   ·

The Cartographers of Cinema (Sat 29 Jan 2011)
From an otherwise unremarkable interview with the Coen brothers in The Guardian last week on release of their latest, True Grit, there’s this: It is their 14th to date, and the latest instalment in what appears to be a concerted...   ·

Election Response Roundup (Thu 11 Nov 2004)
In an appendix of sorts to last week’s US election rant, here’s a roundup of related commentary that caught my attention (and might otherwise have been lost in the Linklog): Simon Schama: Onward Christian soldiersHistorian Schama sees the US as...   ·

Obligatory Election Response (Wed 03 Nov 2004)
Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial rock till you began reading this sentence, then you’ll know by now that the Republicans have won the US presidential election. I’m disappointed, certainly. But I’m not surprised. Why? Because you have to...   ·

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