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On the Fiscal Treaty Referendum (Thu 31 May 2012)
A couple of weeks ago, I commented among friends in response to this article in The Irish Times, and specifically the quotes from our Minister for Finance (and Fine Gael member) Michael Noonan. His pathetic, transparent attempts to butter up...   ·

Going Dark in Support of a Free Internet (Thu 19 Jan 2012)
Update: The web censorship bills have been shelved for now, but as Marco Ament writes, they will no doubt return in this or some other form — unless there is an aggressive push for campaign finance reform in the US....   ·

A Referendum Conundrum (Fri 21 Oct 2011)
It’s a big polling day next Thursday. Not only do we get to elect a new president (you can follow all the #aras11 shenanigans on Twitter), there’s also a by-election here in Dublin West (most notable for the sad fact...   ·

Weeknotes #481-482 (Sun 30 Jan 2011)
Looking back over the last two weeks, I find two prevailing themes: reviewing the past, and predicting the future. The past I’ve already alluded to in my first Blogfodder link dump. Some of those links are nearly eight years old,...   ·

Weeknotes #472 (Tue 23 Nov 2010)
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday — First two days of this week are a write-off. Wednesday I’m up earlyish, cold still getting me down. I briefly flirt with the idea of going out to the shops. But then I remember the Tesco delivery guy...   ·

Learning a Lesson from Live8: Podcast (Wed 06 Jul 2005)
For my first foray into podcasting, I’ve uploaded an mp3 version of Learning a Lesson from Live8, read by yours truly:   Learning a Lesson from Live8 (3.1MB mp3; 13:24) Feel free to download at your leisure....   ·

Learning a Lesson from Live8 (Tue 05 Jul 2005)
Since you’re reading this, I’m pretty certain you’d found it impossible to avoid the week-long wall-to-wall coverage of Live8 — Bob Geldof’s pet project to raise awareness for the Make Poverty History campaign (not to mention elicit mass support to...   ·

Election Response Roundup (Thu 11 Nov 2004)
In an appendix of sorts to last week’s US election rant, here’s a roundup of related commentary that caught my attention (and might otherwise have been lost in the Linklog): Simon Schama: Onward Christian soldiersHistorian Schama sees the US as...   ·

The War on Words (Wed 10 Nov 2004)
Philip Pullman writes in last weekend's Guardian Review on the fate of literature as democratic activity in an increasingly didactic, theocratic world: The democracy of reading exists in the to-and-fro between reader and text, when each is free to engage...   ·

Obligatory Election Response (Wed 03 Nov 2004)
Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial rock till you began reading this sentence, then you’ll know by now that the Republicans have won the US presidential election. I’m disappointed, certainly. But I’m not surprised. Why? Because you have to...   ·

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