Microlog entries posted in March 2006

Multiples, by dgray_xplane
#   ·

Jack Black’s Nacho Libre Confessional
Five words: Jack Black as a luchadore. That’s about as high-concept as it gets, ladies and gentlemen. #   ·

De Gullah Nyews
Mat with a great post on the Gullah translation of Luke’s Gospel: “Jedus say, ‘Papa, paadon dem, cause dey ain’t ondastan wa dey da do.’” #   ·

Reading Blogs Is a Time-Consuming Endeavor
Tell me about it! I don’t even have enough time to post on my own one! #   ·

Yet another arresting design, but by someone who seems to have a redesign compulsion so it might not be around for long. Which would be a shame. #   ·

Wilson Miner / Live
Another beautiful design. I love the solidness of the lines and boxes and blocks of colour. #   ·

I Am Alert (but not alarmed)
Absolutely gorgeous site design. #   ·

Lego Allianz
Remember the Allianz Arena link from a while ago? Well they’ve bloody well gone and made it out of Lego! Needless to say I want one. (There’s many more pics here.) #   ·

Locating primary sources on the web
May I make a LazyWeb suggestion: somebody do this for Europe, please? #   ·

Rodcorp’s overview of the recent Art Shock series on Channel 4
This covers the first two shows, which were the only two I watched. Rod pretty much captures my own thoughts. #   ·

John Updike on Chip Kidd
Kidd is the darling of book cover design, and with good reason. #   ·

Dave Gorman’s Flickr adventure
The British funnyman on his latest project. Gorman is a good one; he actually ‘gets’ this kind of thing, and in turn makes it more accessible to the wider world. #   ·

Invisible city
“Twenty-four hours in Chongqing, a megalopolis you’ve never heard of.” Surely the whole of China is virtually invisible to the West, not just this corner of it. Very enlightening. (Update 12/04: The Guardian has just posted an accompanying film of Chongqing with the journalist Jonathan Watts.) #   ·

abattoir wall closey, by Hutch1000
#   ·

Druid Street
Another tumblelog to add to the list. Some great photos to be found here, too. #   ·

Podcasts from SXSW Interactive 2006
If you couldn’t make it to Austin for the annual geek-out… #   ·

Converting your colour images to mono
I’ve been converting to greyscale all along, and it looks like that’s the best way to go for the non-expert. Handy to know there are other options, though. #   ·

Beneath the pavement, a blog! (Or, the Dublin riots and the citizen journalist’s revolution)
I think Emmet overstates the significance of the rioting just a tad, but his point is valid. In events as big as this the media just doesn’t have the access that ordinary people on the street do. And now that these ordinary people are beginning to use the tools at their disposal we are seeing the picture broaden, even if only a little. #   ·

The South Africans are already on their second blog awards
We’ve got some catching up to do. Of course, that won’t happen until I am finally recognised for my greatness, oh yes. #   ·

Juicy Twists
I got addicted to these in South Africa. Need to find a way to get me some here. #   ·

News Page Designer
Where designers of news pages get to show off their stuff. #   ·

Happy Birthday, Ornette Coleman
Seventy-six years young today, and still going strong. #   ·

Wikipedia entry for Sturgeon’s law
“Ninety percent of everything is crud.” Amen to that. #   ·

First look at the Nintendo DS Lite
OMG!! I want one!! #   ·

Results from last night’s Irish Blog Awards
I was going to go along; I registered and everything. But then I realised my wallet was empty. And I remembered no one nominated me. Fuckers. #   ·

Bill Gates, good or evil?
David Byrne posits an interesting philosophical quandry. #   ·

Introverts of the World, Unite!
An interview with Jonathan Rauch, champion of the introverts’ cause. I, for one, salute him [c/o kottke.org]. #   ·

Accusations of anti-semitic chic are poisonous intellectual thuggery
A surprisingly tabloidish headline (for The Guardian) hides a pretty nuanced and fair analysis of attitudes on all sides of this debate. #   ·

Copy Editor’s Revenge Takes Form Of Unhyphenated Word
That could be me one day, that could [c/o languagehat]. #   ·

Negativland Interviews U2’s The Edge
A full transcription of Negativland’s playful ambush of The Edge over the whole U2/SST controversy [c/o Waxylinks]. #   ·

Takeshi no Chousenjou: maybe the hardest videogame ever written
The ‘Takeshi’ of the title is Beat Takeshi. Which explains everything [c/o MetaFilter]. #   ·

Penn Jillette talks about ‘Desert Bus’
Part of a legendary game from the mid-90s, which ultimately went unreleased. Maybe we’re better off for it, but part of me just bursts with enthusiasm for the idea. #   ·

Irish Newspaper Archives
This is great. But it brings up a point: if the web is supposed to be a library, information like that found in newspaper archives should really be free. It’s only a matter of time, I guess, but things like this would be better operated as public services, not merely as profit-making businesses. Governments take note [c/o ResearchBuzz]. #   ·

Bill Cosby’s lawyers threaten Waxy.org
But Andy’s having none of it. Fight the good fight! #   ·

Linda Smith, 1958-2006
You really don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, do you? She was one of those people whose voice and wit were just utterly distinctive, and the world is a worse-off place now that she’s passed on. See also: Jeremy Hardy pays futher trubute [c/o helium3]. #   ·

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