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Music Appreciation: Drone
BoingBoing breaks it down so I don’t have to. A good introduction, because it was mine, is Brian Eno’s Ambient 4: On Land. #   ·

Modkit: a simple graphical programming system for Arduinos and other microcontrollers
Basically a much easier way to get going with Arduino. Filing this for future reference. See also: Google Blocky: an easy, visual way to learn to code #   ·

Way More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Animaniacs
An insanely good show that still holds up today, nearly 20 years after it first aired [c/o Boing Boing]. #   ·

Every writing system, ever, pretty much
And this is why the web is awesome. #   ·

What’s on Leonardo Da Vinci’s “To-Do” list?
Dude was a multitasker, that’s for sure. #   ·

Why we can’t say HIV is cured
We’re at a stage right now where ‘manageable’ is as good as cured. But more expensive. #   ·

Sweden’s space port
“Kiruna has few natural resources beyond a rich vein of iron ore stretching more than a mile below the ground. It’s not a skiing destination, and there are few cultural attractions. There’s an ample supply of reindeer, but otherwise little charismatic wildlife. Yet the town has been gifted with something less tangible: a willingness to bet on seemingly crazy ideas — and brilliant marketing.” #   ·

Read Houdini’s books via Google Books and Library of Congress
Saved here for future reference. #   ·

Jim Henson on Making Muppets
One from the archives here, way back in 1969 at the birth of Sesame Street [c/o Boing Boing]. #   ·

Ren and Stimpy artist has a serious side
Those are some beautiful paintings. And he’s got a blog, too. #   ·

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