Microlog entries posted in June 2005

“Peer review is a very flawed practice … It is slow and expensive, a lottery, and prone to abuse and bias. Much of the time it doesn’t pick up errors.”
I should note as an aside to this that it always struck me as strange how the financial model of academic journals could be allowed to become standard practice. #   ·

Ulysses Speaks!
My old college acquaintance Noel would appreciate it, I’m sure. I never bought into the whole NoU thing, but their first album is so good it sounds like it was recorded tomorrow. #   ·

The Flipside Fanzine Memorial Website [c/o Irregular Orbit]
#   ·

Regret the Error [c/o del.icio.us/mathowie]
“Reports on corrections, retractions, clarifications and trends regarding accuracy and honesty in the media.” #   ·

Notes from Tim Porter’s recent presentation on newsroom innovation
#   ·

Kids drawings as lush paintings [c/o Boing Boing]
These gave me the giggles. In a good way. #   ·

Michael Chabon has a weblog
And a very nice weblog it is, too. #   ·

“We are a nation of minorities. And in a nation of minorities, it is important that you don’t cherry-pick rights. A right is a right.”
Go Canada! #   ·

The bloggers have all the best news
I’ve read around this topic and I tend to agree with the concensus: British (and Irish) people are far better served by our mainstream media outlets, so we don’t really have that urge to shake things up. #   ·

S5: A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System
Screw Powerpoint! We should all be using browsers from now on. #   ·

Simple templating with PHP
I should redo the Furnace website with this system. It’ll make managing it much easier. (I’d use MT but I don’t want to pay for a licence.) #   ·

Japanese space agency papercraft [c/o Boing Boing]
If only I had the time and the patience… and a really good printer. #   ·

The Helvetica Meditations
This has been linked pretty much everywhere else. But I like it, so there. (On a related note, I would have used Helvetica as the sans-serif for Furnace but it wasn’t available, so Arial had to do. Not that you can tell the difference, really.) #   ·

The African Union has “many more serious problems to consider than Zimbabwe”
If they don’t consider the Zimbabwe situation a serious problem, it’s no wonder Africa’s so fucked up. I mean, how can you expect to build a strong continent when you constantly turn your backs on your own? #   ·

Kyoto, June 2005 [c/o Joi Ito]
#   ·

The Writing Process
Eight simple steps to help a story come to life. Good stuff. #   ·

Interview with Devo’s Jerry Casale [c/o Boing Boing]
#   ·

Blogumentary maker squares off with a ranting loony [c/o WaxyLinks]
If there’s anything I hate more than summer humidity, it’s ranting loonies. #   ·

Patriot Act Critics Laud Vote to Limit Use
It seems the Democrats have finally grown some balls. #   ·

MetaFilter moans about Matt Webb
Is this what we’ve come to? That we can’t write on our own blogs without some jackass complaining we’re not up to the standards of the New York Times or something? Jeez… #   ·

Character entities for XHTML
So I don’t forget it. #   ·

Google Advanced Operators Cheat Sheet [c/o Helium3]
#   ·

Here’s to you, cliché writers everywhere
#   ·

Hoder is going has gone back to Iran
Here’s hoping he has a safe visit. #   ·

Ebooks for your iPod
I’ll have to give this a go. #   ·

Urban camping in Times Square
#   ·

I am a Japanese School Teacher [c/o kottke.org]
An American records his experiences on the JET programme. #   ·

A 7-year-old questions the continuity of the Star Wars series [c/o plasticbag.org]
Did a better job than me, too. #   ·

How to do a blog interview
Some handy hints here. #   ·

OAP ‘died after hot bath at home’
Remind me to make sure my kids, if I should have any, never put me in a nursing home. #   ·

BBC rethinks plans for journalism college
It’s a shame. There still seems to be a strong bias among older hacks against the worthiness of journalism education. #   ·

The 11 Layers of Citizen Journalism
I haven’t read this yet. I’ll get around to it, I promise. #   ·

The Daily Show in great form on the Michael Jackson verdict
This will be the only item about the Michael Jackson trial you will find here. #   ·

Ssh! Don’t tell anybody, but the new design for The Morning News is up and ready The new Morning News design was officially launched today
I prefer the old one, to be honest. Though that javascript nav bar at the bottom is pretty swish. #   ·

Guardian confirms earlier switch to the ‘Berliner’ format
I’m really looking forward to it. I’m like a newspaper nerd or something. #   ·

A Walking Tour of Coney Island
#   ·

Help Cameron graduate by filling out his blog survey
I did my bit; it really does only take about 10 minutes. Must get cracking on my own survey, what with that thesis I have to write and all. #   ·

Darth Vader on Wheel of Fortune [c/o WaxyLinks]
It only works if you’ve got audio on your computer. I know, it’s so gonna get old in a few weeks, but why not milk it for all it’s worth while we still have time? #   ·

Certain kinds of memory decrease the more knowledge you accumulate, reports a new study
So Homer Simpson was right after all: everytime I learn something new it really does push some old stuff out of my brain. #   ·

The Guinness Lifestyle Diet [c/o del.icio.us/jack]
I think Markham would appreciate this. #   ·

The lifecycle of bloggers [c/o Accordion Guy]
I’m almost ashamed to say I’ve been through most of these stages. But not #13. As Anil rightly says, “nobody’s ever been fired for blogging.” #   ·

A historian disgraces himself [c/o kottke.org]
Well-reasoned and supported argument wins out over pseudo-scientific intellectual laziness any day. #   ·

How to talk to an artist [c/o del.icio.us/jack]
Some good advice here, but if I met one who was being too precious I’d be happy to insult him. #   ·

eBay Ireland has been launched [c/o Slugger O’Toole]
I registered with eBay years ago, but I’ve only just bought something through ‘em. #   ·

United States of NOOOOOOOOOOO!
This is funny if you can remember back like two or three years ago. #   ·

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