Microlog entries posted in October 2007

Wikipedia entry on dog communication
Fascinating reading, here. I never realised a tail wag could convey so many different meanings. #   ·

The AV Club interviews the Meat Puppets
They’re playing ATP the weekend before the one I’m going to; I hope they’ll hop over the water and play a show in Dublin, too. But while I’m in Dublin, of course. #   ·

Outtakes from the first Meat Puppets album
You know, the one that no one likes because it’s too noisy and screamy and it hasn’t got ‘Lake of Fire’ on it. #   ·

Jessica Hagy and her index cards
I concur with the Demetri Martin comparisons. #   ·

The iPod Death Clock
According to this, mine’s got less than a year left before it buys the farm. That’s not good. #   ·

The AV Club interviews Steven Wright
From last November. Steven Wright is a comedy genius, and a great performer to boot; when I saw him live a few years ago he did two-and-a-half hours straight, no breaks. That’s something. #   ·

Manhattan Elsewhere
What would Manhattan look like if it could be floated to another city? Nice work, but an even more radical thought occurs: what if any city could float? We can already reclaim land from the sea and live on soil where there was recently only water — what’s stopping us from constructing a true floating city? And I don’t mean some humongous ocean liner — I mean a giant man-made island that could be propelled from one sea to another. Rather than a Manhattan Elsewhere, how about a Manhattan Anywhere? #   ·

This page is a reverse chronology of Microlog entries by MacDara Conroy published in October 2007. You will find many more in the Archives.