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Light in the Dark (Sun 22 Sep 2013)
My friend Dáire Lynch is an amazing artist; you can see for yourself in the video above (filmed by another friend of mine, John Mulvaney) that gives you just a glimpse of his work and working methods. Dáire’s currently...   ·

Blogfodder Link Dump Part 8 (Sun 28 Aug 2011)
The penultimate link dump. This selection comes from the first half of 2007, a year when I didn’t really blog at all. I regret that. Anyway, enjoy: Crappy Sound Forever! / David Byrne on how recording technology changed the way...   ·

Weeknotes #510-516 (Tue 23 Aug 2011)
Thanks to Twitter for helping me remember the following: 4/7 — I find a hole torn in the back of favorite plaid shirt. Annoyed. Proper, durable (non-fashiony) plaid shirts are hard to come by round these parts. Later in the...   ·

Blogfodder Link Dump Part 6 (Sun 24 Jul 2011)
Forgot to post these after the last batch. That was four months ago. Oops. Anyway, some more linkage from 2006: Wayfaring / Web service for creating personalised maps (of walking routes, etc). Completely forgot about this! Tom Coates’ notes on...   ·

Weeknotes #484-487 (Tue 08 Mar 2011)
A whole month has gone by! What have I been up to? In the middle of February, Bee and I paid a visit to IMMA to catch the last day of The Moderns. It was portrayed as an exploration of...   ·

Blogfodder Link Dump Part 2 (Tue 01 Feb 2011)
More links from the archives, this time 2004: Tufte Vs. Bloom / Paul Ford’s thoughts on Franco Moretti’s Graphs, Maps, Trees, which I never got around to finishing at the time; it’s about evaluating literature in context, the kind of...   ·

Notes from New York (Fri 14 Jan 2011)
My intention was to keep a mini-journal of our six-day trip in New York last summer. I even bought one of those Moleskine city guides as the perfect notebook for my observations. Sadly the day-to-day busyness and exhaustion put...   ·

Big Smoke, Here I Come (Tue 20 Jun 2006)
A week from tomorrow I will be popping over to London for a short three-day visit, ostensibly to see the Modernism exhibition at the V&A, and to hang out with my good buddy Dave R who’s escaping from Redditch for...   ·

Some Notes on Rock and Roll Graphic Design (Wed 30 Mar 2005)
There’s an interesting article by Tom Vanderbilt over at Design Observer on ‘the rise and fall of rock and roll graphic design’, highlighting what he perceives as the death of iconography in contemporary music. He asks three questions: Has heavy...   ·

Our Lying Eyes (Mon 23 Jun 2003)
The Guardian's Libby Brooks brought an eye specialist along with her to Tate Britain's latest show, a retrospective of optical illusionist Bridget Riley. I can't say that I knew of Riley before reading the article, but I _was_ familiar with...   ·

Escher Googled (Tue 17 Jun 2003)
I just paid a visit to the Google homepage, and was surprised to find this: ==== It seems that today is the birthday of M.C. Escher. Very impressive of Google to commemorate such an important and visionary artist, I must...   ·

But Is It Art? (Mon 30 Dec 2002)
Bill Gates may not eat babies on toast, but someone else might. (Link c/o plasticbag.org)...   ·

Pop Art (Sun 03 Feb 2002)
Channel 4 are releasing a CD to tie in with the Andy Warhol series, reflecting 'the sounds and mood of the Warhol Era'. It looks good....   ·

Andy Warhol (Sun 03 Feb 2002)
There's a three-part series about the art and life (well, mostly art) of Andy Warhol on Sunday nights on Channel 4 at the moment. Last week was the first part, I didn't see all of it - I was...   ·

Google Art (Wed 09 Jan 2002)
This is an interesting concept. I may try it out myself at the weekend....   ·

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