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The Irish Whip: The Streak and the Damage Done (Thu 17 Apr 2014)
So it’s a week and a bit after WrestleMania XXX, and the Internet Wrestling Community is still on a massive downer after the ending of The Undertaker’s vaunted ‘Streak’. I understand that disappointment, and upset, and frustration. To be...   ·

The Irish Whip: Blogging Over the Limit (Wed 23 May 2012)
I haven’t done one of these in a long time, but wrestling is something I want to get writing about again; it’s an interest of mine, and this is a place for my interests, so it makes sense to me....   ·

Weeknotes #510-516 (Tue 23 Aug 2011)
Thanks to Twitter for helping me remember the following: 4/7 — I find a hole torn in the back of favorite plaid shirt. Annoyed. Proper, durable (non-fashiony) plaid shirts are hard to come by round these parts. Later in the...   ·

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