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HTML 5 Canvas Cheat Sheet
Filing this for future reference. I’ve got a lot to learn about HTML5. #   ·

Pure Data
A visual programming language for interactive computer music. Filing this for future reference. See also: IanniX, a graphical open source sequencer. #   ·

Side-by-side reference sheet for programming languages. Filing this for future reference. [c/o Lifehacker] #   ·

GitHub tutorials and resources for journalists
Filing this for future reference. #   ·

Meet Processing, the Lingua Franca of Creative Coding
One of these days I’m gonna spend a weekend wrapping my head around this, but then I say that about everything. I should probably start at the beginning and dig out that Javascript book I’ve had for years. #   ·

Learn to Code a Basic iPhone App
In the future, everyone will be a mobile app developer. #   ·

Modkit: a simple graphical programming system for Arduinos and other microcontrollers
Basically a much easier way to get going with Arduino. Filing this for future reference. See also: Google Blocky: an easy, visual way to learn to code #   ·

Codecademy and the Future of (Not) Learning to Code
A critique written before some improvements were made, but the main point still stands: Codecademy is rubbish for learning to code, because it presumes too much rote knowledge on the part of the learner. Give me an O’Reilly book anyday (in fact, I just took delivery of Learning Javacript). #   ·

Sublime Text 2 Tips and Tricks
Filing this for future reference. #   ·

Learning Processing
Beginner, intermediate and advanced tutorials for the digital art programming language. Filing this for when I get around to catching up with Code Year. #   ·

Learning to Program for Journalists: The Epic HOWTO
Filing this for future reference. #   ·

Generate sound from a line of code
Not being a coder, I don’t know how useful this is for me, but it’s worth saving. #   ·

tep-by-step tutorials in programming basics. Looks inviting. #   ·

Side-By-Side Reference Sheet for Scripting Languages
PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby all covered. Saving this for the day when I might need it, in the distant future. #   ·

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