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Happiness takes (a little) magic
An essay on cutting back one’s digital lifestyle to enjoy the finer things. I’m not sure I’d save three hours a day like Brian Lam does, but I see his point. #   ·

Generate sound from a line of code
Not being a coder, I don’t know how useful this is for me, but it’s worth saving. #   ·

Online notes for Stanford’s Digital Photography class
What a brilliant resource! #   ·

The Underground Bit Network
Michael Sippey adding his piece to the AV Club’s article on ‘the convenience trap’. It’s not really a new phenomenon: brick-and-mortar music and book stores have operated along the same lines for decades. Meanwhile, there will always be an underground, and there will always be an alternative. #   ·

Glitchbot’s photostream
Posting a new corrupted image every day. #   ·

New Musical Experiences
Thoughts from Dan Hill on how we discover and listen to music, and the problems that new technology has brought to the table. He’s spot on about metadata and context; even five years on the situation remains mostly the same. (Maybe because most people don’t care about these things?) #   ·

Lester Bangs’ Basement: What it means to have all music instantly available
An interesting argument to make, certainly, but Wyman is wrong: the fact remains that not all music is as available as he supposes. For starters, virtually all of his references are to work generated by mainstream artists! For many of the things I like, I still have to do the internet equivalent of crate digging. And the value in that isn’t in procuring things that others don’t have. I can only wish I could find all the things he says are so instantly available. #   ·

Erase and rewind
On the recent deletion of swathes of content from the BBC website, which will in the future prove to be as shortsighted as the erasing of archive videotapes in previous decades. #   ·

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