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Pullman v. Casserly: The future of copyright
Copyright is broken only insofar as the media industries’ use of it as a weapon is destructive to everyone, makers of things and the people who enjoy them alike. Meanwhile, the arguments for and against come from very different places. Pullman makes a sympathetic case, showing his proper understanding of the chains of production that get the words he writes to the people who read them, but he’s perhaps naive to ignore that he and other creatives should be getting a better deal from their publishers for what they do. Casserly highlights one example of a better deal: authors bypassing the traditional system to market their wares themselves, and often making a good living out of it. But she’s also naive in assuming that’s something everyone can achieve. For instance, Cory Doctorow isn’t just successful because he’s a gifted and hard-working writer; his editorship of the highly trafficked web culture blog Boing Boing played no small role in his success, too. Would he be where is is today were it not for already having significant visibility among the bulk of the audience that pays for his work? I doubt it. #   ·

The Free Universal Construction Kit
A set of adapters for complete interoperability between 10 popular construction toys. Only a few of those are readily available here, but it’s a great idea all the same, intellectual property rights be damned! #   ·

Sherlock agrees to attend debate with organiser of anti-’SOPA’ petition
That’s after he initially refused to attend if Simon McGarr wasn’t removed from the panel, accusing him of “causing some reputational damage to this country by deliberately misinterpreting the [new legislation] as SOPA” (which wasn’t the case, and he knows it, but howandever). Shame I can’t attend the debate this afternoon; seems like the hashtag is #DRF2012 so I can follow things on Twitter later. #   ·

As it happened: The Dáil debate on the ‘Irish SOPA’
In which Junior Minister Sean Sherlock attempts to defend his proposed through-the-back-door copyright legislation. “The best way of dealing with copyright infringement issues is on a case-by-case basis by means of a judicial process,” says the minister. Alas, if only the judgements made so far weren’t fundamentally flawed… #   ·

No Copyright Intended
“Remix culture is the new Prohibition, with massive media companies as the lone voices calling for temperance. You can criminalize commonplace activities from law-abiding people, but eventually, something has to give.” I half agree with this; remix culture (fan edits, supercuts, etc) is one thing — and a good thing at that — but the apparent misapprehension of copyright among young people (that it’s just a means of attribution, not of protection of artists’ livelihoods) is another matter entirely. #   ·

Columbia Law School Music Plagiarism Project
“A repository of the music industry’s most famous copyright infringement cases of the past 100 years.” Man oh man! Only in the crazy world of the recording industry could someone be sued for plagiarising himself [c/o MetaFilter]. #   ·

Cory jumps the gun on the Peter Pan/Google Print controversy
Oh Cory, Cory, Cory. If you’d done a little research on this, you’d know that JM Barrie, the author of the book in question, was a supporter of Great Ormond Street and provided for the donation of his copyright to the hospital after his death. So it’s not like the British government just handed it out arbitrarily. The principle of your argument might be worthy, but the facts change things a little, don’t they? #   ·

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