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Weeknotes #510-516 (Tue 23 Aug 2011)
Thanks to Twitter for helping me remember the following: 4/7 — I find a hole torn in the back of favorite plaid shirt. Annoyed. Proper, durable (non-fashiony) plaid shirts are hard to come by round these parts. Later in the...   ·

Blogfodder Link Dump Part 3 (Wed 09 Feb 2011)
Weirdly, 2005’s ratio of dead links was much higher than the previous two years. But with a bigger overall volume of links, I salvaged enough to make up two posts. Here’s the first: Baseball stadium tour via Google Maps /...   ·

Out Of This World (Sun 20 Feb 2005)
I was about to post this to the Linklog, but it really deserves highlighting here. According to this BBC News report, 50 planets outside of our own solar system could have life: Astronomers estimate about half the planetary systems so...   ·

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