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I have journeyed to the soul of chocolate and I bring you good tidings
Very tempted to try this, if I can find a lower-budget method. I make cold-brew coffee all the time, but nothing fancy: just steep it in a cafetiere for 12 hours (I’ve got one on the kitchen counter right now) then keep it in the fridge in a Volvic bottle. #   ·

RiYL podcast 047: cartoonist Box Brown, “Andre the Giant: Life and Legend”
Posting this here as a reminder to finally listen to this, months after reading (and loving) the book. #   ·

The vast, unplayable history of video games
There’s a very important point here about the ownership of cultural artefacts, and how the digital era has defined that ownership squarely in favour of the corporate producer (leading to legal absurdities like software licences becoming a template for every kind of non-physical media). It’s not just about games; if films are no longer being preserved on reels of celluloid, and only exist on the hard drives of some movie studio’s IT department, how can we trust they’ll still be around in decades to come? #   ·

Zoe Quinn’s manifesto for ‘punk games’
Makes sense to me. No reason why you can’t do whatever the hell you damn well like with the medium (like the games collected here); whether it’s any good or not is in the eye of the beholder. Besides, gaming is a manifold of subcultures, just like music. The twats who only play FPSs are like the people who burned disco records in the ’70s; they’re just sore that they’re not the centre of the universe anymore. #   ·

High school girls build kick-ass robots
Meanwhile, there’s a stupid robot contest featuring the world’s dumbest robots being dumb. #   ·

Who Cares What Steve Albini Thinks? You Probably Do.
This fucking thing has been shared to death, so instead here’s an interview Albini did earlier this year with Maureen Herman of Babes in Toyland. It’s good. #   ·

What came before the big bang?
I love this kind of thing, where science (not my field at all) blurs into philosophy (totally my bag). #   ·

The Dummies’ Guide To Cosplay Photography in 2014
There’s a lot here about cosplay specifically but it’s also about the ethics and etiquette of public photography and behaviour in general, questions of which are often misunderstood on both sides. That some of this shit has to be explained might beggar belief, but there you go. #   ·

Music Appreciation: Drone
BoingBoing breaks it down so I don’t have to. A good introduction, because it was mine, is Brian Eno’s Ambient 4: On Land. #   ·

Modkit: a simple graphical programming system for Arduinos and other microcontrollers
Basically a much easier way to get going with Arduino. Filing this for future reference. See also: Google Blocky: an easy, visual way to learn to code #   ·

Way More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Animaniacs
An insanely good show that still holds up today, nearly 20 years after it first aired [c/o Boing Boing]. #   ·

Every writing system, ever, pretty much
And this is why the web is awesome. #   ·

What’s on Leonardo Da Vinci’s “To-Do” list?
Dude was a multitasker, that’s for sure. #   ·

Why we can’t say HIV is cured
We’re at a stage right now where ‘manageable’ is as good as cured. But more expensive. #   ·

Sweden’s space port
“Kiruna has few natural resources beyond a rich vein of iron ore stretching more than a mile below the ground. It’s not a skiing destination, and there are few cultural attractions. There’s an ample supply of reindeer, but otherwise little charismatic wildlife. Yet the town has been gifted with something less tangible: a willingness to bet on seemingly crazy ideas — and brilliant marketing.” #   ·

Read Houdini’s books via Google Books and Library of Congress
Saved here for future reference. #   ·

Jim Henson on Making Muppets
One from the archives here, way back in 1969 at the birth of Sesame Street [c/o Boing Boing]. #   ·

Ren and Stimpy artist has a serious side
Those are some beautiful paintings. And he’s got a blog, too. #   ·

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