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Blogfodder Link Dump Part 8 (Sun 28 Aug 2011)
The penultimate link dump. This selection comes from the first half of 2007, a year when I didn’t really blog at all. I regret that. Anyway, enjoy: Crappy Sound Forever! / David Byrne on how recording technology changed the way...   ·

Blog All Bookmarked Web Pages: Shanghai Diary (Sat 30 Jul 2011)
News of the high speed rail crash in China last week (which has raised questions about what some perceive as a cargo-cultish rush into modernity) prompted me to dig up some choice quotes I’d saved back in 2004 from...   ·

Blogfodder Link Dump Part 7 (Fri 29 Jul 2011)
Last items from the 2006 file: Every Jeopardy! question ever Ten Thousand Statistically Grammar-Average Fake Band Names / Some of these must be real band names by now. Shiberu Ban’s paper house / A house made out of paper. For...   ·

Blogfodder Link Dump Part 6 (Sun 24 Jul 2011)
Forgot to post these after the last batch. That was four months ago. Oops. Anyway, some more linkage from 2006: Wayfaring / Web service for creating personalised maps (of walking routes, etc). Completely forgot about this! Tom Coates’ notes on...   ·

Blogfodder Link Dump Part 2 (Tue 01 Feb 2011)
More links from the archives, this time 2004: Tufte Vs. Bloom / Paul Ford’s thoughts on Franco Moretti’s Graphs, Maps, Trees, which I never got around to finishing at the time; it’s about evaluating literature in context, the kind of...   ·

LUAS on Abbey St. (Sun 13 Jun 2004)
I happened to be in town running errands on Friday afternoon while one of the new LUAS trams was parked on Middle Abbey Street for a ‘safety awareness day’, presumably in preparation for the opening of the first phase...   ·

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