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Take it with a pinch of salt – the food marketing myths we’ve swallowed whole
It’s tempting to fall into the trap of ‘it’s all marketing blah blah’ but healthy scepticism goes a long way. Like, there’s nothing wrong with having bacon for breakfast, or drinking a glass of milk if you enjoy it; just be aware of why you might be doing it in the first place. #   ·

Garlic Rubbed Roasted Cabbage Steaks
Via a ‘healthy eating for wrestling fans’ group I’ve joined, believe it or not. It’s getting to the time of year to try something like this, that’s for sure. #   ·

Chickpea, Butternut Squash and Spinach Curry Recipe from Blazing Salads
This looks relatively easy to do, even for me. #   ·

Nigel Slater’s halloumi with beetroot and sesame bread recipe
Keeping it simple with this delicious-sounding sandwich idea. Love me some beetroot, love me some halloumi. I know it’s more of a summer snack but I’d have this any time of year. #   ·

Recipe for lasagne bread (scaccia)
Holy moly that looks delicious. #   ·

Recipe for Southwestern soup
It might be properly spring now but it’s still quite chilly, so something like this would go down a treat. #   ·

Make Chipotle’s Delicious Cilantro-Lime Rice at Home
I’ve never eaten at Chipotle (the nearest one to us is in, what, London?) but coriander and lime rice sounds like a winner to me. #   ·

Why the calorie is broken
Because, in short, some calories are different from others; our bodies are more discerning about how they break down the things we eat than food science long gave them credit for. Anecdotally, it makes sense to me: I’ve been eating more protein and even more (brown) carbs since the start of the year, but less sugar. Same amount of calories as before, give or take a few, but my weight loss has been much easier. #   ·

How MSG Got A Bad Rap: Flawed Science And Xenophobia
It’s just a chemical compound. You know what else is a chemical compound? Sodium chloride — table salt. Fuck confirmation bias. #   ·

Hot dog! 100 years of Nathan’s Famous at Coney Island – in pictures
I’m not sure a Nathan’s hot dog is worth an hour’s queue in the sun on Memorial Day afternoon. But they’re alright, like. #   ·

White fish with spicy beans and chorizo
We’ve got some white-fish fillets in the freezer, this seems like a good thing to do with them. #   ·

Japan Centre online store
This crowd were at the MCM Comic Con last summer. The shipping’s a bit ridiculous if you’re not mindful to select the standard post option, but there’s a decent selection of Japanese goodies here. #   ·

Stir-Fried Chicken With Ketchup
Just chicken, flour, oil, seasoning and regular store-bought ketchup? Okay, I’m doing this. #   ·

Sugar-free tiramisu recipe
Well, except for the rum, which is made from sugar. I mean it’s basically boozy molasses. #   ·

I have journeyed to the soul of chocolate and I bring you good tidings
Very tempted to try this, if I can find a lower-budget method. I make cold-brew coffee all the time, but nothing fancy: just steep it in a cafetiere for 12 hours (I’ve got one on the kitchen counter right now) then keep it in the fridge in a Volvic bottle. #   ·

Momofuku Pork Belly
Deceptively simple; it’s all in the execution. I spot a similar preparation for pork shoulder there, too. Haven’t had pulled pork in ages, over a year it must be… But we’ve got our own thing with the overnight dry rub. It’s good, trust me. #   ·

Why food allergy fakers need to stop
It’s depressing that this is even a thing. No one thinking about the real consequences of their actions. Also, it’s deeply insulting to people who actually have serious allergies or intolerances. [c/o Kottke] #   ·

Aubergine rolls with spinach & ricotta
Made this twice last week, but with a twist: those rolls are a pain in the hole, so we just stirred the roasted aubergine slices right into the spinach and ricotta mixture. Delicious. #   ·

The foodie traveller on … reinventing poutine in Toronto
If these count as poutine, then Abrakebabra taco fries should too. I’m serious! #   ·

Recipe for creamy macaroni and cheese
I think this could do with some tweaking; I doubt it needs a pound of cheese. #   ·

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